Rhapsody - Trivia

Alex Staropoli was nominated for the best soundtrack award at the Action On Film Festival in California, for his score on Rogue Warrior - Robot Fighter (2016).
The whole track "Holy Thunderforce", off the album Dawn Of Victory, was composed in just 25 minutes, solo included. It's the Rhapsody song that took the Italian guys less time to compose.
Rhapsody incorporated classical music, baroque and heavy metal styles in a sub-genre they call "Hollywood metal" or "film score metal" because of its resemblance to movie soundtracks.
Fabio Lione has released a single Eurobeat album under the name "J. Storm" (a tribute to Europe's Joey Tempest).
'Thunderforce' has played drums from Dawn of Victory to Power of the Dragonflame, but due to contractual obligations, his real identity can't be revealed. Because of this Alex Holzwarth, who has played drums in live shows, has figured in the official line-up on the CDs.
Formerly known as Thundercross, then as Rhapsody. Now changed to Rhapsody Of Fire due to copyright and trademark issues.