GER, Aschaffenburg - Epica: Design Your Universe Tour Pt. II

Location: Germany, Aschaffenburg

Colos-Saal (map and info)

Date: 09 October 2010


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All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
09.09.2010 RUS, St. Petersburg
10.09.2010 RUS, Moscow 2
12.09.2010 LTU, Kaunas 2
24.09.2010 FIN, Helsinki 3
26.09.2010 SWE, Stockholm
27.09.2010 NOR, Oslo 2
28.09.2010 SWE, Gothenburg
30.09.2010 POL, Poznan
01.10.2010 POL, Katowice
02.10.2010 HUN, Budapest 7
Date City Audience
03.10.2010 AUT, Vienna
05.10.2010 ITA, Treviso 1
06.10.2010 SUI, Lausanne 1
07.10.2010 GER, Munich 1
09.10.2010 GER, Aschaffenburg 2
10.10.2010 GER, Bremen
16.10.2010 NED, Reuver
28.10.2010 FRA, Paris
29.10.2010 FRA, Strasbourg 2
30.10.2010 FRA, Lyon 1


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16.09.2010 - 19:18
The Shape 1973
UK dates?
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06.10.2010 - 00:22
They were great in Oslo! almost studio sound quality on their live performance. Revamp was ok. was surprised that the Vocalist from After Forever was in that band. The french warm-up band was horrible. it was almost like a metal band with britney spears as a vocalist...
06.10.2010 - 19:26
I don't find Kells that bad on CD. Somewhat poppy, yeah, but so are Delain, Krypteria and Delight and occasionally I enjoy those as well. Curious to see what they are like live. I have no concerns regarding the sound though. The Colos-Saal is my favorite venue when it comes to sound and it has never let me down so far
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