American Head Charge - Trivia

On August 11, 2009 International recording and touring act American Head Charge is hanging up their hat and disbanding. Citing singer Cameron Heacock's "inability to continue on a musical career path."
During their set an over-zealous fan tossed a glass bottle on stage, hitting Chad Hanks. Hanks proceeded to pick up the bottle and toss it back into the crowd, hitting a young teenage girl in the process. The girl sustained a severe laceration on her head. While being tended to by the on-site paramedics, the girl was visited by Fozzy's lead singer Chris Jericho, whom she had travelled quite a distance to see perform. The girl was then taken to a local hospital to be checked out by a physician. After the girl was taken away, Jericho confronted Hanks about the incident. The two musicians exchanged words and Jericho reportedly had to be held back by his fellow band members to prevent an altercation from taking place.