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Circle Of Dead Children - Co-Founding Guitarist Leaves The Band

Circle Of Dead Children have parted ways with guitarist and co-founding member, Jason Andrews.

The band released the following statement: "Circle Of Dead Children is extremely appreciative and thankful to Jason for the twelve years he has dedicated to the band and the numerous unmatched memories which he gifted to each member of the band from 1998 to present. We wish him all the best in whatever moves he makes next in life and will forever stand beside him as a great friend."

The following was added later: "Anyone following Circle Of Dead Children over the past decade has seen our production and output slow down significantly over the past several years and decisions to put the band to permanent rest have been considered, especially lately. However, instead of viewing this most recent change as another damaging or distressing circumstance, Circle Of Dead Children has been invigorated and motivated to a new level.

Circle of Dead Children is pleased to announce a new bass player to the fold; long time friend and Pittsburgh punk/metal veteran, Brooks. Drew Haritan, bassist for Circle Of Dead Children since 2005, has now taken over command on guitar and has already begun creating a follow-up to 2010's Psalm of the Grand Destroyer (Willowtip Records/Candlelight Records). Expect the Circle of Dead Children sound to be taken to a new level of mind-screwing punishment, intensity and ill-willed passion for 2011."


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Circle Of Dead Children - Album Tracklist Revealed

Circle Of Dead Children have issued the following statement:

"Just a little update on the status of "Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer", the upcoming Circle of Dead Children full-length recording. Although the music was recorded in November of 2008, various circumstances effectively sidelined the progression and release since then. Thankfully this is no longer the case. All of the vocals were laid down Thursday morning by Joe, bringing about an end to a great recording session with Nate Campisi at Pittsburgh's Mr. Small's Recording and Mastering Studio. Next up will be a production mastering session by Scott Hull (of Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, etc) at Visceral Sound, in Bethesda, Maryland. Those familiar with the work Scott has done should be as excited as we are about hearing the final product."

A winter release via Willowtip Records is expected.

"Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer" tracklisting will look as follows:

01. Avatar Of Innocence
02. Jaracaca
03. When Human Compost Stains All Earth And Repels The Messengers Of Love
04. Chaos Crawls Back
05. Earth And Lye
06. We Who Move With The Graven Worms
07. Bury The Ill Flock
08. Refuse To Kill The Same Way Twice
09. Obsidian Flakes
10. Clawhammers And Cameltoes
11. Ursa Major (1998 Revisited)
12. Torches
13. Night Of Morbid Psycho
14. Germinate The Reaper Seed (The Future Of Flesh)
15. Starve, Beg & Die a.k.a. Fuck You, Kill Me.


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Circle Of Dead Children - New Album This Fall

Circle Of Dead Children have issued the following update:

"After over two years of hiatus, we are now making plans to record our sixth album, "Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer". Circle Of Dead Children will be heading into Mr. Smalls Studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June to record the new tracks. Mixing and mastering will be handled at Visceral Sound, Bethesda, Maryland by Scott Hull. "Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer" will be released this Fall on Willowtip Records."

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Circle Of Dead Children - Band Update

Deathgrinders have updated their MySpace with the following New Year's message:

"Hails dirty bastards! 2008, a year of likely recession and warpiss is upon us and I'm sure we can all drink to that. It will also mark Circle of Dead Children's 10th year in the ear-slaughter business. 2007 was a bum year for CODC and without a doubt our least active, but after all the craziness I think we're ready to step into 2008 with more fire than ever.

In February, Matt Francis joined as CODC's 4th and hopefully last drummer. Despite the 7-hour distance and infrequent band practices, we've been able to write the majority of a new yet-to-be-titled album which we're confident to say will be the most cataclysmic and venomous release that we've done in 10 years. Matt's addition has allowed the band to step into a new realm of noxious sonic hate.

Shortly after Matt's merger, Joe Horvath became seriously ill and spent several months battling through numerous surgeries and a nearly fatal MRSA staph infection. With the help of bass player Drew Harritan's recording abilities, Joe was able to put a cap onto at end of his health crisis by recording the already infamous guest vocals for the newest Anaal Nathrakh release, "Hell Is Empty and All of the Devils Are Here". A truly nasty audio synthesis; Joe handled all the vocals on their track, "Genetic Noose".

Circle of Dead Children plans to book studio time in February or March of 2008 and deliver a new full-length album later in the year on Willowtip Records.

We are also planning to book a 2008 US west coast tour as well as a 2008 European and possibly South American tour. We'll also be looking for sporadic weekend shows around the east and midwest. Anyone seriously interested in assisting with booking/promotions is asked to get in touch.

New shirt design in the merch store! Grim hoodies and more... All printed with reverse-osmosis virgin lamb blood, no doubt.

Thanks to all who've stuck with us over the past 10 years and to all the new friends we've made. With your help we can kill this fucking world!"


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Circle Of Dead Children - New Drummer Finally Found

Pittsburgh's Circle Of Dead Children have added drummer Matt Francis to their line-up. Vocalist Joe Horvath comments:

"At a point when we had all but thrown dirt over our own casket, life has once more been injected with the vacancy of the drum position being finally filled. Binghamton, New York's, Matt Francis has recently joined Circle Of Dead Children and we plan to soon begin work on a yet-to-be-titled sixth release due out during the summer of 2007, on Willowtip Records. Matt's addition to CODC drives the band to its most caustic and explosive level to date. Blackened iron hails to the fans and fellow bands who have pushed us through the downtimes and continue to support us into the future. Keep screaming."

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Circle Of Dead Children - Drummer Ousted

Circle Of Dead Children has officially parted ways with drummer Mike Bartek, who has been with the group since 2003. His departure was apparently on less than stellar terms. The band is on an indefinite hiatus until a replacement can be found. Interested candidates should contact the band here.


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