GER, Aschaffenburg - The Gathering: The West Pole/20th Anniversary Tour

Location: Germany, Aschaffenburg

Colos-Saal (map and info)

Date: 11 February 2010


Who was there?

albatros 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
22.01.2010 GER, Krefeld
23.01.2010 GER, Erfurt
24.01.2010 GER, Berlin
26.01.2010 GER, Karlsruhe
27.01.2010 GER, Nuremberg
28.01.2010 CZE, Prague 1
29.01.2010 POL, Krakow 2
30.01.2010 SVK, Bratislava
31.01.2010 HUN, Budapest 4
01.02.2010 CRO, Zagreb
Date City Audience
02.02.2010 ITA, Milan
04.02.2010 ESP, Barcelona
05.02.2010 ESP, Alicante
06.02.2010 ESP, Granada
07.02.2010 ESP, Madrid
09.02.2010 FRA, Lyon 1
10.02.2010 SUI, Pratteln
11.02.2010 GER, Aschaffenburg 1
13.02.2010 FRA, Lille
14.02.2010 FRA, Paris 1


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13.02.2010 - 23:02
The Colos-Saal is a friendly club in Aschaffenburg, a town in the greater Eastern periphery of Frankfurt/Main. Autumn played a very charismatic set with their atmospheric rock/metal hybrid songs from their last two albums. Maybe 150 people saw the show and I was pleased to see that at least in the front rows the crowd showed clear signs of appreciation. I enjoyed the gig very much. Before and after the show there was plenty of opportunity for a friendly chat with the bandmembers.
I didn't know much about The Gathering. This allowed me to enjoy them without ballast from their musical history. It didn't take long and they had created a very good mood in the hall with their beautiful atmospheric soundwalls that settled well on the base that Autumn had laid. Their current singer is Silje Wergeland. She is sweet and has a very good voice. Towards the end of the show The Gathering created a very powerful psychedelic atmosphere in the hall and the response of the crowd was sincerely enthusiastic.
14.02.2010 - 01:38
Had considered going there as well, but ended up spending more time with work. Has been a while since I've been to Colos-Saal. A pity actually, it's really a great venue with an absolutely flawless sound (holy shit, had I goosebumps when Deadsoul Tribe were playing there!) and an amazing and very appreciative audience.
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