DEN, Roskilde - Roskilde Festival

Location: Denmark, Roskilde (Roskilde Festival)
Date: 05-08 July 2007


Euro 200
NOK 1,630 (Norway)
SEK 1,815 (Sweden)
GBP 138 (Great Britain)
USD 255 (USA)
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The camping areas are open from Sunday, 1 July at 08.00 to Monday July 9 at 14.00

Camping areas
The camping areas will be divided into small, joyful areas where the festival guests will live, rest, meet up and party. In the centre of each area is an open space, an agora. Here you can cook, gather information, get help and have a good time. Also, there will be a free luggage storage.

Also, at the camping areas you will find stalls with food and drink as well as kiosks, showers etc.

Bring only ordinary light-weight camping equipment
For reasons of fire safety, you are not allowed to bring living room furniture or similar inflammable components to the camping area. This rule does not apply to common, lightweight camping equipment, fixed built-in installations in caravans and equipment normally used for tent camping.

• common, lightweight camping furniture
• folding and leaf tables
• small deck and folding chairs
• sleeping mats
• white disposable pavilions
• foam rubber mattresses

Not Allowed:
• living room furniture, e.g. armchairs, sofas, coffee and dining tables
• construction material of any kind
• generators and household appliances


Red Hot Chili Peppers
My Chemical Romance

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