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24.08Stratovarius - Studio Documentary Posted Online
30.07The 69 Eyes - In The Studio, Recording New Album
15.0716 - Enter The Studio
07.07Sunn O))) - In The Studio Working On New Album
01.07Kall - New Label Deal, To Enter The Studio
17.06Dyscarnate - To Enter The Studio, Henry Bates Departs
14.06Arrayan Path - In The Studio, Working On Two New Albums
06.06Dissona - Studio Update
30.05Riverside - Studio Update, Confirm New Tour Dates
28.05Sinmara - In The Studio
22.05Children Of Bodom - Check In From The Studio
21.05Textures - In The Studio Recording New Album
20.05Wormed - Enter The Studio
09.05Holy Grail - Enter The Studio
09.04Bellfast - Back In The Studio

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Stratovarius - Studio Documentary Posted Online

Finnish power metallers Stratovarius will release their new album, Eternal, on September 11th via the earMUSIC label. Recently, the band has shared an intimate tour of the album via a 12-minute behind-the-scenes mini-documentary, which can now be seen below. The studio documentary spotlights the band in the studio recording, along with interviews about the new material.


Band profile: Stratovarius
Posted: 24.08.2015 by Bad English | Comments (3)

The 69 Eyes - In The Studio, Recording New Album

Finnish gothic group The 69 Eyes have secretly entered the studio with producer Johnny Lee Michaels, who already was responsible for the recordings of some of their best albums, Blessed Be and Paris Kills, to begin recording their new album for an early 2016 release.


Band profile: The 69 Eyes
Posted: 30.07.2015 by Bad English | Comments (1)

16 - Enter The Studio

California sludge trailblazers 16 have commenced recording the follow-up to their latest album, 2012's Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds. For the as-yet-untitled new album, the band is once again reunited with producer/engineer Jeff Forrest. Ferry and vocalist Cris Jerue are also joined by drummer Dion Thurman of San Diego noise rockers Creedle, and bassist Barney Firks (Sylvia Juncosa). Potential song titles include "Pastor In A Coma," "George," "Peaches, Cream, And Placenta" and "Secrets Of The Curmudgeon."


Band profile: 16
Posted: 15.07.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (0)

Sunn O))) - In The Studio Working On New Album

Yes, Sunn O))) are finally recording a new album. After releasing splits, demos and several collaborations, fans will be pleased to know that the follow-up to Monoliths & Dimensions is being forged as we speak in the studio. The drone doom duo has been in Seattle for the last seven days and will emerge from this cave with their new album. Stay tuned for more info about it and start getting pumped!


Band profile: Sunn O)))
Posted: 07.07.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (14)

Kall - New Label Deal, To Enter The Studio

Swedish band Kall has signed to Catatonic State. The black metallers will enter the studio shortly, to record their 2nd album, planned for release later in 2015. The new album, that follows Kall (2014), will be a long, intense journey into the mind of Kall.


Band profile: Kall
Posted: 01.07.2015 by Bad English | Comments (1)

Dyscarnate - To Enter The Studio, Henry Bates Departs

It has been while since death metallers Dyscarnate released new music. Their latest album, 2012's And So It Came To Pass, is finally getting a successor. The British group will be entering the studio today to record a taster of their upcoming third album. This recording will feature a very special guest on vocals. In other news, the band has lost vocalist, bassist and founding member Henry Bates. He has decided to leave the band to focus on his personal life and other ventures.


Band profile: Dyscarnate
Posted: 17.06.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (1)

Arrayan Path - In The Studio, Working On Two New Albums

The Cyprus power metal outfit Arrayan Path have announced on their Facebook page that they are currently in the recording studio, working on two new albums. The statement says: "Blood June! We are working daily to finish recordings. It's like a huge puzzle but we hope to be done soon. Major announcement regarding the 2 albums in the following weeks! Until then... happy summer season!"


Band profile: Arrayan Path
Posted: 14.06.2015 by Kais | Comments (1)

Dissona - Studio Update

U.S. progressive metal band Dissona have released another update on their upcoming album Paleopneumatic. After announcing that they have finished the recording process back in April, they have now made a statement on the mixing process, which is ongoing.


Band profile: Dissona
Posted: 06.06.2015 by MeloDeathViking | Comments (1)

Riverside - Studio Update, Confirm New Tour Dates

While they are busy recording their new album Love, Fear And The Time Machine, progressive metallers Riverside are already announcing various international touring runs to launch the record, which is expected to be released in September 2015 via InsideOutMusic. The band has announced An Evening With headline shows as well as summer festivals and a North America tour and a European tour. So, if you want to catch the band live, see the dates below and start preparing the trip! Also keep in mind that there is a new album coming.


Band profile: Riverside
Posted: 30.05.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (3)

Sinmara - In The Studio

Sinmara, the black metal quintet from Iceland, is back in the studio. After releasing their last album Aphotic Womb last year, the band has returned to Studio Emissary. More info about exactly what they are recording will be announced in the following months. You should expect some new material.


Band profile: Sinmara
Posted: 28.05.2015 by Bad English | Comments (2)

Children Of Bodom - Check In From The Studio

Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom are currently busy recording ten new tracks for the band's forthcoming 9th album release in their own studio in Helsinki. The band took some time out to report from the recording desk and give fans an update on the sessions. You can watch the update on the video below. The other important announcement is that the yet-untitled album is scheduled for a fall 2015 release via Nuclear Blast.


Band profile: Children Of Bodom
Posted: 22.05.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (12)

Textures - In The Studio Recording New Album

Another band is preparing a new album. This time around, it's Textures, who have officially entered the studio last week to record the follow up for their 2011 album Dualism, which will be released via Nuclear Blast Records. This will be the progressive metal band's first album with current guitarist Joe Tal, who completed the band as a six-piece again in 2013. The new album is expected to be released in early 2016. As long as it's good, right?


Band profile: Textures
Posted: 21.05.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (2)

Wormed - Enter The Studio

Wormed have officially entered Sadman Studios in Madrid, Spain. The Spanish masters of sci-fi death metal are recording their third full-length, which will be the band's first album for Season Of Mist, following Exodromos. While a release date hasn't been confirmed yet, you probably won't have to wait much longer for it. Expect more details soon.


Band profile: Wormed
Posted: 20.05.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (1)

Holy Grail - Enter The Studio

Los Angeles-based metal powerhouse Holy Grail are forging their next record. The band will enter the studio this weekend with Grammy Award-winning producer John Spiker to begin tracking their third album, two years after they released Ride The Void. A fall release is expected. The group also expects to announce summer tour dates in the coming weeks. Get ready!


Band profile: Holy Grail
Posted: 09.05.2015 by Bad English | Comments (0)

Bellfast - Back In The Studio

Bellfast, one of Japan's few Celtic folk metal bands, have started the pre-production work on a new album. The band broke the news by posting photos of frontman Koh Nishino and friends at work in the studio. It's been almost five years since the release of their full-length debut Insula Sacra in October 2010.


Band profile: Bellfast
Posted: 09.04.2015 by Ruchesko | Comments (1)

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