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Type: Club
Location: USA, Austin, TX
603 Red River St

Contacts: Tel: (512) 474-5370

Emo's Austin, Austin's best small venue for live music, is located just off 6th Street on Red River. On any given night you will find some of the best bands and the most colorful staff and patrons in all of Austin sitting at our bar. And don't let the doormen scare you -- some of them are really nice guys (it says so in the women's bathroom).

Emo's sports two stages, one inside and one outside (some nights, we even have shows going on both at the same time); a beer garden for when you can't, or just don't want to, make your way through the crowd to the stage; and (most importantly) a bar not too far from wherever you might situate yourself. All shows are all ages, unless otherwise noted. Only those 21 years of age or older, of course, may partake of alcoholic beverages. People of any age can tip the bartenders, though.

So come visit, and please remember not to feed the crackheads on the corner. On a side note, we do realize our cover charges have increased noticeably in the last year or so. Simply enough, in order to book the bands we have been booking, this has been a necessary step. The increased cover charge is representative of the fact that some of the bands we have coming through are asking for correspondingly high guarantees. Rest assured, as has been the case since Emo's started charging cover, the entire door take goes to the bands.

Upcoming gigs / Past gigs

21.07.2018 Neurosis: West Coast Summer Tour 2018
21.07.2018 Neurosis: West Coast Summer Tour 2018



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