FRA, Paris - Katatonia: New Night Over Europe 2010

Location: France, Paris (Nouveau Casino)
Date: 16 March 2010


Who was there?

wrathchild 100%

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Date City Audience
03.03.2010 GER, Hamburg
04.03.2010 GER, Cologne 1
05.03.2010 NED, Nijmegen 3
06.03.2010 NED, Amstelveen 2
07.03.2010 BEL, Vosselaar 1
09.03.2010 GBR, Manchester 2
10.03.2010 GBR, Nottingham 2
11.03.2010 GBR, London 5
13.03.2010 GBR, Cardiff
14.03.2010 GBR, Wolverhampton 1
15.03.2010 LUX, Luxembourg
16.03.2010 FRA, Paris 1
17.03.2010 FRA, Niort 1
18.03.2010 ESP, Barcelona 1
19.03.2010 ESP, Madrid 2
20.03.2010 FRA, Bordeaux 1
22.03.2010 FRA, Lyon 1
23.03.2010 SUI, Solothurn
24.03.2010 ITA, Milano 2
Date City Audience
25.03.2010 ITA, Rome 1
26.03.2010 ITA, Cervia 2
27.03.2010 SLO, Ljubljana 10
28.03.2010 AUT, Vienna
30.03.2010 CZE, Prague 1
31.03.2010 POL, Krakow 4
01.04.2010 POL, Warsaw 2
02.04.2010 GER, Berlin
03.04.2010 GER, Bochum 1
04.04.2010 GER, Leipzig
05.04.2010 GER, Frankfurt 1
06.04.2010 GER, Munich
08.04.2010 BUL, Sofia 2
10.04.2010 GRE, Thessaloniki 2
11.04.2010 GRE, Athens 3
13.04.2010 ISR, Tel Aviv 4
15.04.2010 RUS, Moscow 1
16.04.2010 RUS, St. Petersburg


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18.03.2010 - 00:30
Nice gig, I was really surprised by Long Distance Calling, I had never heard of them and I must say their instrumental sort of mix between Opeth and Katatonia was excellent.
Too bad that Swallow The Sun came right after... They're definitely not a warm up act since the result effect was quite the opposite: booooring.
And then the headliner, Katatonia. I had only seen them at the Hellfest 2008, but I missed the begining of the show... So I wanted to see them again, in a venue, to be able to judge better. And even though I'm not fond of the new album Night Is The New day, better it was
The venue didn't change anything in fact, and I was even rather annoyed by a gay man in suit just in front of me - the bugger kept on watching in all directions - the head sometimes stopping to actually watch the show - and he seemed to always come closer to me no matter how hard I tried to keep my distances...
Anyway, back to Katatonia, they played a good setlist with many titles off their newer albums - including a bunch of songs that they are playing for the first time on this tour (like Rusted and Omerta for instance). The highlight for me was when they played Ghost Of The Sun: you could feel the extra energy they give to that title, and it was well spread to the crowd.

Definitely a good show, would have been better without Swallow The Sun (at least, not in the middle). I'll give Katatonia another try at Hellfest, but I'm afraid you won't see me in front of STS (playing there on the same day).
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