The Browning - Burn This World

Trendy 10.10.2011

You're either going take a rusty, shit-covered hook to your ears or get your dance on to this. Either way, check it out.

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Ag Fox, GT

Glorior Belli - The Great Southern Darkness

the great southern black metal 06.10.2011

GB are a French BM outfit that have allowed exterior influences in to their music... No, not from the Scandinavian north, but from the American south of all places. Raging, dissonant black metal is paired with murky sludge elements to create an awesome earful. This is what I had hoped Meet Us At The Southern Sign would be.

Viva la France, y'all!

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Moon - Caduceus Chalice

Depressive black metal / dark ambient 06.10.2011

Go find a tree to hang yourself from.

Nadiwrath - Nihilistic Stench

Black 03.10.2011

I know this is, like, hella old now, but goddamn it's fun for a black metal album.

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Troy Gallant

Textures - Dualism

Textured Goodness 30.09.2011

As technical and progressive as Silhouettes, but this time violence and wildly evolving song structures left some place for finely crafted melodies and atmospheres.

A new Textures album, a new wonder to immerse oneself in. Simple as that.

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Rising - To Solemn Ash

sludge 29.09.2011

Earlier this year Rising won the inaugural "Clandestine Cut" MSA... since then they done got signed and now have their first full-length slated for an October release*. The band were kind enough to shoot me a promo and it is more of the same. And by that I do mean MORE. Instead of a two or four song tease, now you get ten tracks worth of the visceral pounding and crushing riffs that earned them your choice as the 2010 CC Messy.

*sadly this will not be out in the US until January 2012. let me again repeat how thankful I am that Rising sent me an advance.

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Haken - Visions

Progressive Metal 27.09.2011

They're back, and with only a year since their spectacular debut, Visions oozes with enthusiasm. There is not enough space here to describe all the greatness offered in this effort, but trust me it's good. It'll keep you on your toes with surprises and the unexpected forays into different musical hemispheres. The tempo and mood changes flow seamlessly between emotive ballads and instrumental breaks. These moments of showmanship actually *cough* have a purpose in developing the song *cough*. The journey ends with an eccentric 22 min+ epic of dauntless proportions that will leave you craving repeat listens. So make a dramatic turn and pick this one up instead...

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Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt Two

Prog/blues rock 26.09.2011

Pretty sure all you cats need to put away Opeth's latest attempt at recapturing the spirit of classic progressive rock and give Pain of Salvation's latest a spin or two. Expect plenty of bluesy grooves, catchy harmonized melodies, and a vocal performance by Daniel Gildenlöw that will tear out your heart strings with no remorse.

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Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder

Thrash 26.09.2011

2011 and thrash are going together like pizza and beer. We've had the crust, sauce, cheese, and the IPA for a while now; this is the pepperoni and sausage to go on top.

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Machine Head - Unto The Locust

Energized energetic energy 25.09.2011

The songs are still too long at times, but the irressistible enegry that squirts from every note of this album is truly overwhelming. Machine Head have just released what could possibly be their best album since the classic Burn My Eyes.

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Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestial Lineage

black metal 22.09.2011

Wolves In The Throne Room are back and, somehow, despite adjusting their standard song structure from epic to more conventional length, they have managed to recapture some of the magick of their earlier albums that was absent on Black Cascade. A swell album that manages to capture and combine the ugliness of black metal with the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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Assjack - Assjack

Hellbilly Hardcore 17.09.2011

Hereby celebrating the 1 year, 1 month, and 12 day anniversary of possibly one of the most entertainingly obnoxious listens of all time. Despite being a pretty ancient album, it still sounds as furious as it did way back in 2009.

Here's to praying for part II from Hank III.

Yob - Atma

sludge 11.09.2011

Yob is back and crushing skulls with undeniably groove-laden thunderous riffs and Dalekian vocal shrieks. Atma would make a swell soundtrack next time you and your sweetie want to enjoy the changing foliage with a nice picnic lunch... and ensure no one else gets within earshot of your blanket. Oh, and Yob spelled backwards is Boy. As in "Boy is this good!"

Book Of Black Earth - The Cold Testament

Death 06.09.2011

At first I was all like "Meh."
Then I was like "Hmm..."
Now I'm all "Whoa."

Not sure why it took me a few months to revisit this. I'm glad I did though, Book Of Black Earth create massive, rowdy sounding death metal with nothing but their guitars. No need to drag any keyboard player away from his Gossip Girl marathon.
Picked by: Doc Godin

Diamond Plate - Generation Why?

Thrash 02.09.2011

Shredding followed by more shredding followed by more shredding followed by more shredding.

Yep, that does this album justice. Will pat myself on the back now.

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Ag Fox

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