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Cruachan - Involved In Legal Battle With Debauchery

Here is another legal battle raging on courtesy of Debauchery or more like Cruachan vs.Debauchery. The German death metal band, Debauchery, via their mainman Thomas "The Bloodbeast" Gurrath claimed he has copyright for the two words 'Blood God' in the territory of Germany. And Cruachan's last album is titled Blood For The Blood God, so that was the problem. The matter was eventually settled with Trollzorn but the record label can no longer sell merchandise in Germany with the word 'Blood God', among other things. Naturally, Cruachan are not happy about it.


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Cruachan - New Album Title, Cover Artwork Revealed

Things have been moving along nicely in the Cruachan camp. A new album is on its way, entitled Blood For The Blood Gods, following the release of Blood On The Black Robe from 2011. This album is the second part of the "Trilogy Of Blood". The Irish folk metal band has unveiled the cover artwork of the upcoming album, which is available below. Feast your eyes on it and prepare for Blood For The Blood Gods.


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Cruachan - Frontman Assaulted / New Music Video Online

Keith Fay, frontman of Irish folk metal band Cruachan, was seriously assaulted by a large group of young men in Dublin in the early hours of Sunday, February 20th.

Says Keith: "While leaving a nightclub with my brother, sister and a friend, a gang of about 15 men in their early 20's began to verbally abuse my sister and my friend. I shouted back at one of them telling him that is my sister and to leave her alone. I was then hit over the head with an iron bar and knocked unconscious. They all started kicking me while I was on the ground. My sister was thrown to the ground also and had her arm broken. When I came to, they had run off, the whole thing only lasted a minute or two.

This was on Dame Street in Dublin city centre, a very crowded area at that time of night. A lot of bystanders came to help also which scared the scumbags off. I was stabbed in the face, had my ribs broken and bruised all over."

In other news, the new Cruachan video "I Am Warrior" can now be watched below.

"I Am Warrior" comes off the band's upcoming new album Blood On The Black Robe, which will be released on April 18th through Candlelight Records.

Two short album samples were previously posted here and here.


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Cruachan - Sign With Candlelight Records

Candlelight Records are proud to announce the signing of Irish Folk metal band Cruachan.

The band started recording their new album Blood on the Black Robe in November 2010. Candlelight will release the band's 6th studio album in early 2011.

In late 2008, vocalist Karen Gilligan parted ways with the band, but the remaining members decided not to replace her. On the new album they will return to their roots by creating extreme folk metal music. They recorded a 3 song demo which was only sent to a select few people.


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Cruachan - Female Vocalist Leaves The Band

In the first week of December, Cruachan announced the departure of female vocalist Karen Gilligan:

"Karen has left Cruachan on good terms for various reasons (message from Karen below). We wish her all the best for the future. She will not be replaced!

Over the last few years we have been moving towards a more extreme sound and style, now that Karen has left we are going to continue with this plan and Keith Fay will take over full time vocal duties while John Ryan and John O Fathaigh will take on backing vocal roles.

For live concerts we are planning to adapt some of our back catalogue songs to suit this new arrangement. There are obviously some popular songs where this will not work and we plan to take a session female vocalist on tour with us. Karen has confirmed that she will appear as a guest on some tracks on the new album and this is something we are really happy about. We are looking at this as an opportunity to have a new start with Cruachan and we promise that our next release will be the greatest Cruachan album to date."

The message from Karen reads as follows: "It is with a heavy heart, I make the announcement, that I will be leaving Cruachan. I want to thank you for all your support over the years, and hope that you will continue to support the lads, as they continue on their musical journey. I have thought long and hard about making this decision and the impact it will have, but it is time for me to move on. I want to thank Keith, John Clohessey, John Ryan, Colin, & John Fay and all the past members of Cruachan for all the experiences that I have had. And especially for all the laughs that I will never, ever, forget!"

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Cruachan - New Album Release Date Announced

More details about Cruachan's upcoming album have been announced. The album which is entitled 'The Morrigan's Call' now has a set release date of the 17th November. The follow up to their 2004 album 'Pagan' will be their first with their new record company AFM Records.

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Cruachan - Sign With AFM Records

Irish folk metallers Cruachan have signed a deal with Germany's AFM Records. After having been released from their former label Black Lotus Records in May of this year, the band tried finding a new label to release their fifth album "The Morrigan's Call" (preview of the album cover artwork can be viewed here). A low quality preview MP3 can be downloaded here.


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Cruachan - New Album Cover Art Available

Irish folk metallers Cruachan have posted the cover art for their new album, The Morrigan's Call here. Cruachan are currently without a label due to Black Lotus Records closing it's doors recently. To listen to a sneak preview mp3 (low quality unmastered sample) from the new album head here.

Interested labels are urged to email the band at


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Cruachan - Without Label

The Black Lotus label is gone!

Posted by Keith on May 18th 2006 on the official website :
"I received a phone call from Black Lotus today (18th May) saying they are ending and all bands are being released. As of now, Cruachan are without a label!!!!. We have a fantastic new album ready to be released, we just need a good label to get in touch. All artwork is ready so record labels, please email me at"

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Cruachan - New Album Title And Track List Revealed

Cruachan's upcoming album will be called "The Morrigan's Call." The track list reads as following:

01. Shelob
02. The Brown Bull Of Cooley
03. Coffin Ships
04. The Great Hunger
05. The Old Woman In The Woods
06. Ungoliant
07. The Morrigan's Call
08. Teir Abhail Ru
09. Wolfe Tone
10. The Very Wild Rover
11. CuChulainn
12. Diarmuid and Grainne

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Cruachan - New Album Is Ready

Keith Fay (Vocals, guitars & others instruments) posted the following message on Cruachan's website, concerning the new album:

"Hello! Yes we have finished the new album. Jesus Christ the production on "Pagan" was shite wasn't it? Glad to say that this is the best production I have ever been involved with, the sound is top top quality! Many thanks to Gail Liebling for his endurance. The release date has not been sorted, neither has the title but we will work on this ASAP. Matrin Walkyier was meant to sing on it but had to pull out at the last minute due to personal things at home, I had a chat with him, he feels really bad about it but to be honest he has much more important things to worry about right now. The song he was meant to do is called Diarmuid and Grainne, when I hear it now I actually think I'm glad he couldn't make it, you'll see why. Maybe we will do something in the future. Next project is the Cruachan Scat porn DVD."

Also you can listen to a sneak preview Mp3, click here to download it.


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Cruachan - Signature With Black Lotus Records

Here in Black Lotus Records in pride we announce that Cruachan has joined our ranks! Our roster is enriched with a precious name we always admired. The band is currently working on the songs for their (yet untitled) upcoming album and they will enter the studio in January 2006. Martin Walkyier (SKYCLAD) will also join them as guest vocalist on one song. Some titles of new songs are "Diarmuid and Grainne", "The Well Below the Valley", "Ungoliant" & "Shelob".

CRUACHAN will also play the following dates in September to be followed by a Russian tour in October (dates will be announced soon).

16.09.05 D - Luneck, Riders Cafe
17.09.05 D - Stavenhagen, Tankhaus
18.09.05 NL - Arnheim, Goudvishal
19.09.05 D - Gie?en, Jokus
20.09.05 CH - Luzern, Sedel
21.09.05 AU - Innsbruck, Hafen
22.09.05 D - Jena, Rosenkeller
23.09.05 D - Annaberg-Buchholz, Alte Brauerei
24.09.05 D - Berlin, Knaak

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Cruachan - Leaves Karmageddon Media

Keith Fay posted the following message explaining the label situation:

"As of today Cruachan have parted ways with Karmageddon Media. The split was amicable amongst us both and we have left on very good terms. As a parting act of good will we will do one last release with Karmageddon Media, a re-release of our 1994 "Celtica" demo including some un-released tracks including "Timmy" which we have played at quite a few Cruachan shows. We wish Karmageddon Media our best wishes for the future.

Keith Fay, May 2005."

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Cruachan - New Member

The band announced in their website the adquisition of John Ryan. He plays Fiddle, Banjo, Bouzouki and tin-whistle, and has been with the band since April 2004, but now he's an official member of the band.

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CRUACHAN Announce Album-Launch Celebration

Irish folk metal band CRUACHAN will be celebrating the launch of their fourth full-length album, "Pagan", with a one-off live date in Dublin on April 6 at The Voodoo Lounge. Support at the show will come from CELTIC LEGACY.

"Pagan" is scheduled for release on April 5 through Karmageddon Media). The album was recorded and mixed at Radio Na Life Studios in Dublin, Ireland with producer Al Cowen and is the follow-up to last year's "Folk-Lore". The band recorded a total of 15 songs, of which 13 will end up on the final album and the remaining songs will be used as bonus-material. Among the tracks set to appear on the CD are "Michael Collins", "The Gael", "The March to Cluain Tairbh", "Viking Slayer" and "1014 A.D." Cover artwork for "Pagan" was created by John Howe, the leading JRR Tolkien illustrator and the conceptual artist from "The Lord of the Rings" movies

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