Pain Of Salvation - Trivia

The album Remedy Lane (2002) contains 2 tracks ("Second Love" and the Japanese bonus "Thorn Clown") which were written by Gildenlöw circa 1987/1988, when he was only 14 years old.
According to a 1999 interview the name "Pain of Salvation" has the meaning of balance. Taking the good with the bad. It is also a good expression to indicate a slight setback on an otherwise painless journey towards your goal. The idea is that of wandering exhausted in the middle of a desert... Sitting down will take away your pain, but it will kill you. The walk for water will hurt, but it may save your life.
Gildenlöw formed the band "Reality" in 1984 at age 11(!). The name "Reality" was later changed to "Pain Of Salvation" in 1991.