Warmen - Trivia

The first three albums (Unknown Soldier, Beyond Abilities, Accept The Fact) all contain samples from the movie Amadeus (1984), the story of Mozart and Salieri:

- Introduction (Unknown Soldier, 2000): "Occasionally, it seems to have ehm... What do they say... How shall one say directly?" - "Too many notes, your Majesty" - "Exactly, very well put. Too many notes".

- Beyond Abilities (Beyond Abilities, 2001): "The young man's trying to impress beyond his abilities. Too spice... too ehm... too many notes".

- The whole monologue in Confessions (Beyond Abilities, 2001).

- Accept The Fact (Accept The Fact, 2005): "If the public doesn't like one's work... One has to accept the fact gracefully".

- Return Of Salieri (Accept The Fact, 2005): "One day I will laugh at him. Before I leave this earth, I will laugh at him".

A sample from the same movie was also used on Children Of Bodom's Hatebreeder.