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Freak Kitchen - New Animated Video Released

Freak Kitchen, who released the new album Cooking With Pagans in September, have debuted their new video. The animated video is for the track "Freak Of The Week" and was created by Juanjo Guarnido (of Blacksad and Disney fame). A successful Kickstarter campaign brought in no less than a $140,000 to finance the work of drawing an entire video, frame by frame. So, this should be good right? See it for yourself here below.


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Freak Kitchen - New Video Online

Freak Kitchen have released a brand new video! Cooking With Pagans, their eight full length album, has already been released as well a few days ago. The progressive group wanted a simple video and chose the track "Sloppy". The clip was shot in black and white by photographer Anders Bryngel. Watch the final result now!


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Freak Kitchen - New Song Streaming Online

The freaks Freak Kitchen have a new album coming out soon. For now, you can have a taste of what's to come on the opus Cooking With Pagans. The progressive band from Sweden give you "Mathematics Of Defeat". All you have to do is enjoy it over here! Cooking With Pagans comes out on September 16th on Laser's Edge.


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Freak Kitchen - New Album In Production

Cooking With Pagans, the eighth album from Swedish progressive hard-rockers Freak Kitchen, is being produced for a late 2012 release. According to the band, Cooking With Pagans will include twelve kick butt tunes, which they will take on the road after completion.


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Freak Kitchen - New Video Online

"Murder Groupie", the new video from Swedish hard-rockers Freak Kitchen, can be viewed at this location. The video contains footage of the band's performance at last year's Hellfest.

"Murder Groupie" comes off the band's latest album, entitled Land Of The Freaks, which was released on October 2009.


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Posted: 24.01.2011 by BudDa | Comments (5)

Freak Kitchen - New Album Out Late October

Land of the Freaks, the seventh Freak Kitchen album featuring twelve brand new tracks will be released the 21st of October 2009 in Scandinavia (Bonnier Amigo, Universal, Rockweiler Ltd.) and in the UK (Proper Music) the 19th. More countries and release dates will follow soon.

The tunes and running order:

01 God Save the Spleen
02 Hip Hip Hoorah
03 Teargas Jazz
04 Sick? (Death by Hypochondria)
05 OK
06 Honey, You're a Nazi
07 The Only Way
08 Murder Groupie
09 The Smell of Time
10 One Last Dance
11 Do Not Disturb
12 Clean it Up

The cover of the album is visible on

You can already preorder your copy now @

Amazon UK,,, Amazon US (import)


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Freak Kitchen - Confirmed For ProgPower Scandinavia

Posted on the event's website:

"We're hereby announcing the next band for ProgPower Scandinavia 2009:

FREAK KITCHEN is more than just another "heavy metal band" - Freak Kitchen is an experience!!! With a high-octane live show, these three Swedes take the audience through a blitzkrieg flash of rock, fusion, metal, jazz and prog, all held together by extreme musicianship. They are a band not afraid to laugh at themselves while delivering some of the most incredible music ever to grace ProgPower Scandinavia."

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Event: ProgPower Scandinavia 2009 [CANCELLED]
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Freak Kitchen - Guitarist To Embark On Clinic Tour In Germany

Freak Kitchen über-guitarist Mattias "IA" Eklundh will embark on a five-day "Freak Guitar" clinic tour of Germany in November, sponsored by Laney. The dates are as follows:

Nov. 20 - Musik Produktiv Ibbenbüren: 19:00h
Nov. 21 - Music Store Köln: 19:30h
Nov. 22 - Musik Schmidt Frankfurt/Main: 19:00h
Nov. 23 - Music Town Neubrandenburg: 20:00h
Nov. 24 - Musik Meisinger Simbach/Inn: 19:00h

There will also be "Freak Guitar" clinics in Ulricehamn, Sweden on November 26 and Musikhuset in Huddinge, Sweden on December 6.

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Posted: 30.10.2006 by Damnated | Comments (1)

Freak Kitchen - Announce Tour Dates

Freak Kitchen on the road - Spain, France, UK, US & Russia!

"Finally, finally, finally we can announce freaky music will be heard in the UK in 2006! There will be a gig the 27th of September in Cardiff, Wales at The Point and also, just confirmed, Nottingham at The Rescue Rooms the 28th, Leeds, Hard Rock Café the 2nd of October + clinic at B I M M in Brighton the 3rd of October!

There will also be a clinic by IA at Hockley Music Academy in Nottingham 1 PM the 28th.

We plan to build a beefy UK tour from this with both concerts and clinics. More news soon. (Suggestions if you think we should come to your town, venues etc, can be sent to Mik Gaffney at our British record company Proper Music)."

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Freak Kitchen - New Freak Kitchen album soon


New Freak Kitchen album soon + bonus DVD included!

We are currently wrapping up the work on Organic, our forthcoming CD, which we release late April. (Global release dates soon. Some territories will be in May).

We're joined by the amazing Bumblefoot on vocals and guitar on the track "Speak When Spoken To". We have also shot a video for the track which will be feautured on a special, first printing bonus DVD. The DVD will also include three exclusive live clips from Paris ("Hateful Little People", "Taste my Chopstick") and Montpellier ("Blind") + the "Nobody's Laughing" and "Print This!"-videos.

The cover painting is made by fabulous French expressionist Thierry Cardinet.

The Organic tunes and running order:

01. Speak When Spoken To
02. The Rights to You
03. Look Bored
04. Chest Pain Waltz
05. Mussolini Mind
06. Guilt Trip
07. Becky
08. Independent Way of Life
09. Heal Me
10. Infidelity Ghost
11. Sob Story
12. Breathe

Swedes can place their order at this very moment.

The French will have the chance to hook up with IA (and later on Björn and Chris at La Locomotive) the week of the release at the following places:

26/04 : Rennes / Virgin Megastore (17.30)
27/04 : Rouen / Virgin Megastore (17.30)
28/04 : Toulouse / Virgin Megastore (17.30)
29/04 : Paris / Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées (18.00)
30/04 : Tours / Maison de l'Etudiant, Parc Grandmont (15.00)
01/05 : Paris / La Locomotive (from 16.00), with the whole band performing around 30 minutes at the Hard Rock Magazine Awards Evening.

Wednesday April 27th, IA will present Organic live on France Inter (French national radio station) in a show called "Sous Les Etoiles Exactement". This late night show will take place from 2.00 AM until 3.00 AM during the night of the 27th to the 28th. Don't worry if you're not based in France you can listen to this show (in French) via Internet. On the 28th at 2.00 AM just click here
(link to :
Then, when you'll be on the site click on "Ecouter en direct" on the Top left. Have fun !

Brand new Freak Kitchen "Organic" website by the mighty HTML-dude coming soon!


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Posted: 07.04.2005 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Freak Kitchen - Freak Guitar Camp 2005

Scandinavian Week (Swedish spoken): 25th - 30th of July
International Week 1 (English spoken): 1st - 6th of August
International Week 2 (English spoken): 9th - 14th of August

The Freak Guitar Camp has during the past years rapidly grown from a small course for Swedes to what now only can be described as a major international success! Though many details have been improved during the years the basic concept is still the same: What you get are six intensive days of hard work on the guitar in the Swedish woods.

During daytime Mattias IA Eklundh, a k a "The Guru", will lead his God-fearing classes, teaching his various unorthodox techniques as well as picking examples, tapping, harmonics, riffing, finger-picking, poly-rhythms, odd time stuff that will turn your whole concept of music up side down! IA's six-stringed spanking starts right after breakfast and continue until dinner in the late afternoon (plus lunch and a couple of breaks for occasional caffeine and refreshments). There will be tips on how to survive show business, how to get your music out there, what to think of before signing any kind of contract and lots, lots more.

During the evenings Freak Kitchen's extraordinary drummer Björn Fryklund will teach you in everything from the importance of rhythm to how to behave in a band context.

How many times have you put a microphone in front of your groovy sounding amplifier only to get genuinely disappointed by the result? As the sun goes down you will get to learn and try how to record various instruments with maestro Christian Alsing.

As if this wasn't enough, there will also pop up prominent guest guitarists when you least expect itů

The camp is held just outside Gothenburg, Sweden, at a place called Härsjösands Kursgård, located exactly in the middle of nowhere. (Closest airports are Landvetter International Airport and Gothenburg City Airport. You can also get to Gothenburg by ferry, train or bus. We will pick you up. The dare devil might want to drive on his/her own. A detailed map will be provided to prevent you from getting lost in the wilderness).

Among many things, the beautiful surroundings include a nice lake great for various H2O-activities (read: swimming, if you're into that) between the frantic classes, something you might need since at least 10 hours in the class room each day is to expected! After a butt busting day's work there is time for practice and if you're lucky you just might catch a couple of hours of well-deserved sleep!


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Freak Kitchen - Hurricane Mini-Disaster In Sweden


Mother Earth is real pissed off, ain't she?

A strong hurricane totally demolished the Freak Mobile last Saturday (pic here: ) and IA is still without electricty, preventing the band from laying down the last couple of takes before the mix of "Organic". Hopefully this won't delay the release too much. The album will be mixed when Eklundh is back from the US (more details below) at the end of this month together with Roberto Laghi.

The new release date of the album will be the 11 of April 2005.

And btw, The Freak Guitar Camp 2005 dates and registration will begin in February. Stay tuned on

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Freak Kitchen - Support the victims of the Tsunami


IA on Red Cross DVD
In a couple of weeks a DVD will be released where all the money will go straight to the Red Cross and help the victims of the recent earthquake in the Indian Ocean in any way possible. IA will appear in a song, featuring the Swedish metal cream of the crop, and also in the video.

The "Print This!"-video will also be included.

Show your support and empathy by buying the disc, freak friends !!!

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Freak Kitchen - The new album is coming...

We have it !!! The new tittle of the new album, which will be released in October, will be "Organic". You could find here the names of all the new songs... Enjoy

01. Chest Pain Waltz
02. Speak When Spoken To
03. Look Bored
04. Becky
05. Independent Way of Life
06. The Guilt Trip
07. Rights To You
08. Sob Story
09. Heal Me
10. Infidelity Ghost
11. Mussolini Mind
12. Breathe

An interview of Mattias will come on very soon, we could have some answers...

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