USA, Seattle, WA - Symphony X + Iced Earth: North American Tour 2012

Location: USA, Seattle, WA (Showbox Market)
Date: 15 February 2012


Who was there?

JorgonQ 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
31.01.2012 USA, Hartford, CT
01.02.2012 USA, Philadelphia, PA 4
03.02.2012 USA, Sayreville, NJ 3
04.02.2012 CAN, Quebec City, QC 1
05.02.2012 CAN, Montreal, QC 4
06.02.2012 CAN, Toronto, ON 1
09.02.2012 CAN, Winnipeg, MB 2
10.02.2012 CAN, Saskatoon, SK
11.02.2012 CAN, Edmonton, AB 1
12.02.2012 CAN, Calgary, AB 3
14.02.2012 CAN, Vancouver, BC 1
15.02.2012 USA, Seattle, WA 1
16.02.2012 USA, Portland, OR
17.02.2012 USA, San Francisco, CA 2
18.02.2012 USA, Los Angeles, CA 3
20.02.2012 USA, Las Vegas, NV 2
21.02.2012 USA, Anaheim, CA 2
22.02.2012 USA, San Diego, CA 1
24.02.2012 USA, Salt Lake City, UT 2
Date City Audience
25.02.2012 USA, Denver, CO 1
26.02.2012 USA, Kansas City, MO 3
27.02.2012 USA, Dallas, TX
28.02.2012 USA, Austin, TX
29.02.2012 USA, Houston, TX 1
02.03.2012 USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL 4
03.03.2012 USA, Lake Buena Vista, FL
05.03.2012 USA, Raleigh, NC 1
06.03.2012 USA, Charlotte, NC
07.03.2012 USA, Columbus, OH 4
09.03.2012 USA, Worcester, MA
10.03.2012 USA, New York, NY 5
11.03.2012 USA, Clifton Park, NY 1
13.03.2012 USA, Washington, DC
14.03.2012 USA, Buffalo, NY 1
15.03.2012 USA, Pittsburgh, PA 3
16.03.2012 USA, Detroit, MI
17.03.2012 USA, Joliet, IL


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17.02.2012 - 03:40
First time seeing Warbringer. I was pleased with their performance, everyone needs a little old school anti-establishment thrash in their life. That said, the show truly started when Symphony X took the stage. They rocked hard and while some of their songs aren't the greatest for moshing, Russell and the boys kept things going. The encore was a real treat, as I feel "Eve Of Seduction" is one of their best songs. Then, finally, Iced Earth took the stage and blew everything away. They went so far above and beyond even my wildest expectations. I honestly don't know if I can listen to a studio album by them again, as their live sound was phenomenal. Stu's vocals pick up right where Barlow's left off and Schaffer still wails on his guitar like a true god. Last, but not least, this has been the best crowd since I saw Arch Enemy back in October. The place was packed, the moshing was solid, and everyone was just constantly moving; the energy was contagious and near the end of Iced Earth's set, during Dante's Inferno, no less, near everyone was jumping and throwing and pushing and moshing. All said, most likely the best show I've ever seen.
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