FRA, Paris - The Never Ending Tour Of Orphaned Land

Location: France, Paris

Le Nouveau Casino (map and info)

Date: 14 May 2010


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All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
09.05.2010 FRA, Lyon 3
10.05.2010 SUI, Zurich 1
11.05.2010 FRA, Strasbourg
12.05.2010 FRA, Besançon 1
14.05.2010 FRA, Paris 4
15.05.2010 FRA, Nantes 3

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19.04.2010 - 07:34
Got Mayhem?
Such a misleading name. Clearly, it ends in Nantes. Here I was, getting so excited for at least 40 years of continuous touring from OL, and it turns out to be not what I expected at all.
03.05.2010 - 06:18
Lol i totally agree, i was holding out some small hope that a 'never ending' tour might feature an australian date or two but my dreams were dashed almost as soon as they appeared
05.05.2010 - 23:41
Lol, pretty misleading indeed. Why would they call it that way if it does end? Strange...
15.05.2010 - 22:12
Anyway, the show in Paris was great, although I happened to like Arkan best, an excellent surprise!
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