Enslaved - The Sleeping Gods

black floyd 25.05.2011

Starting with where their most recent left off, the Sheep-stealers from Enslaved make a 90 degree turn and cut through prog country before ending up in Viking land. Not Amon Amarth viking land, but as close an approximation to Ye Olde Viking Music as one might expect.

Best of all, it's apparently free thanks to, uh, a car company which spits out cars which look like bricks. Pretty cool stuff... the music. And maybe the car company... when they come out with the V-Box, complete with horns, shield hubcaps, and axe-rack on the back, i'll be interested.

Indian - Guiltless

sludge-doom 13.05.2011

Guiltless is a wretched platter of doomed sludge (or sludged doom?) with punishing riffs, pounding drums and absolutely vile, hate-filled screeches. This is an ugly album. Enjoy.

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Krallice - Diotima

black 30.04.2011

This, their third album, continues to showcase their unique approach to black metal. It is an intense wall of sound that is also very cerebral in approach. At times it seems things are about to fall apart and are just barely held together... and at other times the approach is monolithic and overwhelming. Another very good album from a band carving out their own niche in Black Metal.

Ulver - Wars Of The Roses

ulverrific 21.04.2011

The Wolves are back and their latest represents sort of a culmination of their work in the past dozen years. "SotS" has the loudest (softest?) influence, with this album having the same mellow feel as their last album, as well as the Silence EPs. The album is more sporadic than it's predecessor. Garm gets joined by a female vocalist on a couple songs. Others see 'real' instrumentation, or the occasional cacophonous outburst reminiscent of moments of "Blood Inside". The album closes with the near 15 minute track that is almost a spoken word poem coupled with ambient background noise. Not a wild left turn for the band, but more the culmination of a process.

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Buzzov•en - ...At A Loss

sludge 28.03.2011

Horrible music for horrible people... "At A Loss" is raw, visceral, angry, throbbing, raging sludge. The most pleasant thing about this album are the moribund movie clips that signal the start of virtually every song on this album. The music is a harsh blend of the energy of hard core punk with the misanthropy of black metal and the overall vibe of doom. The worst of all worlds. Have some fun and blare their cover of "Don't Bring Me Down" for the ELO fan in your life... it will bring them down, down, down, down, down... ooh-oh-hooo.

And be sure to catch these guys pitch a Whiskey Fit at Hellfest this year.
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Marcel Hubregtse

Eibon - Entering Darkness

blackened sludge doom 15.02.2011

Seemingly every year Lucas stumbles on to some relatively obscure release that I otherwise would have missed, and said release blows me away, earning a spot towards the high rent district of my "best of" list for that year.

Eibon is this year's find. Blackened sludgedoom which oozes forth and drowns the listener in it's foul taint... but just enough mellow moments to allow you the occasional breath while it continues to constrict away, slowly sapping your life force.

I just finally got my copy today, so I'm pimping this one again, for the benefit(?) of those who missed the first time around.

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Ortega - 1634

post metal 28.01.2011

No. not the salsa... the four piece out of the Netherlands. 1634 is a slice of nautik post-doom or something. Part post-metal, part sludge, part doom, all awesome. They employ the best traits of each genre into a cohesive whole. Ebbing and flowing like the tides, with atmospheric passages countered by thundering sludge waves at a doomish pace.

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Procession - Destroyers Of The Faith

doom 04.01.2011

Doom, served up traditional Chilean-stylee. Powerful, emotive vocals paired up with awesome riff after awesome riff after awesome riff. We had lots of nice things to say about their 2009 E.P. "Cult of Disease", which set the bar high for this release... and they exceeded those expectations.

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Bongripper - Satan Worshipping Doom

satan worshipping doom 17.12.2010

This album is a contradiction. four tracks spread across over 50 minutes, yet Bongripper find no time for vocals/lyrics. Nor do they find time for solos. Hell, they barely have time to create song names... the four tracks are simply titled:

1. Hail
2. Satan
3. Worship
4. Doom

All they have time to do is beat you about the head and neck with riff after riff after riff for nearly an hour.

Shattered Hope - Absence

death doom 10.12.2010

so i've teased, tormented and tantalized you with a review of an album you could not have... Until Now.

It's a Festivus miracle.

If you like yer doom slow, drawn out, growly, and HELLenic, you know what to do.

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Dukatalon - Saved By Fear

sludge 03.12.2010

Sludge! From the "Riff Filled Land!"

Listening to this album is akin to being beaten about the head and neck (very slowly) with blunt objects. Only I imagine listening to this album is a lot more fun than being battered by blunt objects. Slow, deep, hard and drenched in feedback.

If you still need convincing, read my review for more.

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Ufomammut - Eve

stoner doom 06.11.2010

Featuring tons of fuzzed out stoner doom distortion in the basic format of Sleep's Jerusalem - i.e. one long-ass song divided into several parts - these Italians followed up their MS Award winning Idolum with another superb effort. Eve is an enjoyable head-trip for after you've knocked out a couple belts of the firewater.

Melechesh - The Epigenesis

melodic black metal 30.10.2010

The masters of modern Mesopotamian melodic black are back. Epigensis sees Melechesh continuing to put their stamp on melodic bm by incorporating all sorts of exotic scales and instrumentation foreign to many western ears. All the exotic is piled on to a solid foundation of pounding drums, sneering vocals and ripping riffs to create an album that definitely stands apart from and above the crowd.

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Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

Progressive Black 30.09.2010

Over the last couple records, Enslaved seemed to be moving towards metal middle age... from Black Metal to Black Floyd. AEO sees them continuing the prog path, but at the same time drawing from the best elements of their past work. The tone of this is harsher. At times they show the familiar gallop of their old BM works, at others the weirdness of Monumension and the confidence of Below The Lights. i love this album so much i want to fuck it.

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Mar De Grises - Streams Inwards

post doom 02.09.2010

The Chilean masters of prog-post doom have returned with their third, much anticipated full-length. The approach is similar to prior albums, in incorporating prog and post metal as well as ambient influences into their doom. It's appealing on emotional and cerebral levels. Quite possibly 2010's best release to date.

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