USA, Douglasville, GA - All Shall Perish + Caliban: USA Tour

Location: USA, Douglasville, GA (The 7 Venue)
Date: 13 September 2009


Who was there?

dagonvalek 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
04.09.2009 USA, Stockton, CA
06.09.2009 USA, Las Vegas, NV 1
07.09.2009 USA, Farmington, NM
08.09.2009 USA, Denver, CO
10.09.2009 USA, Oklahoma City, OK
11.09.2009 USA, St. Louis, MO
12.09.2009 USA, Nashville, TN
13.09.2009 USA, Douglasville, GA 1
14.09.2009 USA, St. Petersburg, FL
15.09.2009 USA, Jacksonville, FL
16.09.2009 USA, Pensacola, FL
17.09.2009 USA, New Orleans, LA
18.09.2009 USA, Houston, TX
19.09.2009 USA, San Antonio, TX
Date City Audience
20.09.2009 USA, Ft. Worth, TX
22.09.2009 USA, Dayton, OH
23.09.2009 USA, Cleveland, OH
24.09.2009 USA, Allentown, PA
25.09.2009 USA, Vineland, NJ
26.09.2009 USA, West Springfield, VA
27.09.2009 USA, New York, NY
28.09.2009 USA, Manchester, NH
29.09.2009 CAN, Montreal, QC
30.09.2009 CAN, Toronto, ON
01.10.2009 USA, Detroit, MI
02.10.2009 USA, West Dundee, IL
03.10.2009 USA, Indianapolis, IN 1


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14.09.2009 - 18:57
This was a weird show. It was a christian venue so there was no alcohol and the bands weren't supposed to cuss or be obscene. There were some obscenity slips however. The place was flooded with hardcore dancers and skinny jeans. The bands seemed to hate the dancing and were begging for a mosh pit. But, any attempt to start one ended up in a fight, because the hardcore guys would start slinging their arms around in the middle of it. Security was working hard to keep all these fights broken up. Eventually people just stopped moving...until Born of Osiris and All Shall Perish hit the stage. All Shall Perish was great even though it was a bit watered down due to the venue restrictions. Good times, 10 bands total, 3pm-11pm.

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