Cradle Of Filth - Trivia

Luna Scarlet Davey is the daughter of Dani Filth and Toni King.
Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa is a concept album centering on the demon Lilith, the first wife of the Biblical Adam.
According to Metal Hammer magazine, Cradle of Filth is the most successful British metal band since Iron Maiden.
Cradle of Filth made an April Fools (2000) joke album entitled 'Victorian England Under Martian Rule' and infos about it could be found in Terrorizer magazine.
Dani came up with an entire tracklisting for an album as well as artwork. It was to be a double CD (and quadruple vinyl), focusing on H G Wells' War of the Worlds, and on dinosaurs. Dani also explained that the original Cradle of Filth line-up of Dani, Paul A., Paul R., Darren Gardner and Jon Richard would be reforming to play one of the songs on the album.
Essentially this was the working title for the then-unannounced album Midian. It was going to feature such guests as Rob Halford, Diamanda Galas, King Diamond and Horgh. Satirical titles abound, it's surprising how many people fell for it, with others reporting this as the title and tracklisting for the next album.
The From The Cradle To Enslave remix found on Lovecraft and Witch Hearts is, obviously, a reference to this album.
Here's the tracklisting:

CD 1:
01. Preternatural Terror (Hell on Earth)
02. Going Insanus
03. Saturn's Ring
04. Ave Luna
05. Proud Cutty Sark (Cutting Through Waves As Though They Were Virgin Flesh)
06. Go Go Gothic Gatling Gun!
07. Triumph of British Steel

CD 2:
02. Neck Romancer
03. Reflections of a Wilting Poet's Rose
04. Sinderella
05. Hansel & Metal
06. Weeping on Statues
Triarchy of Triassic Terror: Funereal Fossil Fantasie:
07. Shriek of the Pterodactyl
08. Hill of the Diplodoci
09. Where the Wild Things Are
Cradle of Filth intially recorded a never-released album entitled "Goetia" for the orphic and terminally under-funded UK metal label Tombstone, the sessions taking place at Springvale Studios on the outskirts of Ipswich, a facility which later became a regular rehersal haunt for the band over the years. Regrettably, this archive obscurity will never see the light of day. Unpaid bills resulted in the master tapes being wiped to make way for the next hopeful client-cum-contender, and the band have subsequently spoken little about these early songs and concepts.
Cradle Of Filth is known to have a ridiculously huge amount of merchandise. One of these merchandise recently has been under the fire of critics (which is nothing new to these guys), where Blue Grape merchandising are refusing to print a shirt with a nude lady bleeding on the front, and on the back reading "You're A Gilded Cunt."
Although Sarah Jezebel Deva (Sarah Jane Ferridge) has always done background vocals for Cradle Of Filth, she has never officially been considered a part of the band.
Dani Filth is the only founding member who has stayed in the band up till today.
Cradle of Filth originally played death metal in their demo era. Their sound has since changed into an extreme form of gothic metal.