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NeraNature - Solo Project Of Darzamat Vocalist, Samples Available

NeraNature: Audio Samples of Four Tracks Posted Online

The singer of the Polish metal band Darzamat - Nera - is working on her debut album, which will be released under the name NeraNature. Audio samples of four tracks ("Shattered", "Precious Now", "Oblivion" and "Disappointed") from the album "Foresting Wounds" can be streamed on her myspace.

NeraNature was founded in 2009 by Nera, a singer so far associated with the Polish metal band Darzamat. The project appeared as a space where the air is filled with matters lingering in her head, a bit more intimate, private and sometimes bizarre and freakish. - I've been waiting for a long time for the right place and time to find an outlet for my personal thoughts and beliefs. This is the time and place - explains Nera. The idea appealed to Chris, the guitarist of Darzamat, who created the base for the melodies and completed the project with his music.

The name of the band is a combination of two words: Nera, as the nickname of the vocalist, and Nature, as a reflection of a deep connection with the environment. It can also be interpreted as the nature of Nera - a diversity of views reflected in the songs. The feminine character of lyrics imbued with the feminist outlook on life constitutes one the most significant elements of the projects, touching upon such issues as man's detachment from nature and running away from himself/herself. The approach presented in the album is not only the singer's artistic pose, as Nera has been an engaged animal rights activist and a vegetarian for the last 15 years.

The music of NeraNature can be categorized among such music styles as atmospheric rock/metal, ambient and trip rock. So is the band's debut album "Foresting Wounds", which contains ten compositions balancing between sensuous ballads and more energetic songs.

A person who turned out very important for the album was also the producer Jaroslaw Toifl, who, together with the musicians, worked on the sound and the final versions of the songs.

Nera - vocals
Chris - guitars
Markus - bass
Darkside - drums

Track list:
1. Disappointed
2. The Precious Now
3. Shattered
4. Oblivion
6. Dormant
6. Defective
7. Before
8. Some Air
9. Woman's Soul
10. Scar


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Darzamat - New Album Available For Streaming

"Solfernus' Path", the fifth full-length studio album from Polish dark metallers DARZAMAT, will be available for streaming in its entirety on the French webzine ( ) An exclusive listening session will be at website on Friday 4 September. The album will be playing for 24 hours only. It's free for everyone.
"Solfernus' Path" was released in Europe on August 28 through Massacre Records and in Japan via Spiritual Beast Records. The CD was recorded in Poland under the supervision of Jaroslaw Toifl, with whom the band had previously worked on 2005's "Transkarpatia" (Metal Mind Productions in Europe, MVD in the USA). There are two great guests on the album: King Diamond's Andy La Rocque (guitar solo in "King of the Burning Anthems") and Stone Sour's Roy Mayorga (opening intro). The artwork for the new CD was created by Agency, which has previously worked with such bands as Deathstars and Behemoth. The album was mixed by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry guitarist) of Black Lounge Studios in Avesta, Sweden.

"Solfernus' Path" track listing:

01. False Sleepwalker
02. Vote for Heresy
I: Devium
03. Pain Collector
04. Final Conjuration
II: Fumus
05. Gloria Inferni
III: Venenum
06. Solfernus' Path
07. Lunar Silhouette
08. King of the Burning Anthems
IV: Spectaculum
09. Chimera
10. Mesmeric Seance

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Darzamat - Sign With Massacre Records

Polish metal band Darzamat have posted the following statement about their new label signing with Massacre Records:

One of the most important Polish dark metal band Darzamat has inked a worldwide deal with German Massacre Records. The label is known for working with such bands as King Diamond, Atrocity, Crematory, Darkane, Legion of the Damned, Solitude Aeturnus, Theatre of Tragedy, Das Ich and Disbelief. The group's fifth album "Solfernus' Path", is scheduled for release on August 28 (In Japan album will be released by Spiritual Beast).

Commented Flauros, vocalist of the band: "We are more then happy to announce that we have signed a new record deal at Massacre Records. We hope that thanks to the experience of the Massacre Records crew our music will have a chance to reach more people now. We are really looking forward to working with them and promoting the "Solfernus' Path". We are also extremely happy to enter the Asian market through Spiritual Beast.''

Darzamat has tapped Jonas Kljellgren (Scar Symmetry guitarist) of Black Lounge Studios in Avesta, Sweden to mix "Solfernus' Path". The new album was recorded in Poland under the supervision of Jaroslaw Toifl, with whom the band had previously worked on 2005's "Transkarpatia" (Metal Mind Productions in Europe, MVD in the USA). There are two great guests on the album: Andy La Rocque (guitar solo in "King of the Burning Anthems") and Roy Mayorga (opening intro).

The artwork for the new CD was created by Agency, which has previously worked with such bands as Death Stars and Behemoth.

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Darzamat - Upcoming Album Title Revealed

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Darzamat reveals the details concerning the new album, which will be entitled "Solfernus' Path". The band has just started writting the songs for the album.

"For the first time in our band's history we've decided to create a concept album. It is a certain sort of novelty for us, yet we've had such an idea in our minds for a long time now. The coherent story which is to be told by both the lyrics and the music, is a hell of a greater challenge than composing ten pieces in the similar stylistics. As the action proceeds, the music must "react" accordingly and suitably. It is as if a screenplay, which is to attract the viewer in an interesting way," tells Flauros, the vocalist of Darzamat.

"The story contained on the record takes place in a mysthical set, indeed, which is created by the mansion of countess Josephine von Kuchmeister, the inspiration for which was the Villa Caro in Gliwice and the palace in Pławniowice. The action of "Solfernus' Path" takes place at the beginning of XXth century. - The main character is a medicine student who undergoes a spiritual transformation. He goes beyond the carnal world and he notices the "other side". Everything is dressed in fairy-like climate, full of the occult "keys". Nothing is obvious, nothing here is predictable," says the vocalist.

"The title Solfernus is of course not the main character of the story, but it's eminence grise. The character of Solfernus derives from the play " Dalliance with Devil" written by the Czech dramatist Jan Drda. It is only a tiny inspiration, an impulse where one should not seek any similarities. Drda's play is grotesque and humorous, while our story is of a completely different character, much closer to Stefan Grabiński's horror short stories than to the ones of the Czech playwright," emphazises Flauros.

"The band announces an extraordinary product. The best record in band's history? I do not like this platitude, but I can say that it will undoubtedly be the best done album in our whole discography. Here we took care of each and every detail as never before. I'm talking here about the musical, arrangement as well as visual aspects. I'm convinced that after familiarizing oneselves with the contents of "Solfernus' Path," the fans'll state it was worth waiting that long for the album."


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Darzamat - Update From The Band

Darzamat has begun the work on the new album, the successor of the released in 2005 "Transkarpatia."

However, there's been no news coming from the band's camp lately! This situation is explained by Darzamat's vocalist - Flauros:

"There've been no signs of life from us during couple of last months, yet the silence was only apparent. There were a few factors contributing to this very silence, yet I can assure that we weren't on holiday during this time. The whole group was engaged in a very hard work on the few projects. Obviously, the most important of them is the new Darzamat's album but the rest is not less interesting. First of all, our keyboard player - Spectre's been very strongly wrapped up in the new fantastic undertaking. He was asked to prepare a film soundtrack for the needs of the Discovery channel! It's a dusky and dismal picture as it presents the serial killers ravaging in Poland. Nera was also engaged in the whole undertaking and she sang there a couple of truly insane musical backgrounds. As far as I know, the film will appear already this year. Therefore, You'll soon be able to get to know for yourself how Darzamat's members ideally composed in this climate," emphasizes Flauros.

Darzamat's musicians have also been preparing some new music projects : Khode Six and Neurotic Sindrome.

"Together with the guitar player, Chris, we write the music for the debut album Khode Six (www. myspace. com/khodesix), while Nera and Spectre have practically finished the Neurotic Sindrome album (www. myspace. com/neuroticsindrome). These are some sort of springboards from the daily activities in our mother band. Both of the bands are, however, totally different from each other and there'll still come a time for a more detailed presentation of them at the end of this year," adds .

The band has already started the composing of the pieces, which will appear on the new Darzamat's album. Although the new album will be musically diversified, it is to be the most coherent record in the band's history.....

"Apart from the characteristic symphonic fragments, the elements of film music will also be present. The record will be heavy, climatic and go-ahead, obviously in its convention. I'd also say that in some moments the material is even epical. This way or another one can expect the surprises although it will still be Darzamat. What may be a curiosity is that it's going to be the first concept album in the band's history, explains Flauros, adding that one can expect some more details concerning the new album pretty soon.

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Darzamat - New Video Online

Metal Mind Productions have updated their MySpace page to include the new video from Polish atmospheric Gothic/Black metallers Darzamat.

Head here to view the clip for 'The Burning Times'.

Darzamat filmed the video in cooperation with the film association GTW from Gliwice, Poland. The video, created to promote the band's new album "Transkarpatia" deals with the times of The Inquisition, the fanatic witch-hunts as well as with the war that the Church was declaring to everything and everyone who stood out of the one and the only appropriate vision that the Church presented.


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Darzamat - Andy La Rocque To Work With The Band

Darzamat has started recording of it's fifth album entitled "Transkarpatia". After having put tracks in Poland, the band hit Sweden to have its material mixed and mastered by a great producer - Andy La Rocque (the guitar player of the cult band King Diamond and ex-member of Death).

"I am very glad Andy agreed to cooperate with Darzamat. Producing the album in a place (Los Angered Studio in Goeteborg) where such groups like In Flames, Evergrey and King Diamond worked on their masterpieces, is an honor. I expect the best from our cooperation."- comments Flauros.

''Transkarpatia'' will come out at the beginning of the next year. The album will be released by Metal Mind Productions.

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Darzamat - New Album Ready

Poland's DARZAMAT have completed work on their fourth album, "Semidevilish".

The follow-up to last year's "Oniriad" was recorded at Mamut Studio with producer Maciej Mularczyk and contains 10 songs plus an intro, for a total of 50 minutes of music. Also included with the CD will be a concert video for the song "Era Aggression", filmed at the ninth edition of the "Brutal Assault" festival in the Czech Republic, where DARZAMAT appeared directly before CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Commented DARZAMAT vocalist Flauros, "This is the hardest material DARZAMAT has ever made and at the same time, the first step in a new direction which is to open a successive chapter in band's history. 'Semidevilish' is a confirmation that DARZAMAT still presents metal music never deprive of feelings, hate, anger, passion and experimental approach."

"Semidevilish" is scheduled for release before the end of the year via Avantgarde Records. It will be the group's first album to feature new members Golem (drums, ex-DRAGON), Spectre (keyboards) and Nera (vocals, ex-MIDNIGHTDATE).

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Darzamat: Begins Recording New Album

Darzamat's musicians enter the studio to begin recording their fourth album entitled "Semidevilish". - We have prepared ten songs. Most of them are mixture of black and death metal with symphonic and dark atmosphere. As usual for Darzamat, this record will be very hard to classify, but I am sure, that it will be the most powerful and the best album in the history of the band - explains Flauros, Darzamat's vocalist.

Musicians spend time in "Mular Studio" in ¦wiêtoch³owice, in a new studio of Maciej Mularczyk, who produced the last Frontiside band record. - Mular guaranteed, that we will sound like we want. We work with professional, who knows what to do. We are looking forward to the end of this session and we are sure, that sound will surprise everybody - emphasizes Daamr, guitarist and now also bass guitarist.

The band is going to record two video clips. - We have visions of the clip "In Red Iris". It will be recorded in the beginning of July during production "Semidevilish". Later we will produce second clip and it will be "The Darkest One" or "Fistfull of Ashes", we haven't decided yet. I think, that these video clips will be grim and bizarre - explains Nera, vocalist of Darzamat. Damian Wolff, InDread Cold drummer, who produced some video clips for IDC (, will film and make montage.

The interesting fact is five people wrote lyrics for this album. Words were written by Nera, Flauros, guitarist Daamr and two people outside band: Zaakh, keyboarder of InDread Cold and Cezar from Christ Agony. - Most of lyrics were written by me and Nera. But it was interesting experience to co-operate with people outside band. Thanks to that there is a wider view of subjects in lyrics - adds Flauros.

Album will be ready in the middle of July, but shall be released in Autumn this year.

Darzamat experienced big changes some months ago. After eight years co-operation, co-founder Szymon Stru¿ek left band. But after some years returned guitarist Daamr. New members of Darzamat are: vocalist Nera (Midnightdate), drummer Golem (Dragon and ex-Adrenalina) and keyboarder Spectre (who plays also in Division by Zero). - This line up can guarantee the result we had no chance of getting earlier. Nowadays Darzamat presents a higher musical level. We are also better on live and became convinced about it during a recent gig in Moscow. But this is only the beginning of a new stage in the history of Darzamat. We have many new ideas and we have never worked so hard like now - ends Chris, Darzamat's guitarist.


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