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Steve Vai - Trivia

The only vocals on the "Alien Love Secrets" EP, are provided by Steve's elder son, Julian. He used to sing "Ya Yo Gack" and Steve recorded him singing it over about a year and a half. Then, he sat for five days and edited all these "Ya Yo Gacks" from about two and a half hours of tape into the vocal track for "Ya Yo Gack", then put the music to it.
At the end of the song "Juice" from the EP "Alien Love Secrets", someone shouts "Shut up, we know you can play! Jesus!". It's Steve Vai's former singer, Devin Townsend.
The spoken words at the start of the song Answers from "Passion And Warfare" are in Dutch. The man says: "De antwoorden zijn altijd al aanwezig" translated to English it says "The answers have always been there".
Steve Vai once took lessons from Joe Satriani in 1974 and after attended the prestigious Berklee School of Music.