ESP, Madrid - Dark Tranquillity: European Construct Tour 2013

Location: Spain, Madrid (Arena)
Date: 19 November 2013


Who was there?

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
07.11.2013 GBR, London 2
08.11.2013 BEL, Vosselaar
09.11.2013 NED, Rotterdam
10.11.2013 NED, Tilburg 2
11.11.2013 GER, Köln
12.11.2013 FRA, Colmar 2
13.11.2013 FRA, Paris 2
14.11.2013 FRA, Lyon 1
15.11.2013 ESP, Barcelona 2
16.11.2013 ESP, Pamplona
17.11.2013 POR, Porto 6
18.11.2013 POR, Lisbon 6
19.11.2013 ESP, Madrid 1
20.11.2013 FRA, Toulon
21.11.2013 ITA, Treviso
22.11.2013 ITA, Novara 1
Date City Audience
23.11.2013 ITA, Pinarella 1
25.11.2013 CRO, Zagreb
26.11.2013 GER, Münich 1
27.11.2013 CZE, Prague 1
28.11.2013 AUT, Vienna
29.11.2013 AUT, Graz
01.12.2013 SUI, Lucerne
02.12.2013 SUI, Solothurn
03.12.2013 GER, Stuttgart
04.12.2013 GER, Frankfurt
05.12.2013 GER, Berlin
06.12.2013 GER, Essen
07.12.2013 GER, Hamburg
08.12.2013 SWE, Malmö
09.12.2013 SWE, Stockholm 4
10.12.2013 SWE, Gothenburg


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29.08.2013 - 13:47
F***ing Hell

I was undecided between going to this concert and the one given by Amorphis three days before. I already bought the ticket for Amorphis and now Tristania are coming as "cover band".
Alright, anyways I don't like very much the Darky Tranky's venue, Tristania's last album and, above all, going to work the next day. Amorphis is on Saturday.

But Darky Tranky and Tristania together... next time. But both again...?

I hope Darky decide not to play as always in that venue: very crowdy in the front, unable to see from the back and two big columns and a bar in the center. So the sound is not very good. Besides, the bouncers at Sala Heineken -or Arena or whatever the name they will change into the next year- always find my hidden water bottle and it is worth inside 4 euros.


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