The Fallen Divine - The Binding Cycle

Epic Progressive MeloBlack 28.11.2011

Ok folks, shit just got real.

If Santa only brings your sorry ass one thing this year, pray it's The Fallen Divine's The Binding Cycle. It's a ferocious, yet melodic album that is appealing on so many levels.

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Doc Godin
Troy Killjoy

Wormrot - Noise

Grindcore 27.11.2011

5.7 minutes of total ear demolition.

Weeping Silence - Theatre Of Life

Atmospheric, Doom, & Gothic Metal 25.11.2011

Melancholic & reflective, Weeping Silence's latest has us peering into a rain-soaked window of a forgotten cathedral, only to find a lush scene of classy atmospheric, doom & gothic metal within. Rich with warm female vocals, well-timed choir passages, and numerous memorable guitar melodies & contemplative instrumental sections, "Theatre Of Life" is a rewarding release of poetic sadness & reflection.
Picked by: dismaleuphony

Botanist - I: The Suicide Tree / II: A Rose From The Dead

Hammered Dulcimer Black Metal 22.11.2011

Yes, you read that correctly, hammered dulcimer black metal.

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Arkona - Slovo

Folk Metal 21.11.2011

What is it? FOLKING BRILLIANT, that's what. Much more comparable to Serdca K Nebu than their last effort, which is a good thing to my ears. So much variety packed into each song without sounding messy or forced. Every song (minus the interludes) is like a little baby epic.

And just so you cats know, since I don't speak a lick of any Slavic languages, I sometimes pretend that the female singer is chanting about eating pizza for bonus-fun-time-points. You know... FYI.
Picked by: Fat & Sassy!

Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third

Prog rock/metal 20.11.2011

In a couple of days Pure Reason Revolution will embark on their very final tour consisting of just six dates in UK. As a parting gift, their brilliant début album The Dark Third will be played in its entirety for the first time ever. So, this is a fitting moment to step 5 years into the past and revisit this beautiful progressive masterpiece that has found its way into my playlist more times than I could possibly count. This is an album that I've probably enjoyed the most from the past decade.

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Continuo Renacer - The Great Escape

Mushrooms 20.11.2011

Weird stuff worth listening to.

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Landmine Marathon - Gallows

grinding death 18.11.2011

rawrrawrRAWR! riffriffriff pound pound pound screech ROAR! thud thud thud RAWR!

Gallows is just under 30 minutes of good old asskicking deathgrind fury, raw(R!) enough to make old-timers like me tear up. And tear up the house.

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Uigg - Of Moose And Men

Thrash 17.11.2011

Living proof of how production can suck and yet still the album can rule. Great modern groove-thrash, highly recommended for fans of Rumpelstiltskin Grinder.

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Picked by: Doc Godin

P.H.T.O - Affliction

Depressive black metal 14.11.2011

Remember when I was all "yo go hang yourself"?

Well apparently this guy did.
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Troy Killjoy
Mr. Doctor

Blut Aus Nord - 777 - The Desanctification

Industrial Black Metal 08.11.2011

"The nauseating madness has been cast aside in favour of a slower, pounding industrial, typically Blut Aus Nord; absolutely not a novelty for this band, yet a strengthening of their experimental side, as well as a worthy second chapter of the trilogy... morbid and disquieting, rather than twisted and unpredictable. Always apocalyptic of course." - Kenos

A perfect descriptive testimony of the strengths of Blut Aus Nord.

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Enthring - The Grim Tales Of The Elder

Folk Metal With Balls 07.11.2011

Enjoy stuff like Equilibrium & Ensiferum, but want a little more aggression? Enthring might just be what you need...

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Doc Godin
White Winter Sun

Sirenia - An Elixir For Existence

Symphonic Gothic metal 05.11.2011

The timeless classic piece from Sirenia. This release possesses all the good qualities of its sister band Tristania and also has the well-defined features that make it different from Tristania. This album is a highlight of Sirenia's discography for it features the best characteristics Sirenia has ever managed to display. The edgy extreme side, the keyboards and strings, the choir and the unforgettable vocal performance of Henriette Bordvik make this album a true experience for all who like symphonic and Gothic style.

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Subrosa - No Help For The Mighty Ones

Female Vocal + Violin Driven Sludge Metal 01.11.2011

In a sadly frequent number of cases the inclusion of the female vocal in the more extreme end of metal is typically employed for mere novelty effect (if not for the "crumpet" effect), occasionally adding another shade to the proceedings where it might. Not only do the three-fifths female outfit SubRosa manage, without effort, to waylay this unfortunate paradigm, they succeed in turning the sludge genre on its head and make the unconventional female vocal (think Bloody Panda rather than Nightwish) and the jarring violin (think A Forest Of Stars rather than Apocalyptica) its prime catalyst, creating a distinct and unusual approach to the sound. Both offbeat and dissonant whilst heavy and crushing (but not without a woman's touch) this is quite possibly the album of the year because of it.

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Red Fang - Murder The Mountains

Stoner Metal/Hard Rock 01.11.2011

Stonerish tunes for drunk people, by drunk people. Those of greener intoxicant persuasions will probably need to stub out their spliffs and shotgun a PBR or five if they want to really get it.

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