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Forbidden - Former Guitarist Tim Calvert Dies

Sad news come from the U.S because thrashers Forbidden just announced that former guitarist Tim Calvert (also in Nevermore from 1997-2000) has died. He was in Forbidden from 1990 to 1997 and also played on and contributed to Nevermore's concept album Dreaming Neon Black.


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Forbidden - Probably Never Recording Again

After cancelling last year's Wacken Open Air performance, American thrash veterans Forbidden have recently revealed that the band might not record any other albums even though they had written new material and had plans to "finish it up when Russ feels good enough to Thrash it up again!"


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Forbidden - Forced To Cancel Wacken Open Air Performance

Bay area thrash legends Forbidden sadly had to cancel their performance at this year's Wacken Open Air festival. Long time bass player Matt Camacho has left the band and vocalist Russ Anderson decided to take a break from music business, forcing Forbidden to cancel their appearance.


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Forbidden - Announce New Drummer

Posted on the band's Facebook page:

Craig Locicero, Russ Anderson, Matt Camacho, and Steve Smyth of the Bay Area thrash band Forbidden are proud to make the following announcement: "After a couple of grueling months of sifting through video auditions, we've finally got our man. Let it be known that on Halloween 2011, Sasha Horn from Chicago is Forbidden's new drummer!"


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Forbidden - Forced To Cancel European Tour

Guitarist / founding member / songwriter Craig Locicero of the Bay Area thrash band Forbidden has issued the following update:

"This is the most painful update I have ever had to write...

Due to family obligations on the part of our longtime drummer, Mark Hernandez, Forbidden is forced to cancel it's tour of Europe and will start to search for an adequate permanent replacement right away. Compounding things is the fact that Mark and I also play in Demonica, who were to open the tour. Unfortunately, at this late date, there is no time nor budget to find a replacement who can handle both bands and our only option right now is to cancel the entire tour.

Forbidden would like to apologize to all of the different promoters, Continental Concerts, the bands Communic and Demonica, our label Nuclear Blast, and most importantly our fans who have been waiting for us to finally make it overseas for our first proper European tour in support of Omega Wave. You all deserve better. This is a collective kick to everyone's stomach and it is very difficult for us to swallow.

If there were any way to find one drummer to do both jobs and learn over 22 songs of material in only a couple of days, we would do it. But there is no way to teach somebody all of that material from the ground up and give the fans our very best. Our first choice was longtime Brother, Gene Hoglan, and since Gene is very familiar with our current set list, this makes the most sense. However, he only has a very small window to work with and no time to commit to an entire tour. But he did agree to fly out to Belgium with us so that Forbidden can play the Alcatraz Festival on August 27th! That works out to be the only days that work within Gene's busy schedule and it also allows us to get in front of as many fans as possible for one show.

In no way does this make up for all of the other gigs we will miss. They MUST be rescheduled for the future!

Unfortunately, that future will have to be without Mark Hernandez. He has played for the last time with Forbidden and we will be looking for the right replacement as soon as the dust settles. Obviously it takes a great player to play drums in Forbidden. We will only accept the best!

We all love Mark and hope he finds peace and serenity in his future with his family.

In the meantime we will continue and take the momentum we have gained from Omega Wave and use it as fuel for the next record and beyond!

Looking forward, not back..."


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Forbidden - New Video Online

"Omega Wave", the brand-new video from Bay Area thrashers Forbidden can now be seen in the YouTube-video below. The video for "Omega Wave" was created by SchneppZone video director Jon Schnepp of Metalocalypse fame.

"Omega Wave" is the title track of the band's latest studio album, which was released last year on Nuclear Blast Records.


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Forbidden - New Track Online

Reactivated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Forbidden have uploaded the track "Forsaken At The Gates" to their official MySpace page.

"'Forsaken At The Gates' is Forbidden's new thrash anthem for the 2010's and beyond," commented guitarist Craig Locicero. "If we could go back in a time machine to when we called it a day in 1997, there still would have been no way that we could have written 'Forsaken…" back then. We needed the distance and hind-site to write this record and had to get a grip on what the hell Forbidden was all about when we started. Our vision is clear. We are a Thrash Metal band! "Forsaken At The Gates" says it all.

If I were to compare "Forsaken At The Gates" to any of our old songs, it would be "March Into Fire", which was one of the first songs that I'd ever written in my life. Ironically, "Forsaken..." was the last song we'd written for Omega Wave. Funny how things work.

As far as the song itself, Mark was a fucking beast when we tracked it! I knew we had a monster on the first take, great energy and sense of urgency in his performance. It made one hell of a spine to connect all of the other moving parts to. Everyone blasted through their tracks with the same sense of urgency too. Playing those riffs, my blood pumps harder then in any other song I've played on. It was an intense session to track and Matt cruises through the entire thing like a bulldozer! The solo section brings me back to the good 'ol days when trade-offs were all over the classic metal records we all love. I really love playing and writing with Steve, he makes me so much better and I think we make a great team.

After that, it's Russ that's next fucking level! Tim and I got him fired up and locked him behind the glass until he sounded as crazed as they lyrics are intended to convey. The song itself is about turning away the masses from the numerous underground shelters around the planet that will try to seek protection from any natural or unnatural disaster that would effect all of us on the surface. The main line of the song says 'Corpses laid out for the Rapture, New World Order buried in it's tomb.' In other words, if the surface isn't worth living on and the powers that be decide who lives in a canned air bunker for future generations to come...let them rot down there, that's not a world worth living in!"

Vocalist Russ Anderson added: "Looking back on recording our first album Forbidden Evil and recording Omega Wave, there really is no comparison. During the recording of Forbidden Evil, we were in a time crunch and I sang the whole album in about one and a half days, impossible some could say, but true. I was happy with the results because that gave the album it's rawness, that in my opinion goes down in history as true as a thrash album gets.


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Forbidden - Album Artwork Revealed

Reactivated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Forbidden have debuted the artwork to their new studio album, Omega Wave. Omega Wave will be released in Europe on October 22 and in North America on October 26 via Nuclear Blast Records. Album details are available here.

Forbidden guitarist/songwriter Craig Locicero checks in about his collaborative process with artist Kent Mathieu, the visual elements that can be found in the album's artwork, and his concern for the future of the human race:

"As soon as Forbidden committed to writing a new record, I wondered where Kent Mathieu was. I'd always felt like Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form were pretty iconic album covers... when things like that actually seemed to matter; Then, the good people at Nuclear Blast actually located Kent! I got pretty excited and reached out to him immediately. He was equally excited to hear from us, too. The only real direction I gave Kent was to somehow tie the past into the future. Find a way to make the two skulls Forbidden Evil's artwork] vital again. He had worked up about 12 sketches all kinds of variously cool stuff. Out of all of the pictures he sent me, I liked the way one of them was laid out because of it's simplicity. After thinking about it for a long while, I had a concept for Kent to work with. The Omega Wave concept. The title wasn't decided until I had a good idea for the cover.

I don't want to over-explain the actual picture because there is enough symbolism for everyone to interpret everything differently. That is always a plus, in my book. What I can tell you is that the skull in the center is based upon the crystal skull of Belize. This skull was found at some of the pyramid ruins in two perfect pieces, jawbone and upper cranium. It was always quite a mystery, but some years later Hewlett Packard scientists did extensive tests on the skull and found many anomalies. One of them was that there is no way, even with our most modern technology, that we could cut into the crystal the way this skull was formed. It would shatter with any instrument we have available, even today. Another thing was the fact that no matter what temperature the skull was placed in, the skull's temperature would stay almost exactly the same. Scientists even believe the skull holds information that they could not tap into, like a giant computer chip with an impenetrable code.

So I got to thinking: Does this skull - and the other ones found throughout the most ancient places on Earth - hold something that we would need to know to possibly save ourselves? This is not an entirely new concept, but it hit me pretty hard. What could we learn about ourselves that may save us at this all-important juncture for the human race? It seems as if we've reached our Omega stage as a civilization. Meaning, we as people seem to be in a hurry to reach some sort of ending... possibly all self-manifested by accepting some sort of pre-determined fate. Or possibly just pawns in a game that was played out before and will be repeated again and again in other times and dimensions. So Omega Wave is part science fact and part from my imagination.


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Forbidden - US Tour Dates Announced

Forbidden have announced headlining shows just prior and after their tour with Overkill this November. Support will come from fellow thrashers Evile, Gamma Bomb, and Bonded By Blood. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Forbidden, Evile, Gamma Bomb, Bonded By Blood:

11/04/10 Jaxx - W. Springfield, VA

KillFest Tour: Overkill, Forbidden, Evile, Gamma Bomb, Bonded By Blood:

11/05/10 Montage Music Hall - Rochester, NY
11/06/10 Crazy Donkey - Farmingdale, NY
11/07/10 Club Hell - Providence, RI
11/08/10 Sonar - Baltimore, MD
11/09/10 Gil's - Virginia Beach, VA
11/10/10 Amos - Charlotte, NC
11/11/10 Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC
11/12/10 Hooligans - Jacksonville, NC
11/13/10 Club Firestone - Orlando, FL
11/14/10 Culture Room - Ft Lauderdale, FL
11/15/10 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
11/16/10 Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
11/17/10 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
11/18/10 Diesel Nightclub - Pittsburgh, PA
11/19/10 Rocko's - Manchester, NH
11/20/10 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ

Forbidden, Evile, Gamma Bomb, Bonded By Blood

11/22/10 Foufounes Electriques - Montreal, QC
11/23/10 MOD Club - Toronto, ON
11/24/10 Blondies - Detroit, MI
11/26/10 Phoenix Hill Tavern - Louisville, KY
11/27/10 Reggie's - Chicago, IL
11/28/10 The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
11/29/10 Station 4 - St Paul, MN
12/01/10 Scout Bar - San Antonio, TX
12/02/10 Emo's - Austin, TX
12/03/10 Scout Bar - Houston, TX
12/04/10 Trees - Ft Worth, TX
12/06/10 The Rock - Tucson, AZ
12/07/10 U.B.'s - Mesa, AZ
12/08/10 Whiskey a Go Go - Hollywood, CA
12/09/10 Ramona Mainstage - Ramona, CA
12/10/10 New Oasis - Sparks, NV
12/11/10 DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA


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Forbidden - New Album Details Revealed

Reactivated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Forbidden continue their work at Sonic Room/Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, California recording their upcoming new album Omega Wave. Album artwork has been commissioned from Kent Mathieu (Forbidden, Exodus, Autopsy, Exhorder). The album is being produced by Forbidden guitarist/songwriter Craig Locicero and Tim Narducci. All tracks will be mixed by Sean Beavan (Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails).

States guitarist Locicero: "After a year of writing and a couple of months recording this son of a bitchin' album, we've finally decided to call it Omega Wave. It certainly would have been easy to self-title it, but anyone who knows anything about Forbidden and our history understands that we spend a considerable amount of time thinking about these things. That's just what we do. Omega Wave seemed most fitting and it's one of the thrashiest songs on the record! An "omega wave" is the feeling of impending doom that hangs over everyone in these difficult times, more so than any other era in history. Many feel that our time is almost up, partly because it has been written and predicted in almost every ancient society; also because most people can tell which way the wind is blowing, if you know what I mean. So the question is, is this all really happening by design or is it a self-fulfilled, man-made hysteria that we are creating by accepting it in our collective consciousness? Either way, it's a black wave of negative energy that exists to billions of people. That is the Omega Wave."

On why the band sought out the artist Forbidden's career began with: "Within the last few months, we've reconnected with the original artist who painted the artwork for our first two albums, Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form: Kent Mathieu. I love the work he's done with everyone, but there is no denying that the first two covers he did for Forbidden are a couple of the most iconic pieces for our genre. Getting Kent on board was a coupe and he gets us like no other artist could. He's got a pile of lyrics to inspire him and he fully understands the Omega Wave concept. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. Should be perfect!"

On the dedication of co-producer Tim Narducci: "Tim and I have know each other since '86, when I was in Forbidden Evil and he was in Tyrannicide. We were under-aged kids drinking beer in the Ruthie's Inn parking lot. That's some history and he knows his metal. Some of my peers have been grilling me on what it's like to produce a record for the first time. It's time consuming and somewhat difficult to get the performances out of someone you've known since you were kids, but I am not doing this alone. Tim Narducci has been by my side every step of the way. We help each other stay focused and motivated. He's excellent and catching the little things and bringing the big picture together. We also have a great engineer and person in Brad Barth, who is a recording wizard and also owns Audio Voyage/Sonic Room (where we're tracking). I really love working with these guys. Tim, Brad, and I have been playing together in SpiralArms since 2005. We've learned a lot about ourselves and recording over the last 5 years and recently completed Spiral's first full length album that comes out this summer. We started recording and finished that album before we began the Forbidden record."


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Forbidden - Tentative Song Titles, Demo Online

Bay Area Trash metallers Forbidden are in the Sonic Room/Audio Voyage Studio at this moment to record their first new output in about 13 years. Guitarist Craig Locicero has given a small insight into the working titels of the songs for the new still untiteld record. Two of them can be heard as demo versions on the bands MySpace page.

Immortal Wounds
Omega Wave
Adapt Or Die
Forsaken At The Gates
Inhuman Race
Behind The Mask
Dragging My Casket


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Forbidden - Sign To Nuclear Blast Records

Official press release

Nuclear Blast proudly announces the signing of legendary Bay Area thrashers Forbidden.

Commented the band: "We are very proud to announce that Forbidden has signed to Nuclear Blast Records. Ultimately, we all knew that there is no better label in the world to handle Metal and bring it to the masses with authority. For the last year, we have been intensely working on our craft while re-examining our past with a perspective we'd never had before. Our vision is clear and we know exactly who and what we are today. Forbidden is in an amazing creative space and we can't wait for everyone to hear it! We began recording on March 1st. We must thank Jaap Wagemaker and everyone else at Nuclear Blast for making their enthusiasm known to us since we've committed to writing this record. Also, there are so many other amazing friends that helped us along the way and we appreciate everything you've done for us to get Forbidden back into a position of strength. If you feel in your bones that you are one of them, then you definitely are! Thank you all so much."

Added Nuclear Blast A&R Manager Jaap Wagemaker: "We are totally stoked to announce that Forbidden has inked a deal with Nuclear Blast!! It is no secret that the staff of Nuclear Blast has a soft spot for thrash metal! We all grew up here with classics such as Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form! I am sure you can imagine that we were totally thrilled when we heard the news that Forbidden were coming back and after seeing them live several times since then and seeing them doing a smoking rendition of Twisted Into Form it was totally clear to us! Forbidden needs a new home and that home is called Nuclear Blast! This feeling became even bigger after guitarist Craig Locicero had sent us the 2 new songs last year! Needless to say that a dream is coming true! The future belongs to Forbidden and together with Nuclear Blast, we will bring the band back on the metal map! What the future will bring? I cannot tell you! Cause it is..... forbidden!"


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Forbidden - New Song Online

US metallers Forbidden have issued the following update on their MySpace blog:

"Just letting you know that we've finally posted up a new song up on our MySpace page for everyone and anyone to hear. "Adapt Or Die" is just a taste of the stuff we'd been working on for the last few months.

We're not done writing the entire record yet, just getting warmed up really. But this is where it begins and we want you all to hear it. We hope you like it. In fact, tell us if you hate it.

Now we let the music do the talking."


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Forbidden - Working On New Material

Guitarist Craig Locicero of Bay Area Thrashers Forbidden has issued the following update:

"Time for a quick news bit about what's upcoming. We're going to be laying down some tracks on a couple of new Forbidden tunes next week with Tim Narducci co-producing it with the band. We've been working on a gang of new material for a few months and we wanted to get the first taste out as soon as we could find the time. It's important for us to let our fans (who may be the most patient in the world!) in on what we've been at this whole time. We can tell you only this much... it's Killer! Tim's going to do a great job of capturing our new energy and we're stoked as Hell!

It's been great working with the other guys this closely again. There is still so much more work to be done! The thing we all realize is, it's best to take our time and not rush the stuff. That would be a dis-service to the ones who have been waiting. It's funny, so many opinions are thrown at us weekly about what the material 'should' sound like. The fact is- it's taking on a life of it's own. We can never really go in the Way Back Machine and sound just like the kids that recorded "Forbidden Evil". As cool as that record was, we would be regressing a bit to do such a thing. This stuff is more in the vein as "Twisted Into Form" with our experiences over the last 20 years wrapped into it. Heavy, Melodic, Thrashy, Technical, Forbidden!!! It's a blast.

I can also tell you that Mark and Steve are doing fantastic work. Most of the material was written like the old Forbidden. Started with Guitar and Drums with skeleton arrangements. Mark has done nothing but impress me with his ideas and input. He's got a lot to offer and he knows that he needs to deliver. Those are still mighty big shoes to fill with Paul and Steve playing on the previous albums.

Steve Smyth has been great to work with as well! As a few of you may know, Steve lives in London but comes back to the Bay often. He was here last month. But I think Forbidden can get a endorsement from Skype, because Steve and I have been working on it so much since he's gone home. You get a ton done for free with no gas money spent! We go through all the details and it's easy. Especially when there is a great chemistry within our communication. I think all of the guitar geeks (like us) are going to be blown the fuck away! We have some cool sh1t in store for you.


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Forbidden - Tour Drummer Announced

Cali's reunited thrashers Forbidden posted the following:

"Forbidden proudly announces Mark Hernandez (Heathen, Defiance, Re-Ignition, Vio-lence, Torque, Technocracy, Social Unrest), as the drummer for Forbidden's upcoming European tour. Mark Hernandez is one of the most dynamic and solid drummers in Hard Rock/Heavy Metal today. His aggressive attack and technical ability shine. Mark has proven himself over and over from his time in one of the most respected thrash metal bands of all time Vio-lence and more recently with Heathen and the rebirth of Defiance. Mark will be one of the most watched drummers in Hard rock & Heavy Metal for years to come."

Statements from the band:

Glen comments, "Mark is a bro from the Bay Area. I've been waiting for the opportunity to jam with him for years, and here we are. Mark came in the first day and blasted through 5 songs like it was nothing!!"

Craig comments, "Yes, we're all very excited about going over to Europe with Mark Hernandez behind the kit. It took us a while to sort out all of the details, so we apologize for the delay. It was rumored that Chris Kontos, whom I already have the honor of playing with in SpiralArms, was going to be Forbidden's European drummer. But that did not pan out because Chris had other obligations with Attitude Adjustment and the Part Time Christians. So we had to try out some other drummers and Mark was on Fire for the gig! He knocked us over with his audition and showed us how good he really is. This guy is going to surprise a lot of people. He shocked all of us and really did his homework. I've known Mark a long time after seeing him play with Vio-Lence and Re-igniton and most recently Heathen so I knew he had some chops. The last thing we would do is put someone onto the Forbidden drum throne who could not handle the job and pressure of filling some mighty large shoes. Obviously Paul Bostaph and Steve Jacobs would be there if they could, but Paul's in Testament and Steve is unavailable in the time frame of this tour. So Mark won the job flat out and he deserves it! So let's show him some love and respect to Mark when he bashing behind the kit with us in Europe. Make him feel welcome!"

Matt comments, "We are fortunate to land another great drummer, one that can live up to the caliber of world class drummers that we and our fans expect"
Russ comments, "Mark is a bad ass drummer that deserves a chance!"


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