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At Vance - New Video Online

"Facing Your Enemy", a brand new video clip from German heavy metallers At Vance is now available for viewing below. It was directed by Hilmar Liebsch. The song comes off the band's new album of the same name, Facing Your Enemy, which was released yesterday via AFM Records. More album details were previously reported here.


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At Vance - New Song Online

"Saviour", a new song from German power metallers At Vance is now streaming online at the following location. The song comes off the band's upcoming new effort entitled Facing Your Enemy, which is scheduled for release on April 27th through AFM Records.


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At Vance - Announce New Album For April, Unveil Artwork

German heavy/power metallers At Vance have announced that the band will release their new studio album, entitled Facing Your Enemy, on April 27th through AFM Records. The album will be the follow-up to 2009's Ride The Sky and the artwork created by Thomas Ewerhard can be seen below.


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At Vance - To Release "Best Of" Album

AFM Records press release

After 8 successful studio albums it's about time to release a "Best Of" album of At Vance. Titled Decade, it not only includes the highlights from all At Vance records but also rare songs, Japanese bonus tracks, cover versions and the popular adaptions of classical masterpieces (Vivaldi, Beethoven...). Decade will be made available as 2-CD set.

Decade cover art] tracklist:

Disc I
01. Only Human
02. Take Me Away
03. Take My Pain
04. Heaven
05. Chained
06. Broken Vow
07. The Evil In You
08. Fallen Angel
09. The Curtain Will Fall
10. Dragonchaser
11. Shiver
12. Cold As Ice
13. Flying High (Remastered)
14. Princess Of The Night
15. Heart Of Steel
16. Ride The Sky

Disc II
01. Broken Vow
02. Heroes Of Honour
03. Logical Song Supertramp cover]
04. Shout Tears For Fears cover]
05. Highway Star Deep Purple cover]
06. The Winner Takes It All ABBA cover]
07. Money Money ABBA cover]
08. S.O.S. ABBA cover]
09. Gloomy Monday
10. Wannabe
11. Eye Of The Tiger Survivor cover]
12. Desperado The Eagles cover]
13. Vivaldi / Spring
14. Vivaldi / Summer
15. Solfiegetto
16. Beethoven 5th Symphony
17. Bumblebee
18. Caprice No.16
19. Bach Invention No.13
20. Cello Prelude G-Major
21. Chopin Etude No.4


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At Vance - New Album In September

At Vance fans schould mark the 18th of September in their calendar. At this date the new studioalbum of At Vance will be released. The album was produced by At Vance mastermind Olaf Lenk. The name of the album will be "Ride The Sky" and will feature the following cover artwork.


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At Vance - Announce New Bassist

At Vance is really happy to anounce that "Wolfman" from the german Band "Justice" is the new bass player in At Vance. The band comments: "He's such a cool guy as well as a great player and we're really lookin foreward to play, record & party with him!"

Check out Wolfman Black's MySpace at this location.


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At Vance - Apparently Stole Song From Other Band

Janne Pennanen and Ville Skön from Finnish metal band Shiver have posted the following lengthy message on the band's MySpace page:

"Music and creating music are usually pleasant and joyful things, but unfortunately this is not always true. The joy was killed for us last spring, when a series of downhearting events occurred.
But let us start from the beginning, so you all will know exactly what happened.

In the beginning of the year 2006, we were searching for a vocalist for our band, and got numerous inquiries from many people. One of these people was Rick Altzi from Sweden. He was one of the noteworthy candidates, but was not chosen for the job.

We sent one of our songs to each of those who contacted us, so they could make their own interpretations of the lyrics and the vocal melody. Rick went through this procedure like everyone else. The song was called Shiver even before the search for a vocalist began.

When Rick found out he was not chosen, he told us he had already played the song to Olaf Lenk, guitarist of At Vance. Olaf asked for our permission to play the song Shiver for the record company of At Vance.

We did not grant permission for this, but told them they were allowed to play the version recorded with our chosen new vocalist.

Later on, Rick mentioned that they had not played the song to other people, respecting our wish.

A year passed peacefully, until a bomb dropped. Rick Altzi had joined At Vance as their vocalist, and they were releasing a new album.

Ville, a current member of our band Shiver, heard a familiar chorus as he was listening to the radio one day. This launched a series of unfortunate events, and we still don't know how it all will end.

The chorus played on the radio was from an At Vance song, titled Shiver. The song was almost the same we had sent to vocalist applicants in early 2006. It had gone through some changes by At Vance, but the song structure as well as the chord progressions are exactly the same as in the song Shiver we wrote in 2005.

The vocal melodies and lyrics used by Rick are exactly the same than those he recorded for us when applying for a vocalist. He naturally has the right to use these, but this only shows both of the songs are the same.

We contacted At Vance's record company via e-mail and told them what had happened. Their reply told us that At Vance is responsible for their own material, as dictated by their record deal.

The next thing to do was contacting the musicians in At Vance directly. We didn't need much imagination to guess their reply. At Vance naturally denied every connection between the two songs, and claimed that the guitarist/composer Olaf had never even heard the original song by us. Quite miraculously he could compose a song similar to ours, based on just the vocal melody. Even the solo and it's backing are almost identical to our original song. And all this based on just the vocal melody. Wonders never cease.


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At Vance - New Drummer And Bass Player Found

As indicate on the official band website and MySpace page, with the engagement of bass player Manuel Walther (instructor: PR Music Factory; guitarist: Purple Haze) and drummer Alex Landenburg (Annihilator tour drummer; Philosophobia; Broken Grace etc.), Olaf Lenk has once again formed a powerful line-up, making 2007's At Vance more powerful than ever!

At Vance released its new album, "VII", on June 29 via AFM Records. The group's seventh effort marks the debut of new singer Rick Altzi (production and mixing of Olaf Lenk and the mastering of Mika Jussila, Finnvox studios, Helsinki)


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At Vance - Upcoming Album News

German Power Metal band At Vance will release their upcoming new album "VII" on June 29th via AFM. "VII" was mastered at Finnvox by Miko Jussila and has the following tracklist:

01. Breaking The Night
02. Shiver
03. Cold As Ice
04. Victory
05. Friendly Fire
06. Golden Leaves
07. Answer Me
08. Shine
09. Truth
10. Lost In Your Love

A picture of the cover art can be found here. An official press release reads as follows: "The new At Vance "VII" will be released on June, 29. As the name already says, the band built around fabulous guitarist Olaf Lenk, already releasing its seventh album. So what's different then? Well, in truth not much, but did you really expect that a band who had established its own sound so strongly on the last six releases would break the mould and do away with its very own interpretation on neo-classical Power Metal that crosses elegantly with the true spirit of 80's Hard Rock? No! All they've done is to step ahead again. Listen to the dramatic groove snaking through "Shiver" or the ultra catchy "Cold As Ice" where the new At Vance singer Rick Altzi shows his brilliant range."

In other news, At Vance recently found a new vocalist. His name is Rick Altzi. You can visit Altzi's MySpace page at this location, and his personal website here.


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New Project With Dream Evil & At Vance Members

Drummer Snowy Shaw (DREAM EVIL, MEMENTO MORI, NOTRE DAME, KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE) has released more information about his upcoming project with singer Mats Levén (AT VANCE, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, TREAT). As previously reported, Shaw and Levén will begin demoing material at the end of May.

In an e-mail to BLABBERMOUTH.NET, Shaw commented, "Mats and I really clicked and it turned out we very much shared the same musical preferences. After he turned down the offer to replace the singer in another band I'm in, the two of us decided to form something new on our own. We've been writing a lot of material and will start demoing some stuff shortly."

Shaw's video for the track "XXX - Le Masochiste" has been posted online in the "Downloads" section of his official web site,

Directed by Snowy, Rob Nasty and Dixxie for White Trash Inc., "XXX - Le Masochiste" is described by Shaw as "a little glimpse of what's to come" from his forthcoming solo project.

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At Vance - Announce New Drummer!

German Heavy/Power Metal band At Vance, feature ex- Yngwie Malmsteen singer Mats Levén, has announced a new drummer.
Ex- Helloween, ex- Metalium drummer Mark Cross has joined the band.
Furthermore, the band is finishing their new album, "Chained", that will be out sometime wround spring.

A pre-production of the song "Chained" can be downloaded here!



Source: The Official Homepage]
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At Vance - Studio Drummer

At Vance is just about to finish the new album! The drums will be done by Franco Zuccaroli. The Drummerslot for the tour is still open. No decicion yet!

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At Vance - Looking For New Drummer

The guys around guitar player Olaf Lenk and singer Mats Leven are currently searching for a new a drummer to sit behind the drums on the upcoming tour with Brainstorm. Those who think to be right for this position, please submit your applications (including demo material) to AFM Records.

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