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17.07Exumer - Part Ways With Guitarist
14.11Exumer - Confirms Appearance At Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse Festival 2013
28.08Exumer - New Video Online
07.04Exumer - Entire New Album Streaming Online
20.02Exumer - New Song Online
26.04Exumer - New Album Details
08.06Exumer - Line-Up Changes
03.03Exumer - Reunion Planned For 2009

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Exumer - Part Ways With Guitarist

Exumer, who made a comeback last year with the album Fire & Damnation, have announced a line-up change. The thrashers have parted ways with guitarist H.K., who played his last show at the Bang Your Festival in Germany on July 13th. The guitarist's departure has been an amicable one and solely for personal reasons.


Source: metalblade.com
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Exumer - Confirms Appearance At Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse Festival 2013

German thrash metal legends Exumer have been confirmed to appear at the Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse Festival in Chicago, IL. The fest is scheduled to take place from May 3-4, 2013, and also includes Onslaught, Eldritch, Oz, Omen, and many more.


Source: facebook.com
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Exumer - New Video Online

"Fire & Damnation", a brand new video from German thrashers Exumer, is now available for viewing below. This is the band's first ever official video in their 27 year-long history and was entirely filmed and edited in São Paulo, Brazil, during Exumer's South American Damnation Tour in early 2012. The song for this video is taken from the album of the same name, released in April via Metal Blade Records.


Source: exumer.de
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Exumer - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Fire & Damnation, the brand new album from resurrected German thrash metallers Exumer is streaming online in its entirety at Stereokiller.com. The album is scheduled for release on April 10th through Metal Blade Records. More album details were previously reported here.


Source: facebook.com
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Exumer - New Song Online

"Fire & Damnation", a brand new track from German metallers Exumer, is available for streaming at this location. Also a trailer for the album can be viewed here.

"Fire & Damnation" is the title track for the band's forthcoming album, which will be released on April 10 via Metal Blade Records.


Source: metalblade.com
Band profile: Exumer
Posted: 20.02.2012 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

Exumer - New Album Details

German thrash metal veterans Exumer have issued the following update on their Myspace blog:

"We will be recording and mixing our first album release in 24 years, in Dortmund/Germany over the summer. We have recruited legendary producer, Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc., Enemy Of The Sun, Voodoocult, Therion, Tiamat, Moonspell etc.), to produce what will be the third Exumer album to date. We will enter the studio in early June and remain there throughout July to complete the recording/mixing process. We have commissioned Baptiste Treton, a French born artist who resides in Vietnam, to illustrate the new album's artwork."

Vocalist Mem commented: "We basically took off from playing live for this entire year in order to concentrate solely on writing, recording and mixing this record. Waldemar was the most logical choice for us in regards to producing this very important album. We heard what he had done with the last Sodom album and we all agreed that he is capable of preserving the spirit of a 1980s thrash band but still make them sound relevant today. That is exactly what we envision for Exumer. We became quite confident that we will achieve this objective after meeting Waldemar earlier this year and trust his intuition as a producer, songwriter and musician, as well as his ability to push Exumer's envelope when it is necessary."


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Exumer
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Exumer - Line-Up Changes

German Thrash metallers Exumer announced the departure of guitarist/vocalist Paul Arakaki, as well as session drummer J.P. Rapp. Guitarist H.K. and drummer Matthias Kassner, who were both recruited for Exumer's last European tour, have replaced Arakaki and Rapp as permanent additions to the band's ranks.

Vocalist Mem Von Stein comments: "It has been an amazing 2 years for us since our re-formation in 2008. We have been able to play all the festivals and shows we wanted to in the past 2 years, even without label or industry backing. We are now looking forward to return to Europe in autumn and are excited to appear at this year's Way Of Darkness festival.

Unfortunately, Paul cannot be a part of this band's journey anymore, since he has decided that the travel/touring requirements from his native Hawaii are too rigorous for him. We accept his decision and support him with all his future plans. However, we are pleased to welcome guitarist H.K. and drummer Matthias Kassner to the fold. Both of them helped us out tremendously during our last European tour earlier this spring. H.K. and Matthias are more than capable musicians in their own right and will surely contribute to the band's future endeavors, especially with recording the new Exumer album that is scheduled to be released early 2011."


Source: blogs.myspace.com
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Exumer - Reunion Planned For 2009

Members of '80s German Thrash band Exumer began negotiating a full fledged reunion for 2009. The projected reunion includes a new album, re-releases of the band's two albums from the 1980s and a substantial tour.

Vocalist Mem V. Stein of NYC Thrashers Sun Descends comments:

"This reunion won't be like the one-off show we played at the Wacken Open Air, in 2001. This time we will deliver the entire package and release a new, third Exumer album. It's been close to 22 years since the second Exumer release in 1987 and it seems that the band is still relevant, especially when you consider the new generation of thrash metal bands that quote Exumer as a major influence of theirs. I will keep SD alive and I'm not abandoning the project but most of 2009 will be dedicated to a new Exumer album and it's promotion. We also have Paul Arakaki (guitars/bass) in the band who replaced me on the second Exumer album and now lives in Hawaii. I frequently get emails from fans asking for a Exumer reunion and I feel that the time is right to finally go ahead and make it a reality. We have never played live in North America and I believe that we owe it to the fans here in the States to see the band at least once with full-on live production"


Source: bravewords.com
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