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Détente - Three Full Live Shows Online

Détente, the US Speed metal band who broke up again late last year, are streaming three full-length live shows over at YouTube.

The 1986 show at Country Club in Reseda, CA featuring vocalist Dawn Crosby and the original Recognize No Authority line-up can be watched here.
The 2008 reunion show at Headbangers Open Air featuring vocalist Ann Boleyn can be watched here.
The 2010 show at The Rambler in Eindhoven on the Decline tour featuring vocalist Tiina Teal can be watched here.


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Détente - Are Calling It A Day

Détente has decided to throw in the towel almost three years after the cult Canadian 80's speed band reformed.

The group released the following statement: "Today (December 20) the Cognitive Records reissue of 1986's Recognize No Authority sold out, with nearly 3000 copies sold we would call it successful given a few years ago Détente were more of a trivia question (despite selling 10's of thousands of copies in the 80's). Détente's Decline has also done well with over 1000 sold in the first few months.

The band has put much work into the reunion and believes that while it has been hard work, that it has been a positive experience: having the opportunity to see so many of our friends on our last EU tour was especially cool! The fact is like everyone else, the band has daily responsibilities and the logistics of keeping Détente moving is no longer possible. While it is conceivable that we could get together for a festival in the future we believe it is time to call it a day.

Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, we value your effort and friendships."


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Détente - New Song Online

Détente are now streaming "Degradation Machine" from their new release Decline online. The video clip for another new track "In God We Trust" can be watched here. Decline was released in N. America just yesterday. Here are the details again:

Decline cover art] tracklist:

01. In God We Trust
02. Predator
03. Kill Rush
04. Degradation Machine
05. Decline
06. Ashes
07. Genocide
08. This Is Not Freedom


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Détente - New Video Online

US Speed Thrashers Détente have unveiled their new video for the opening track "In God We Trust", of their new album Decline. Decline, the bands first effort after the 1986 cult album Recognize No Authority, was released in Europe last week and will hit the shelves in North American on June 8.


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Détente - Live Shows Cancelled

Speed/Thrash metallers Détente has issued the following short update on their MySpace page:

"Detente has canceled the shows in Hamburg, Ludwigsfelde, and Berlin due to a bandmembers illness. We will update everyone soon."


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Détente - New Vocalist Announced

First we want to thank Ann Boleyn (Hellion) for her help with the Détentereunion shows; it was great working with her and we wish her the best in everything she does. We are pleased to announce the addition of Tiina Teal as the new vocalist for Détente.

Originally starting out behind the kit as a drummer, Tiina has been singing & screaming for the last 10 years. Having influences ranging from Jarboe to Nina Simone as well as Strapping Young Lad's Devin Townsend, she's collaborated with various musicians and bands in Los Angeles and won "Best Anti-War Band" with her metal group, Burn The Empire.

We have already put down 4 of the 9 new tracks with her and can tell you that both old and new supporters of the band will be blown away by her and the new tracks. Check back at and in the next few weeks for a sneak preview.

Decline is coming along very well, taking longer than expected but it will be worth it; we should have an official street date announcement mid December.


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Détente - New Album Cover Art Revealed

US metallers Détente have revealed the cover artwork for their forthcoming album, entitled "Decline". The artwork was painted by Michael Leone, with additional graphic work performed by Christopher Leone.

Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Corrosion Of Conformity, D.R.I., Sacred Reich) will engineer the album. "Decline" is tentatively scheduled for a December release.

Further updates to follow.


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Détente - Working On New Material

Reunited California-based metallers Détente featuring vocalist Ann Boleyn (Hellion) and guitarist Michael Carlino (Fear Of God) alongside original Détente members Dennis Butler (drums), Caleb Quinn (guitar) and Steve Hochheiser (bass) has issued the following short update:

"Détente will take a couple months off from playing live to focus on new material. The new material will be introduced in December at a Los Angeles show soon to be announced."

As posted on blabbermouth, Cognitive Records/MVD Entertainment Group has just released the "History I" CD containing the original four-song demo from Détente plus the demo from the post-Détente band Catalepsy. According to a press release, "The original four-song demo recorded in 1985 generated such excitement in the extreme metal scene that Kerrang! called Détente the 'most promising band to emerge from the thrash genre.' Mastered and available for the first time this recording has been coupled with the post-Détente Catalepsy. Catalepsy featured the Détente songwriting duo of Steve Hochheiser and Ross Robinson as well as Machine Head's Dave McClain on drums. Critics praised Catalepsy as one of the first progressive thrash bands and as the natural evolution of DétenteE."

"History I" CD track listing:

01. Holy War
02. Widow's Walk
03. Shattered Illusions
04. Vultures in the Sky
05. An Offering
06. Obituary Fear
07. Evil Within
08. Under the influence
09. Who Can You Trust?
10. Law and Disorder

Détente's classic album "Recognize No Authority" was reissued in July 2007 via MVD Audio.


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Détente - To Reunite For Select Shows In 2008

California Thrash/Speed Metallers Détente have announced they will be doing a reunion show at Headbanger's Open Air 2008! The festival is scheduled to take place July 24th - 26th, 2008 in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany.

In a blog the band have revealed the live line up. Vocalist Ann Boleyn (Hellion) and guitarist Juan Garcia (Agent Steel) have joined forces with original Détente members Dennis Butler , Caleb Quinn , and Steve Hochheiser . In addition to Headbanger's Open Air Détente will play additional selected dates in the USA.

More info about the band at


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Détente - "Recognize No Authority" Remastered

Honoring it's 20th anniversary, cult thrash metal outfit Détente have re-issued and re-mastered their debut release "Recognize No Authority", with Brad Vance at Redmastering.
The album is of special significance as it was responsible for launching the careers of both metal superproducer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Soulfly) and vocalist the late Dawn Crosby of Fear Of God.
The album will soon be reissued in the USA and Germany by Cognitive Records. The CD will be distributed in the USA by The End Records and in Germany by Hellion Records. Additional distributors will be announced shortly. The expected release is early December.

Ten years ago, on December 15 1996, Dawn Crosby passed away after an acute liver failure due to years of excessive alcohol abuse.


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