Lumsk - Trivia

Ketil and Siv Lena are husband and wife. They left the band because they were getting a child together
The CD Single "Nidvisa" was produced and released to raise funds and gain attention at the "Gi oss Jula tilbake"-action, a campaign to stop commercialism from starting celebrating Christmas in early October by selling Christmas-candy and such.
"Nidvise" is a song to mock/insult/making fun of someone, and Lumsk's Nidvisa was orginally performed 10/3 2005 outside the factory/main office of the candy producer Nidar in Trondheim, Norway.
Early in 2005, the band got the first by:Larm prize money ever (Norwegian music festival), worth 500 000 NOK (about 62500 ). That made their plans for the 2005 abum "Troll" possible, including a high quality video for the song "Trolltind".