Black Tongue - The Unconquerable Dark

Doomcore 28.11.2015

Apparently there's a new "thing" out there now - 'Doomcore'

Deathcore played slower, or down-tempo. Name's actually kinda catchy, and it's certainly less to say than "downtempo deathcore" (if it catches on anyway).

Chugga chugga, mothafuggas!
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Wild Throne - Harvest Of Darkness

Prog 25.11.2015

The Mars Volta runs strong in this one. All in all it's a pretty intense record.

Listen at Bandcamp.
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Odious - Skin Age

'Oriental black death metal' from Egypt 21.11.2015

Read style above. If like, check out.

YouTube video for single, Dungeon Keys
Picked by: psykometal

Subsignal - The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime

Prog rock/metal 15.11.2015

Subsignal always seem to fly under the radar. But this new album shouldn't. The Marillion influence is strong on this one both musically and vocally. With top-notch songwriting and melodies, stunning vocal lines and well-placed bursts of aggression, The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime shows how resourceful and creative this band is. This album is prog heaven. And the prog is good.
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Mesarthim - Isolate

'Cosmic atmospheric bm' 14.11.2015

Read style above. If like, check out.


Pombagira - Flesh Throne Press

stoner doom 10.11.2015

Extended, reverb-laden stoner doom jams that just blissfully go on and on. Really enjoyable album late at night.

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Picked by: BitterCOld
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Spelljammer - Ancient Of Days

Stoner doom 09.11.2015

Spelljammer was featured in our Clandestine Cuts in 2012 and now they're all grown up and signed. Check out their debut full-length Ancient Of Days for its fuzzy, spacey, heavy, stonery, doomy goodness.

LISTEN, then buy the gorgeous red vinyl.
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Chaos Echús - Transient

Indecipherable 30.10.2015

Chaos Echús are a prime example of why French metal has gained such a solid reputation for being very forward-thinking and experimentally inclined in the past decade. Typically labeled as death metal or death doom, the creativity with this band doesn't stop there, and they also add in elements of black metal, drone, jazz, psychedelia, and more to their sound. At some points fast and incredibly heavy, at others meditative and transcendent, Transient is a bizarre, polymorphous beast that defies classification, and seems to be nothing more than a full embrace of the power of human ingenuity.

Go have a listen and ponder over the nature of improvisation.

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Major Parkinson - Live At Ricks

Prog gone cabaret gone live 28.10.2015

With Twilight Cinema being one of the best and imaginative albums of 2014 (in my opinion of course), there is just no way you would not want to see this manic band perform this album almost in its entirety live and then do some more. That's right, not just hear but also see it live. Drop whatever series you were planning on watching and have a go at this one instead. This is just so much pure fun!

Watch on YouTube or listen at Bandcamp.
Picked by: Ivor
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Clutch - Psychic Warfare

Hard Rock 24.10.2015

If you find Firebirds and energy weapons interesting, or maybe you're a sucker for witches and have nasty yankee mannerisms, you know--you're not listening to this obsessively yet why? Truly we're living in an age of great Clutch albums.

Dead To A Dying World - Litany

Blackened Crust/Doom 16.10.2015

Despite the long running time, Litany's numerous stylistic influences, great atmosphere & compositional depth keep the listener engaged for the entire duration of the album. In fact, with music this good the challenge isn't really about if you can get to the end without hitting the 'stop' button...but if you can stop yourself from immediately hitting 'play' again!

Listen here

Cattle Decapitation - The Anthropocene Extinction

Very Frightening 15.10.2015

Nobody regurgitates slimy, unsettling grindy-death like Cattle Decapitation. The Anthropocene Extinction is on the one hand technical, cold, and rigid, and on the other a great, big, bloody mess of disgusting offal and pulsating remains. Top it all off with one of extreme metal's most remarkable vocal juggernauts, and the gory might of Cattle Decap cannot be contained. Whatever they've been doing these last few years has paid off immeasurably.

Chaos Moon - Amissum

black 27.09.2015

Chaos Moon return with a swell four track. Two atmospheric black tracks before they close out on a harsh note. Yippee.
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Ahab - The Boats Of The Glen Carrig

Duh, doom. 02.09.2015

Ahab are constantly evolving . Every album adds something new to their repertoire. In this (theoretically) confined genre Ahab always finds another way to surprise us, another direction towards which to push the genre. The Boats of the Glen Carrig might be the most brilliant facet of this gem that is Ahab.

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Ewïg Frost - The Railroad To Hell

Blackened Speed Punk 31.08.2015

These guys must be the illegitimate bastard brothers-in-arms of Iron Fist... The 4 track EP is under 10 minutes of, well, High Octane Anarchy, showcasing two tracks off a past album, two off a forthcoming one. "Deepwater Horizon" is a special version, performed in the band's native Viennese German. Heavy Metal Vomit Party time!

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