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Aesma Daeva - Trivia

The name of the "Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water" album was taken from John Keats epitaph.
The name album "Dawn Of The New Athens" title originates from the Arthur C Clarke novel Childhoods End. New Athens - a colony without struggle,anger, righteous indignation, rage, produced no creative works thus by killing its self off.
The album's title was an acknowledgement of the new line up but also of the strife and frustration that led to the aggressive and mystical output of songs on the album.
In ancient Persian mythology, Aesma Daeva is one of the seven archdemons who cause plagues and diseases and who fight every form of religion. They are the followers of Angra Mainyu. Aesma Daeva ("madness") is the demon of lust and anger, wrath and revenge.