FRA, Arras - Metallica: European Tour

Location: France, Arras (Grand d'Arras)
Date: 14 August 2008



Who was there?

Haddonfield (UK) 100%
Sekhmet 100%
Aghahowa 100%
Absu 100%
AW Visual (Belgium) 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
28.05.2008 POL, Chorzow 6
03.06.2008 CZE, Prague 1
16.07.2008 NOR, Bergen 5
18.07.2008 RUS, St. Petersburg 1
20.07.2008 LAT, Riga 9
22.07.2008 ITA, Bologna
Date City Audience
23.07.2008 ROM, Bucharest 13
25.07.2008 BUL, Sofia 13
27.07.2008 TUR, Istanbul 12
14.08.2008 FRA, Arras 5
17.08.2008 SUI, Wil/Jonschwil 2
20.08.2008 IRL, Dublin 4


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24.02.2009 - 12:29
AW Visual
Awesome gig !!!
26.05.2009 - 18:36
Chucky's Bride
I attended this gig last year. I remember when Metallica were first announced the rumours surrounding the supporting acts made my mouth water. Everyone was going on about Queens of the Stone Age, Rage Against the Machine and The Prodigy all getting on board for what was meant to be a mini festival. In the end, the festival became a Metallica concert which meant less decent bands but more Metallica.

Me and my mate got there really early to soak up the atmosphere. Groups of people where gathered near the square in Arras having a bite to eat waiting with anticipation. You could hear AC/DC from one music player, Metallica from another, Slipknot from another...all different kinds of people where gathered there from die hard fans in their 40s and 50s to young teenagers.

Finally the gates where opened and we pilled into the square running to get to the front of the stage before everyone else. There, we waited for what seemed a lifetime talking and meeting new people. Dying of thirst in the warm sun but not wanting to leave our place for one of the many bars surrounding the square.

Then appeared Gojira, I must admit I was looking forward to seeing them. They aren't one of my favorite bands but I don't mind them and I had always thought they would be really good live. Well the sound was very poor, we could hardly make out the music. The band did try to pass some energy on to us but never succeded. And on top of that some aggravating french skinheads were having a mosh pit and picking fights with anyone who opened their mouths to them. So after a while it seemed like Gojira was lasting forever and then is finally came to an end and I wasn't the only person who was relieved. The skinheads left cursing Metallica and their fans (can't believe people would pay 80 to see Gojira, well each to their own).

After another agonizing interval, on came Within Temptation. I didn't really know this band and wanted to give them a try. I really felt sorry for the band. Everybody (apart from some young emo's) where slagging them off. The band did try to give it their all but they seemed out of place at this concert. I did enjoy throwing some heart-shaped marshmellows at the lead singer though (I know how nasty). Well they to seemed to drag on forever and finally with a sigh of relief from the crowd (and the band too probably) they left the stage.

Now I thought the other intervals where long, well this was by far the worse. The only memorable thing was a girl with lovely legs standing at the window of her appartment just of the square. The chants started, everyone wanted to see her ass, well she got it out but when Metallica where on so I missed it. After a long time, the crowd started to get irritated chanting Metallica's name so some roadies decided to treat us to a bit of music. It was exactly what we needed: Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Guns 'n' Roses, System of a Down...songs known by all. The front of the stage soon started singing along, it was really a good laugh and some of the tracks brought back good memories. Well the tape kept on rolling and soon it was AC/DC's It's a Long Way to the Top, someone put the sound up and the chants were immense. Then there was something not many people noticed. A guitar which was unmistakably Hetfield's (could recognize that sound anywhere) started playing along to the DC track from behind the stage. Sure enough, DC stoped and Metallica arrived. They opened with Crreping Death. However, idiots who didn't think about being at the front before decided there and then that that was where they had to be. Everyone was getting crushed and me and a few lads had to help this guy prevent his girlfriend from getting seriously injured as she immediately passed out. We slowly edged our way to the side of the stage (just opposite Mr. Hammett) and after the innitial shock began to enjoy the concert. By this time, Creeping Death was long finished and For Who the Bell Tolls had passed, they were half way through Ride the Lightning. I was devastated, three of my favorites had passed by by the time I fully started enjoying myself. Next up was the only song from the Load - St. ANger period, The Memory Remains which easliy got things back on track as the crowd chanted out the lyrics. Next up, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) things were really on their way. After this, the band introduced everyone to a track from their forthcoming album (Death Magnetic), it was Cyanide and it sounded good. Then it was back to the past again with And Justice for All... and No Remorse. The atmosphere seemed to peak during Fade to Black their was some weird vibrations in the air. Then back to the thrash again with Master of Puppets and Whiplash before a short and dissapointing solo from Kirk. Then came Nothing Else Matters and you could tell Hetfield was highly motivated as he asked Hammett to spice up the solo. Then came Sad But True followed by a firework display introducing One. More pyrotechnics were used on Enter Sandman before the concert was rounded up by the usual Last Caress, So What and Seek and Destroy. At the end, the band stayed on stage for a while soaking it up and clearly satisfied with themselves and the crowd. Well by this time, every ounce of energy had left my body, I was completly dehydrated so a beer and a bottle of water was what the doctor ordered. Then it was of home satisfied and not regretting a penny spent despite the lacklustre supporting acts.

"Seasons don't fear the reaper. Nor do the wind, the sun and the rain (we can be like they are)."
04.02.2011 - 20:02
Valentin B
Written by Haddonfield on 26.05.2009 at 18:36

Now I thought the other intervals where long, well this was by far the worse. The only memorable thing was a girl with lovely legs standing at the window of her appartment just of the square. The chants started, everyone wanted to see her ass, well she got it out but when Metallica where on so I missed it.

sounds interesting though i don't really know why girls would show their ass to a crowd of sweaty drunk metalheads

i also had a quite similar experience with the enormous crowds in the Metallica show i was at last year. there was one poor guy who had to make his way through the packed area with some beers in his hands. a drunk asshole then tried to grab one of the beers and the guy couldn't even punch him as it was almost impossible to move.
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