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Maximum The Hormone - Trivia

Megadeth former guitarrist Marty Friedman recorded Maximum The Hormone hit single "Tsume Tsume" in his solo album, "Tokyo Jukebox", released only in Japan. The recorded version also ends with another Maximum The Hormone track, "Lousiana Bob".
In the band DVD "Deco Vs. Deco", there's a easter egg in the main menu. It display the band members making their "funny faces". If you wait for some seconds, Daisuke suddenly sneezes, and the band members get angry "because he "spoiled the scene", then they hit themselves and make a funny pose, ending the easter egg. You can watch this easter egg here.
In the single "Greatest The Hits", even if the title says "Greatest The Hits", all the songs are actually new songs. Ryo say: "These are our best songs ever".
The band is highly inspired in The Ramones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and System Of A Down. These are their major inluences.
There are three tracks of the album "Bu-ikikaesu!!" featured on animes. "What's Up, People?!" and "Zetsubou Billy" are respectively the opening and ending for "Death Note", and the track "Akagi" is the ending of the anime series with the same name, "Akagi".
The Track "Rolling1000toon" appeared on the anime "Air Master" as the ending.
The guitarrist Ryo Kawakita is the younger brother of the drummer, Nao Kawakita
The single Rocku Bankurawase/Minoreba Rock is released with a 'Mystery' 2nd disc, a DVD. There are 4 available, one for each band member. All of the clips featured on the DVDs have been compiled as a special feature on Maximum the Hormone's 1st DVD, Debu Vs Debu.