Clutch - Earth Rocker

hard rock 15.03.2013

Maryland's finest go once more unto the breach with their 7,494th studio album. Earth Rocker is a DC Sound Attack, featuring a bunch of songs heavy on crucial velocity. The Wolfman and I both kindly request you check this one out. MWHAAHHAHAHAHhAHAAHHAAHGFHGH!

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Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

nwobcm 01.03.2013

For the first time in three years everyone's favorite demonic duo are back with another platter of new wave of blackened crust punk fun. Leave the detraction to lesser men, leave no cross unturned and no beer unopened.

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Whales And Aurora - The Shipwreck

post-nautik 26.12.2012

Nautical themed psyechedicstonerdoom-infused post-metal? This worthy first release from W&A ebbs and flows like calm waters and raging seas. How do you say "Post Ahoy!" en Italiano?

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BloodTears, Abattoir, Susan
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Dordeduh - Dar De Duh

folk infused black 25.10.2012

First full length from the former primary creative influences of Negura Bunget. I had high hopes and Sol Faur and Hupogrammos don't disappoint. If you enjoyed the cosmically wonderful "OM", odds are you'll find this nearly as entrancing.

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Abske Fides - Abske Fides

Doom 02.10.2012

Beneath Brasil's beaches with topless goddesses and tropical drinks, behind the mask of Carnival, you have rampant poverty, crime, and slums. A dark side concealed under the sheen of tourist hotels and beaches. In other words, a great breeding ground for some awesome doom... enter Abske Fides.

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Triggerman - Hail To The River Gods

Rawk 26.07.2012

Whiskey and beer drenched hard rawk party tunes with plenty of balls and swagger. Party on.

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Merrimack - The Acausal Mass

black 19.07.2012

Take a drink. Another French black metal band, another great release. Not as wistful as Alcest, not as out there as Deathspell Aus Nord, this is closer to good old raging and dissonant black metal. A release worth looking into.

Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid II

stoner doom 12.07.2012

Black Pyramid's II is a happy trippy fun stoner doom jam record reminiscent at times of some of Cathedral's groovier, more upbeat tunes.

Various Artists - Falling Down IIV

forward thinking musicians 06.06.2012

Two disks, 20 previously unreleased tracks by 20+ artists covering huge portions of the musical landscape. Pink Floyd worship here, slowly building post rock there. Tripped out stoner doom? Check. Abrasive blackened tunes? Yep, it's in here. And one awesome collaborative effort from Year Of No Light and Mars Red Sky.

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Mr. Doctor

Evadne - The Shortest Way

death doom 21.05.2012

What do you get when you combine a Spanish death doom outfit's long awaited sophomore release with Dan Swano? Some really good and crushing doom, that's what. Not groundbreaking, but well done and mighty enjoyable.

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Faal - The Clouds Are Burning

doom 26.04.2012

To steal a line from my forthcoming review:

"When is epic fail epic win?"

When it's Faal's epic "The Clouds Are Burning".

Four tracks of unforgiving doom punishment that shifts up tempos from glacial to epic swagger to full on headbanging, all while the members of the band assault you, your family and the girl you took to prom with tons of sonic cold fuzzies.

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High On Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis

Stonersludge 04.04.2012

Nothing fancy here. The band that put the POWAH! in power trio, High On Fire, are back with another pummeling album featuring dalekian vocals, pounding drums, pummeling guitar and bass riffs, and Matt Pike's frenetic solos. Tracks like "Spiritual Rites" and "Serums Of Liao" are the sonic equivalent of a bar room brawl. Enjoy.

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Tort - Tort

rustingdoom 07.03.2012

Tort is a kissing-cousin to Doc's prior staff pick, Lurk. Well, not sure if they kiss, or are even cousins... but both bands put out awesome ugly, raw, doom-ish based music, and are on the same label.

Tort is an affront to all things decent, and, thus, is a swell addition to the musical library of anyone who stumbles across this site. If you dig the cover art, odds are you'll dig the album. Highly recommended.

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Profetus - ...To Open The Passages In Dusk

FUNeral Doom! 09.02.2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy... err, wait, Misery Misery Woe Woe. Profetus, the embodiment of all things toasterbath are back with another four song affair so bleak it will make those Sarah McLachlan SPCA ads seem like a trip to Disneyland after gobbling half a bottle of your mom's happy pills by comparison. Bon appetit!

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Total Fucking Destruction - Hater

Grindcore 06.12.2011

Grindcore isn't really my thing, but for whatever reason the 27 tracks in 27 minutes catchy blast plastered a smile on face. This album won't be on "repeat repeatedly", but paired with a mug of coffee it is a nice adrenaline spike to get me going in the morning. Haters be hatin' Hater, but not me.
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White Winter Sun

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