Atomic Ape - Swarm

Estradasphere 11.06.2014

As far as I'm concerned this is about as close as you can get to the new Estradasphere material. Born from the transformations of Orange Tulip Conspiracy which came into being after Estradasphere went on a permanent hiatus, the band is still led by Estradasphere's guitarist Jason Schimmel. That's just about close enough for me.

Listen to the preview on the official site.

Greenleaf - Trails And Passes

Stoner / Hard rock 13.05.2014

This is the kind of stoner I dig: not too slow, not too crushing, vintage sound, and good vocals. Fresh stuff, released today.

Listen to the full album over at Bandcamp.
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wormdrink414, R'Vannith, Troy Killjoy
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Gazpacho - Demon

Prog 05.05.2014

This will have been the most beautiful prog album you've listened so far this year. I know I've used this kind of catch-line before but the latest album from this Norwegian band just demands it. It is well thought-through and detailed, dark and melancholic. Excellence of this album cannot be denied. It is simply magnificent from the very beginning to the very end.

Here's the album trailer or "The Wizard of Altai Mountains" for sampling.
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BloodTears, R'Vannith, Introspekrieg, Collin

Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors

Sludge 03.04.2014

If you like your sludge nautically named, if you, like me, rather prefer your sludge to be on the melodic side, and take Giant Squid as a somewhat liberal reference, then Helms Alee is for you.

Listen to their new album over at Bandcamp.
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Apothecary, BloodTears, Ag Fox
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Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema

Prog gone cabaret 01.02.2014

I know you have your plate full with Awards but, come on, this is just so much genuine, pure fun you're about to miss out on. It's not exactly avantgarde but it's playful and theatrical, it's sombre and poetic, it feels like watching a play. Basically it's what happens when prog goes cabaret in the head and feels just plain good about it.

If you fear to take on the whole album over at Bandcamp, just listen to the awesome "The Wheelbarrow."
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Darkside Momo, R'Vannith, BloodTears

Rise Of Avernus - L'Appel Du Vide

Mostly Doom & Gothic 24.01.2014

While you wait for the MS Awards to start, here's something fresh to occupy your ears for a week. This album here beats most of what I heard from the past year in gothic. And beats them by a long mile. What makes it good is the variety, ranging from the very heavy to the very atmospheric, from doom to gothic, and beyond, orchestrated and not. It even has a sax thrown in for a good measure at one point and sounding so damn good.

Just try "A Triptych Journey."
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R'Vannith, psykometal
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Kaihoro - Ancient Jams

Stoner / Hard rock 19.12.2013

In need of good hard rocking stoner? Look no further. With ups and downs, these Finns nevertheless know how to rock your boat.

Can you say no to "Troubled Son"? Right...
Picked by: Ivor

Karnivool - Asymmetry

Alternative / Prog 11.08.2013

I'm just getting acquainted with these Australians but damn if this first meeting with them isn't a spectacular one. A sound mix of influences from Tool, The Mars Volta, and even Dredg works wonders on me. Don't miss out on a good album.

Try "We Are" here.

Control Human Delete - The Prime Mover

Industrial Black Metal 03.08.2013

I'm a fan of neither genre. In fact, I don't like black metal at all. This album, however, appeals to me with its varied songs, its industrial rendition of black metal (or is it the other way around?), its very changing nature. You might even call it somewhat progressive. It is very likely that connoisseurs of either of the main genres will not think much of this release, whether musically or vocally. However, for the very fact that I seem to like it, it might be worth checking out. So, if you are, like me, rather not into this kind of stuff, maybe you'll also find it interesting. Plus, it's got a sci-fi lyrical theme to boot.

Try "New Replicators" or "Shapeshifting."
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R'Vannith, Darkside Momo
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Fright Pig - Out Of The Barnyard

Prog 27.07.2013

Starting out as a yet another neo-prog rock album, it goes into full-fledged folk-prog in the second track, and moves on to tackle prog metal for the rest of the album, even taking a stroll in the Symphony X territories. Who are these guys? I've no idea - every one of them a pseudonym. But at some point it's either Russell Allen singing, or someone does a really good impersonation of him. A fun and a good record, albeit a bit disjointed one.

Sample a teaser at ReverbNation.
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Introspekrieg, R'Vannith

Worldengine - Dark Matters

Post influenced prog 31.05.2013

Tremendously beautiful and subtle stuff.

Enjoy for pay what you want over at Bandcamp.
Picked by: Ivor

Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)

Prog for djentelmen 07.03.2013

Who are these incredible Jolly people with such a Jolly name supporting Riverside on a tour kicking off in 2 days? And what is this brand new Jolly album that just saw the light of day? That is one awesome album, I tell you, that got crowd funded with such love by the fans when the band got dealt the business end of the hurricane Sandy. A funding that now also sees the band coming over to Europe to tour with none other than the mighty Riverside. You miss them this March, I'm having a feeling you'll regret it for a while. I have made my travel arrangements. Have you?

Just listen to the new song "Dust Nation Bleak".

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Karcius - The First Day

Fusion 03.11.2012

Karcius is a heavy sided fusion done just right. Now with vocals. They are absolutely great at what they do. Beautiful captivating music, no show-offs, The First Day is packed with good stuff.

Just listen to "The First Day" on their homepage.
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Darkside Momo, Ag Fox, Mr. Doctor

Kong - Merchants Of Air

Prog 23.09.2012

I wonder why I haven't heard of Kong before as this mostly instrumental outfit apparently goes back a while. The music of Kong blends influences from electronica and industrial with prog metal. Some of it packs a punch. Oh, those riffs and those rhythms!

Listen to the whole album on their Bandcamp page. If you're looking for a recommendation, take "Astral Calls."

Ancestors - In Dreams And Time

Stoom 16.09.2012

I don't delve deep into either stoner or doom. But albums such as this make the occasional forays so much more worthwhile. Doomy atmosphere with a drive of a stoner rock is how I like it to be served. This is no less than a stellar release.

Just listen to "On The Wind" here.

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