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27.03Arcturus - New Single Released Online
05.03Arcturus - Confirm First European Tour In Ten Years
26.02Arcturus - Join Prophecy Productions, New Album Detailed
05.01Arcturus - New Album Finished
02.06Arcturus - Live Album Streaming Online
24.04Arcturus - Continue Recording New Album
02.10Arcturus - New Album To Be Released In The Fall Of 2013
14.04Arcturus - ProgPower USA Show Cancelled
01.09Arcturus - Reunion In The Making?
16.04Arcturus - Disbanded
06.12Arcturus - To Tour Australia In March
24.04Arcturus - Shows Cancelled Due To Bassist Accident
19.01Arcturus - Sign With Season Of Mist
15.01Arcturus - Simen Hestnaes Is The New Vocalist
12.01Arcturus - Without Singer Again

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Arcturus - New Single Released Online

Arcturus just released a new single from their coming album Arcturian, called "The Arcturian Sign". So why don't you give it a listen and judge for yourself? Fans have been waiting for years for new music from the Norwegian avantgarde metallers and finally here it is. Stop what you are doing! What are your impressions of "The Arcturian Sign"?


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 27.03.2015 by toxx | Comments (13)

Arcturus - Confirm First European Tour In Ten Years

Now that they are releasing their first album in ten years, called Arcturian, Arcturus will also embark on the band's first European tour in a decade. Prepare yourself for this live avantgarde spectacle with none other than Vulture Industries supporting and more special guests to be announced. The first part of this European tour is happening in May, around the time the new opus will be released.


Source: en.prophecy.de
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 05.03.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (6)

Arcturus - Join Prophecy Productions, New Album Detailed

Hold on to your hat because Arcturus just announced their new album! Yes, ten years after the release of Sideshow Symphonies, they are releasing Arcturian on May 8th. Prophecy Productions feel honoured and are excited to welcome Arcturus to its artist roster as well. This also means that the new album details are out in the open. Feast your eyes on it below. It is finally happening folks!


Source: en.prophecy.de
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 26.02.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (16)

Arcturus - New Album Finished

A short update from the Norwegian avantgarde metallers Arcturus has been released. According to the band's official Facebook page, they have now finished their new album, 10 years after their last full-length, Sideshow Symphonies, was released. The release date for the new album is not yet revealed but possibly will be announced soon. It's finally happening!


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 05.01.2015 by toxx | Comments (19)

Arcturus - Live Album Streaming Online

Classic avantgarde Norwegian black metal band Arcturus has released their entire live album Shipwrecked In Oslo for streaming. This is the first official live audio publication by the band and their first release in eight years. The album comes from their 2005 Sonic Solstice performance in Oslo, which was originally released on DVD. It has been edited and remastered for CD and vinyl release through Finnish label Blood Music with a June 3rd release date.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 02.06.2014 by BloodMusic | Comments (9)

Arcturus - Continue Recording New Album

A small new update suggests that the new Arcturus album is coming together these days. Last year, Hellhammer laid down the drum tracks for the album, and recently the official Facebook page for the band posted a short update: "Recording vocals". Short but good news! We'll just have to wait for more updates then. Fans have been waiting for a long time since the band's last album Sideshow Symphonies came out in 2005 already.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 24.04.2014 by toxx | Comments (6)

Arcturus - New Album To Be Released In The Fall Of 2013

Apparently, Arcturus fans can expect a blessing from the band as ICS Vortex's official Facebook page has hinted that a new Arcturus album is in the works and it is expected to be released in the fall of 2013, almost 8 years after their latest effort Sideshow Symphonies. This comes after the band had confirmed that they were working on several new songs and expected to enter the studio next year. The band also posted a new banner on their official Facebook page to build up the suspense.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 02.10.2012 by Behradeth | Comments (34)

Arcturus - ProgPower USA Show Cancelled

Arcturus has unfortunately cancelled their appearence at ProgPower USA. Ihsahn will replace them.

The band issued the following statement: "Arcturus still suffer from hibernation sickness, and due to outdated parts we deeply regret to inform you: we are canceling Progpower USA. This lack of maintenance is entirely our own fault, and sincere apologies go out to the promoter and all ticket holders, especially those of you who had planned to travel far..."

ProgPower USA promoter Glenn Harveston seems just as confused by the statement as everyone else: "I have no idea what the hell that statement means. I'm not going to try and figure it out either, as I have wasted enough time and effort on that "band" already. In the meantime, I would like to personally thank Ihsahn for taking the slot. His professionalism in this situation is greatly appreciated."


Source: ultimatemetal.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Event: ProgPower USA XII
Posted: 14.04.2011 by Zhao | Comments (17)

Arcturus - Reunion In The Making?

After being dissed by Dimmu Borgir last weekend - Link] - vocalist Simen "ICS Vortex" Hestnæs' webmaster has revealed the man's future plans:

"I think that now is the right time to post some news on the future music plans of ICS Vortex.

Simen will have a meeting with Lamented Souls in mid September to plan a new release and a few gigs in Norway. There is another meeting also planned with Arcturus members to discuss about the future of the band and a possible reunite. Nothing's for certain yet but keep visiting back the page as more announcements will take place about Simen's projects in the very near future!"


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 01.09.2009 by Thryce | Comments (59)

Arcturus - Disbanded

In a shock development, Avantgarde metallers Arcturus have decided to disband after a highly successful tour of Australia.

Local tour promoters Just Say Rock Productions broke the news to patrons of the concerts via e-Mail, stating their reasons: "The band just thought that the time was right, the moment had come and that due to their tour of Australia being so successful they wanted to go out on top... their Australian tour was one of their greatest highlights and they rated their Melbourne show as one of their all time memorable all round events."

Bravewords.com reported that, in response to a question asked by Australian fan Vanessa at the band's MySpace page, Arcturus drummer Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg (Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem) responded with the following:


Source: bravewords.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 16.04.2007 by Thryce | Comments (33)

Arcturus - To Tour Australia In March

Norwegian extreme metal band Arcturus will embark on a tour of Asutralia in March 2007.
The details of the trek, dubbed "Shipwrecked in Australia", are as follows:

Mar. 27 - Adelaide @ HQ Complex
Mar. 29 - Brisbane @ Her Majesty's Basement
Mar. 30 - Sydney @ The Gaelic Theatre (18+)
Mar. 31 - Melbourne @ The Espy

Source: hailmetal.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Event: Arcturus: Shipwrecked In Australia
Posted: 06.12.2006 by Damnated | Comments (6)

Arcturus - Shows Cancelled Due To Bassist Accident

The following message has been posted on the Season Of Mist Website:

We're sorry to announce that Arcturus' bassist Hugh Mingay recently had a motorcycle accident. He's going to be well, but has to rest for several weeks because a vertebra has been affected. Consequently, the three Norwegian shows scheduled this week had to be cancelled. We all wish Hugh to recover soon.

Source: season-of-mist.com
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 24.04.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Arcturus - Sign With Season Of Mist

Arcturus are again on the news, this time because they get a deal with Season of mist, also they have schedule the release of new album at august and will be touring after that.

Also the band will have a special performance in February, check out the details:

"ARCTURUS will play at by:larm in Stavanger 11. February!
by:larm is a 3 day conference for the music busines, with seminars and over 80 concerts.
This year the best live act will get a stipend on NOK 100.000!!!
Vote for ARCTURUS in two ways:

1) Web: follow this link, and search for ARCTURUS, and vote:

2) SMS: "ARTIST 6 " TO NUMBER 2000

Best regards,


Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 19.01.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Arcturus - Simen Hestnaes Is The New Vocalist

Dimmu Borgir bassist /vocalist Simen Hestnaes (a.k.a. ICS Vortex, ex-Borgnagar, Lamented Souls) has officially rejoined Arcturus as the group's permanent vocalist. His first appearance back with the group will take place at the Inferno Festival kick-off event at the Underworld in London on January 27

Hestnaes had previously performed vocals on three tracks and written the lyrics for one song on Arcturus' 1997 album, "La Masquerade Infernale".

Arcturus announced earlier this month that vocalist Øyvind Hægeland (Spiral Architect) had left the group. No reason was given for his departure.

Source: blabbermouth.net
Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 15.01.2005 by Angelique | Comments (0)

Arcturus - Without Singer Again

According to a short note in their official website "Arcturus are, yet again, without a permanent singer as Øyvind left has the band"


Band profile: Arcturus
Posted: 12.01.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)