Vision Divine - Trivia

Symmetry was temporarily chosen referring to Fabio and Olaf forming this new band. The band never took the decision to release anything under the monicker Symmetry, but their first demo appeared as "officially released" by the Greek magazine Metal Hammer, in 1998.
For a very short period, the very first name of the band has been Symmetry. That was just a temporary name, while waiting to choose the final one known today.
Most of the keyboards' man riffs heard in the song "Take On Me" (A-Ha's cover, included in the album "Send Me An Angel") are played by Olaf Thorsen.
In the debut, there should have been a song titled "Thunder", which in the very end was instead added to the album "Return To Heaven Denied", from the band Labyrinth. That happened because Labyrinth's new album was ready to be recorded and the band still needed one more fast song, while - back then, in 1998 - VD were still far away from becoming real (even the first Symmetry Demo was still far from being conceived) and while Thorsen's solo album was supposed to be an instrumental CD, Thunder was a song with a vocal line.