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FIN, Kauhajoki - Nummirock Festival

Location: Finland, Kauhajoki (Nummijärventie 385)
Date: 22-24 June 2006
Organizer: Nummirock


2 days advance ticket: 60,-
2 days gate ticket: 67,-
1 day gate ticket: 45,-

Camping is free for those who have purchased the two-day prepaid ticket.
Buy at

Nummirock is held in Finland in a small town called Nummijärvi (part of a city called Kauhajoki). You can easily get to the festival area by train and a bus. First, take a train to Seinäjoki, there you'll find busses coming straight to Nummirock.

There are plenty of little food stands in the festival area where you can buy all kinds of food, and a little beach at the Nummijärvi-lake (in the festival area) gives the guests the chance to cool off if the party gets too heavy!

There are three stages in the festival area. Smallest stage is for the new bands that possibly will be the new future promises and stars for the heavy metal circles.

You'll find a storage for your belongings from the festival area.

There is a little grocery store about 500 meters from the festival area. The store is open every day.

First aid patrols the area 24 hours a day. Please contact the first aid or security personnel if you find someone in need of first aid. There are also police and security personnel patrolling the camping area the whole time.

There is no age limit to the festival. Only the areas that sell alcohol have the age limit of 18 years.

If you have any additional questions concerning the festival, feel free to contact us! nrock@(REMOVE)

Update: The festival has been expanded to a three-day festival, the new day being Thursday 22.6 as a starter club day. Those who have purchased the 2-day advance ticket will have access to the club.

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Karelian Warcry
Cyan Velvet Project
To The Darker Grounds
The Myth Of Autumn
Misery Inc.


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23.05.2006 - 14:24
Gonna be there like last year. Awesome line-up (though I'd have to admit last year's one was clearly better). Deicide would have been interesting but IMO their cancellation turned out to be a good thing since Gorefest took their place. I'd predict my highlights of the festival to be:

Kreator - Seen them once and it was fucking awesome, and I didn't even know their songs at the time except like two of them.

Hypocrisy - Cancelled last year, let's hope these guys will rock the fuck out this time.

Samael - Just a band I think will be interesting live.

Verjnuarmu - Heard good things about their performances.

Stam1na - Great show in last year's Nummirock so I'm confident they'll be at least as good.

Misery Inc. - Heard great things about their performances too, plus I love all their studio stuff.
24.05.2006 - 02:12
argh, i wanna see edguy and kreator.. it's just so damn expensive if you go to all summer festivals.

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