Marty Friedman - Videos


Album: Loudspeaker

Official Release: Mascot Records

Bad D.N.A.

Directed by: Visual Trap
Album: Bad D.N.A.
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Directed by: David Brodsky
Album: Inferno

Directed by: David Brodsky & Marty Friedman
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Hyper Doom

Album: Inferno
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Album: Inferno

Get swept into the "Undertow" with the premiere of the new music video from acclaimed guitarist Marty Friedman, taken from his Billboard-charting 2014 release "INFERNO"!

The video features an unsullied look at Japanese culture, says Marty Friedman (who currently resides in Tokyo): "'Undertow' gives you a look at the Japan not usually seen by the typical Japanese exports like crazy TV shows, ultra-cute singers and anime. It shows a day in the life of Japan as the Japanese see it, not the stereotypical Western 'Japanophile' view of it."

Regarding the video's concept, Marty Friedman explains that "the 'Undertow' video attempts to show that when you see a thing of beauty, there is often an undercurrent of true sadness and hardship behind the scenes which creates the motivation to do something extraordinary."

Undertow [Feat. Gregg Bissonette & Tony Franklin]
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