SWE, Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival 2012

Location: Sweden, Sölvesborg (Norje Bro festival site)
Date: 06-09 June 2012
Website: swedenrock.com


4-day ticket - SOLD OUT
3-day ticket - 2290SEK

1-day tickets:

6.06 - 690SEK
7.06 - 1190SEK
8.06 - 1190SEK
9.06 - 1290SEK
Buy at www.swedenrock.com
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Sabaton will be performing a short set due to touring constraints on Wednesday, which will include the Swedish national anthem "Du Gamla, Du Fria".


DAY 1 (06.06)

[date not confirmed yet:]

Deals Death
The Gloria Story

DAY 2 (07.06)

DAY 3 (08.06)

DAY 4 (09.06)

Sacred Reich
Black Spiders
Electric Boys
Crucified Barbara

Who was there?

Valentin B (Belgium) 100%
silenius 100%
KaoticKraker (USA) 100%
metalheadmatt (USA) 100%




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13.10.2011 - 16:02
Valentin B
I'm pretty sure the line-up will resemble this year's monstrous classic rock bonanza. My dad and my ex-co-guitarist are so gonna kill me for going to this Blue Oyster Cult is gonna be in Europe next June so that's the first reason to get to this. Just 2 more weeks until (i think) the first bands get announced.

edit: this line-up is getting juicier day by day!
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15.12.2011 - 16:27
Valentin B
Bought my ticket today, quite pumped about this seeing as I'm already interested in almost all the bands on the bill and that's not even a third of the complete line-up!

If anyone else is interested in making a small MS meeting gimme a shout!

edit: I uploaded the first tentative running order, more like a list of which band plays on which day. I'm extremely happy to see EDGUY is going to headline the warm-up day, awesomeness! that AND the last day is absolutely beastly with all those great bands.

edit 28.02: Bad Company just got added for an exclusive headlining reunion show at this festival, yet some people are complaining on the festival's facebook page. some people just live to whine.
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29.03.2012 - 14:53
Valentin B
A tentative running order is up! http://www.swedenrock.com/index.cfm?pg=578&lg=2

my clashes are:

Mastodon vs. Graveyard - most probably i'll just watch Graveyard in the end.

Sebastian Bach vs. Dimmu Borgir - difficult one, probably Sebastian Bach.

Adrenaline Mob vs. Amorphis - probably Adrenaline Mob as I've seen Amorphis before.

Girlschool vs. Hell - almost definitely Hell, but they'll probably change one of the bands to another time as people are already complaining about this clash.

Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. Sacred Reich - one of the ones I'm most torn about, but probably Skynyrd.

King Diamond vs. Slade - no competition here.

Motley Crue vs. Cannibal Corpse - I'm seriously undecided here, probably Crue.
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03.06.2012 - 20:44
THIS IS UNBARABLE, fuck i want to be there NOW.

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