BEL, Vosselaar - Paradise Lost: European Tour

Location: Belgium, Vosselaar

Biebob (map and info)

Date: 12 September 2007


Who was there?

Thryce 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
12.09.2007 BEL, Vosselaar 1
13.09.2007 FRA, Paris 2
14.09.2007 FRA, Lyon 2
15.09.2007 FRA, Toulouse 2
16.09.2007 ESP, Madrid
17.09.2007 ESP, Barcelona
18.09.2007 POR, Lisbon 3
20.09.2007 FRA, Bordeaux 1
22.09.2007 SUI, Solothun
23.09.2007 ITA, Milan
24.09.2007 SUI, Winterthur
Date City Audience
25.09.2007 AUT, Vienna
27.09.2007 GER, Munich
28.09.2007 GER, Leipzig
29.09.2007 GER, Cologne
30.09.2007 GER, Berlin
01.10.2007 DEN, Copenhagen
02.10.2007 NOR, Oslo
03.10.2007 SWE, Stockholm 1
05.10.2007 GER, Hamburg
06.10.2007 GER, Bochum
07.10.2007 NED, Utrecht


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13.09.2007 - 15:10
Retired Staff
Great night!

The small venue was totally sold out. I didn't catch Neurosonic nor Eyes Of Eden as I arrived about ten minutes after EoE finished. I only went for Paradise Lost so I didn't really cared missing them. Though I heard afterwards both bands weren't really that impressive. From what I've heard the vocals of Neurosonic were pretty bad. Also Eyes Of Eden were quite mediocre, but it was their very first live show apparently.

Paradise Lost were pretty good. Not outstanding, but still very good. Too bad the sound wasn't always that optimal so not every song came out that well. Especially when they used samples; or those were too quiet, or they were too loud so Nick Holmes' singing got lost in all the "noise". All in all it was a good show with an enjoybale offer of songs and I was very happy to see PL live. They of course played a lot of songs of "In Requiem" (personally I'd have chosen "Prelude To Descent" and "Sedative God" too instead of "Unreachable" for example), but it was fairly mixed with older work. Especailly "Pity The Sadness" was the real killer of the evening.

Paradise Lost setlist:
(not totally complete and in order I think)

Ash & Debris
No Celebration
So Much Is Lost
Pity The Sadness
Praise Lamented Shade
As I Die
The Enemy
One Second
The Last Time
Never For The Damned
Over The Madness
Say Just Words

I do think Nick Holmes' voice is not what it used to be...
Also it's one again proven that metalheads are a very enjoyable crowd: at the first encore (Never For The Damned) right after the intro there was a power failure. But no one cared and we started singing, shouting and clapping our hands until they could start again. It was fun actually.
Your favorite band sucks.

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