Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice

Ambient Black Metal 28.05.2015

Too much of a fanboy? Probably...
Yet I still feel the obligation to remind our users that one of the modern classics of black metal has just turned a decade old.

It remains as unique and soul-draining as the very day it was released.
No happiness, no sadness, no fear, no hope... Pure emptiness.

Celebrate the void!

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The Nihilistic Front - Procession To Annihiliation

Extreme doom 16.09.2013

Did you have a rough monday?
Feel free to ruin your whole week with this.

Cloak Of Altering - Ancient Paths Through Timeless Voids

Avantgarde Black Metal 11.12.2012

- Hey man! What's up?
- Oh nothing... Mories released yet another piece of extreme art that challenges the foundations of black metal and extreme music in general. Throwing industrial, ambient, noise, dissonance, electronic touches and who knows what into the equation to get a result that can only be achieved by a mad man. Surprisingly mellow and melodic at some points though. But still, this is... You know, the usual magnificence.
- As always, meh.

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Shining - Redefining Darkness

Progressive Black Metal 20.10.2012

I'll be honest with all of you: After albums like VI, their cover EP and worst of all: VII, I really felt that Shining didn't have it in them anymore and should just die.
I don't mind eating my words with a pound or two of shit as long as I can do it while listening to this album.

Shining is back.
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Alkerdeel - Morinde

Mindfucking Filth 18.04.2012

After getting crushed during their set at Roadburn. It is more than appropriate to let you know about the disgusting beast of a band that is Alkerdeel and their sophomore record.
An ever-present and pulsing bass, rocking wall of sound, hypnotic and chaotic drums, sick vocals.
It is doom, sludge and black blended beyond distinction.

This is not for the faint of heart.

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Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Kaputte Nackte Affen

Wacky Grindcore 21.01.2012

Sad Reminder: This is the swansong of the bizarre squad that is Japanische Kampfhörspiele.

Being both extremely brutal and fun, this album will make your head explode with its unothodox ideas and schizophrenic vocal delivery. It's not everyday you get your grindcore so forward-thinking.

De Magia Veterum - The Divine Antithesis

Divine Noise 22.12.2011

Seven hymns to honor the beauty of chaos.
Disharmony reigns supreme!

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Woods Of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason

Ecstatic Black Metal 28.06.2011

The Australian duo have put all their blackened hearts into the task of unleashing one impressive beast of an album this year.

Woods Of Desolation will tear your soul apart. Not with the grim coldness of winter or the sheer power of nostalgia... But with one strange, warm and infectious feeling of ecstasy. Who would have thought that our Mother Earth could be so imposing and gentle at the same time...

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Sonne Adam - Transformation

OLD SCHOOL Death Metal 16.05.2011

Say goodbye to the overproduced and plastic shit that is sold to you as "Death Metal" and get a taste of what the genre really is about. Trasformation is the debut by this young and promising Israeli band and you could swear it was released back in the old days. It's almost ironic how refreshing this sounds today.

With a doomy vibe to make everything more intense, this album will surely be a favorite for the lovers of Death Metal... The Real Way.

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