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GER, Frankfurt - Die Halle

Location info

Type: Club
Location: Germany, Frankfurt
Wächtersbacher Straße 84


Frankfurt's underground metal club no. 1! Metal concerts almost every Saturday, mostly local bands, but occasionally also some international headliners like Lizzy Borden, Sabaton or Vicious Rumors. A complete listing of concerts can be found on the official website.

Past gigs

22.03.2007 Wizard: Goochan Release Party
31.05.2007 Sabaton: Metalizing Europe Tour
31.10.2008 Sabaton: The Art of Live Tour
08.11.2008 Witchburner
11.11.2008 Vicious Rumors: German Tour
09.12.2008 Lizzy Borden: European Tour
20.03.2009 Diabolical: European Tour
20.03.2009 Degradead: European Tour
21.03.2009 Abandoned
11.04.2009 Cheeno + Agrypnie
18.04.2009 Torture Squad
23.04.2009 Shakra
10.05.2009 Cage: Science Of Annihilation Tour
24.07.2009 Mystic Prophecy
22.08.2009 Dragon's Breath III Festival
24.08.2009 Flotsam & Jetsam: European Tour
13.09.2009 Hellish War: European First Assault Tour
18.11.2009 Grailknights: Battlechoir Reinforcement Tour 2009
20.11.2009 Witchcurse: Mini German Tour
01.05.2010 Détente
26.06.2010 Black Majesty
10.09.2010 Agathodaimon: 15 Years in Darkness




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07.09.2010 - 08:00
"Die Halle" has been closed permanently, meaning that all future acts for this venue will be cancelled or moved to a different location.
The german statement can be found here:,24451.html
the sweet sound of a guitar played hard is music to my ears
08.09.2010 - 00:31
The Agathodaimon gig on Friday will still take place and will be the band's anniversary and the venue's funeral at the same time. A pity really, it's been a decent location and an essential piece of local live culture. Let's hope the owner can find a new location after good ol' German bureaucracy decided that Die Halle is unsuitable for live gigs seven years after it opened its gates...
All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! ...At least for now.
- The Mystery of Life, Vol. 841 Ch. 26
09.09.2010 - 19:24
The problem was that some reconstruction was necessary to increase safety and the person who runs the location agreed to that and wanted to modernize the location, but the owner did not allow any work on the building...
That's why it has to shut down
the sweet sound of a guitar played hard is music to my ears
16.06.2012 - 09:57
"Die Halle" is a nice concert location. I had a show with my band there in 2009. Too bad it had to be closed. The concert was organized by

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