Woods Of Ypres - Trivia

On December 21, 2011, founder David Gold died at age 31, in a car accident near Barrie, Ontario. This was the end of Woods Of Ypres.
"Ypres" is pronounced (by the band) as "E-Pray".
The band got their name from a local hardcore band (Fact of Death), which had a song named "The Woods Of Ypres". The song was named after Ypres Park, as people commonly referred to it, on Ypres Rd. in Windsor, Ontario. The park itself was in fact named after the WWI Battle of Ypres' in Belgium that was fought by Canadian soldiers.

To David Gold, "woods" = black metal, and black metal themes of trees, and natural things; and "Ypres" = representative of the band's Canadian heritage, in reference to Canadian history.