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Gorefest - Call It Quits

According to a posting on the band's official website, the band discovered internet porn and are therefore calling it quits:

"OK, that's not entirely true, we knew about the porn all along. But, after two albums , both of which we're hugely proud of, and about a hundred shows, all of them memorable in their own way, the question that remained for us was: what's next? The answer can be short: nothing. "La Muerte" and "Rise To Ruin" are two albums with which we've expanded, and indeed completed our body of work to our full satisfaction. Barring one or two exceptions, all the shows we've done since we decided to reform sometime in 2004 have been tremendously enjoyable. So why quit? Pretty simple, really: Every ride comes to an end. This is ours."


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Gorefest - To Play Exclusive Romanian Show

Official press release

Saturday, 25th of April 2009 the Suburban Club - Brasov will host a live show with most important metal band from the Netherlands - Gorefest.

The support bands for Gorefest will be Fleshless (Czech Republic) and two Romanian bands: Grimegod (Arad) and MG42 (Bucharest).

This is a unique event for the region considering Gorefest has been one of the bands to have raised a lot of spirits in the "False", "Erase", "Soul Survivor" period and continued with high quality music concepts and performance. Their latest album "Rise To Ruin" was stated "sold out" twice until now.

Suburban Club is located on 86, 15 Noiembrie Street, Brasov. The tickets are limited to 800. Tickets are out on sale at the fixed price of 65 RON and can be purchased from Eventim Europe online and/or or at the doors.


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Event: Gorefest + Fleshless [CANCELLED]
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Gorefest - New Album Streaming Online

The new album of Dutch Death Metallers Gorefest, "Rise To Ruin", is available for streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace page.

Due in the U.S. on September 25 (Candlelight) and in Europe on August 3 (Nuclear Blast), the CD was mixed by Danish producer Tue Madsen at his Antfarm studios in Århus, Denmark. "He managed to make everything sound even heavier than we'd imagined," guitarist Frank Harthoorn previously said.

For more album details click here.


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Gorefest - Cover Revealed And New Song Online

Gorefest have put up the song 'Revolt' from the forthcoming album "Rise To Ruin" on their official MySpace page

Rise To Ruin will be released in Europe on the 3rd of August. In the USA the album release has been postponed to the 25th September due to Candlelight Records USA taking over distribution from Nuclear Blast America.

You can see the Rise To Ruin artwork (by British artist Rob "Mid" Middleton) at this location.


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Gorefest - New Album Details

The following update has been issued by guitarist Frank Harthoorn on Gorefest's official webpage:

"Exciting times in Gorefest-land. Tue Madsen's finished mixing some of our finest songs ever, and an excellent job he did. He managed to make everything sound even heavier than we'd imagined. Which is quite a feat, actually, because boy, our imaginations can be all over the place, I'll tell ya! Anyway, I guess it's pretty obvious we're quite pleased with the whole thing and, indeed, ourselves. Now, for some even more exciting details: the title of this Headbanger's Delight will be "Rise To Ruin". Nuclear Blast will be releasing it throughout Europe on august 3rd, with a UK release following 3 days later. I have no idea why, but there you go. Details on the US release date TBA. As with our previous CD La Muerte, "Rise To Ruin" will feature some wonderful artwork by british artist Rob 'Mid' Middleton.

Tracklist is as follows:

1. Revolt
2. Rise To Ruin
3. The War On Stupidity
4. A Question Of Terror
5. Babylon's Whores
6. Speak When Spoken To
7. A Grim Charade
8. Murder Brigade
9. The End Of It All

All this excitement will culminate in an undoubtedly quivering orgasm of aural glory at a listening session which will be held at Plein 79 in Den Bosch on wednesday, may 9th. Lots of very important press will be invited for this, so to make sure there's actually some people there, I'll put the first ten fans that drop me an email on on the list as well. Drinks are on us!"


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Gorefest - Working On New Album

Dutch Death Metallers/Hard Rockers Gorefest have posted the following message on their website:

"We're well into our first week of recording the follow-up to La Muerte. In this week all drum tracks have been recorded. Our drummer Ed was on a roll and layed down all those brutal and demanding parts with breath taking ease. We shot some handy cam footage of the drum takes which you can find here. Ed, like a fish in the water behind his new Sonor kit, bashing away on those beautiful Amedia cymbals.

Monday, Tue Madsen was over to make drum sounds and on Tuesday we made guitar and bass sound. Next Monday we will start with recording the rhythm guitars and bass guitar. If all goes well this will take about a week and a half. After that it's time for extra bits and pieces and the solo's. In April JC will go over to the Antfarm Studio in Denmark, where the mixing will take place, to record vocals.

Visit our forum for more personal reports on the progress we make."


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Pestilence, Gorefest, Thanatos - Members Set Up New Band

Thanatos guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens have joined forces with former Pestilence/Asphyx-singer Martin Van Drunen, Gorefest drummer Ed Warby and former Houwitser bass player Theo van Eekelen in a brand new project.
The as-yet-unnamed band will record a three-track promo CD later this year. "We're simply going to crank out some brutal old-school death metal stuff — nothing more, nothing less!" says Gebédi


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Gorefest - Turkish Dates Postponed Again

Dutch Death Metal band Gorefest have posted the following update at their official website:

"Right, this really sucks. We were supposed to be going over to Turkey at the start of November to do two shows in Istanbul and Ankara. Last two weeks however, rumours came to our attention these shows were being cancelled. We knew nothing about this, but these people apparently were much better informed then us, since the promotor seems to have vanished into thin air. Emails are bouncing, phones are disconnected. To our Turkish fans, please let it be known we are not the ones fucking this up. We had a great time last year in Istanbul, and were all revved up and ready to go out and administer some frightfully heavy Metal to you guys 'n gals. I guess we'll just have to postpone it all again. Don't worry though, we WILL get there!"
Frank & Gorefest

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Six Feet Under, Gorefest, Krisiun - X-Mas Festivals Tour Dates Announced

Six Feet Under, Gorefest, Cataract and Krisiun will team up for the X-Mas Festivals European tour, set to begin in early December. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

Dec. 2006
08 - D - Berlin @ Fritz
09 - D - Engeldorf (Leipzig) @ Hellraiser
10 - A - Wien @ Planet Music
11 - D - Munchen @ Backstage
12 - CH - Pratteln @ Z7
13 - D - Ludwigsburg @ Rockfabrik
14 - D - Frankfurt @ Batchkapp
15 - FR - Strasbourg @ La Laiterie
16 - BL - Antwerpen @ Hof Ter Loo
17 - NL - Tilburg @ 013
18 - D - Essen @ Zeche Carl
19 - FR - Paris @ La Locomotive

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Gorefest - European Festival Report

Guitarist Frank Harthoorn of the reunited Dutch metallers GOREFEST has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"We'd been asked to fill in for DEICIDE on the Nummirock festival in Finland two weeks ago, an invite we gladly accepted since we'd never been there before. Nummirock is held at a site somewhere in the Finnish woods, a hot and cramped four-and-a-half-hour drive from Helsinki Airport.

"We got there just in time to see MARDUK coming off stage, which really annoyed me since I've never seen them perform. I know, I really should get out more...

"Anyway, the gig was cool, the food was crap, the people were drunk, the sun set for about half a minute, and then came right back up again. All was well in Finland, and we hope to get back in the near future to do some club shows. You just gotta love a country where moose walk in the mist, where everyone seems to have their own private lake, and where people wander about the highways naked and drunk at four in the morning

"Last weekend saw us hammering in the Waldrock weekend at the pre-party in some disco in Friesland. We had THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT opening for us, and they really brought the place to a boiling point. Which is great, as everyone seemed to be in the right mood for some seriously heavy shit. One of the hottest shows we did since Graspop last year, and I'm not just talking temperatures here. Next day we got to hang out at Waldrock, and watch bands as diverse as AFTER FOREVER, NILE, BORN FROM PAIN, Y&T and MOTÖRHEAD. I thoroughly enjoyed BFP (thanks for the shirts guys!) and MOTÖRHEAD, but totally got off on Y&T. What songs, and Dave Meniketti has got to be one of the coolest guitarists ever.

"Come Sunday, we arrived in Leipzig for the With Full Force festival. Like yesterday, and the day before that, people really seemed to dig our bus. I wonder why?

"Yes, Waltzin' Andre Rieu had been so kind as to let us abuse one of his coaches, and many a Strauss-loving couple had a nasty surprise when we stepped out of the bus at selected gasstations. Remember, if you come across pics of supposedly Rieu behind a coachwindow, flipping the bird, throwing the horns or showing his butt: it ain't us, right?!

"WFF was really cool, if a bit windy on stage. If anyone was waiting for us to play Erase: sorry, we had to skip it because of time regulations! It's too bad SOILWORK had to cancel their show, but we did get to see the quite wonderful ARCH ENEMY from up close — a true feast for the metal senses! Like Waldrock, MOTÖRHEAD was headlining today, and I swear I could hear Lemmy chuckling at our bus when we drove off. You'd think Lemmy would like a German waltz or two…"

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Gorefest - European Tour Cancelled!

Gorefest posted the following message on their official website:

"Due to severe problems at the side of German agency Bruchstein Records, we have been forced to cancel our entire European tour. We are extremely disappointed with the way things have been dealt with, and as such have lost all faith in the whole operation. Rest assured we're working very hard to try and salvage as much from this wreckage as possible, and hope to do most of these shows properly at a later time. Our sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting for so long to see us, and now have to wait even longer. We'd also like to apologize to Master, Luna Field, Ressurecturis, and Kragens. Just like you guys, we were all geared up and ready to go. Decisions like these are not easily made but as much as we wanted to do this, things have been turning rapidly into a farce. As we refuse to be toyed with, there really was no other choice.

We hope we can rely on everyone's patience, so we can lay out some frightfully heavy Metal for ya as soon as we get things back on track!"

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Gorefest - Sign to Nuclear Blast

NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce that reunited Dutch Death Metal legends GOREFEST have signed a multi-album deal. Expect new music towards the end of the year.
On their website, GOREFEST comment: "It's turning out to be a pretty amazing year for us, first of all getting together again and now getting back to the world's leading metal label! And it sure feels good!"

During the Nineties, GOREFEST had released four albums via NUCLEAR BLAST ("False", "The Eindhoven Insanity - Live At The Dynamo", "Erase", and "Soul Survivor"). The quartet disbanded in 1998.

The band is "currently writing songs for that seems to become a very heavy new album" and will hit the festival circuit this summer… The GOREFEST story is far from over.
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Gorefest - reunited & 3 songs already recorded

From the official website of the Dutch band:

"There where a lot of rumours going on lately but now its official the guys are back together again. After 6 and a half years they are jamming together again. "After a few minutes we stood there all with a big smile on our face like "fucking hell we rocked" it felt great playing together again."
They have rehearsed a few times now the first day they played a few old songs but the second day they already started to write new songs! Three songs are already recorded and the guys are listening to them at home and playing around with them. Jan Chris said that at least one of the new songs is faster than everything they ever did. He insures us that the next record will be a hard and dark album, and he means very hard!
When we will see this new album.... well no hurries. In October they are going into the studio again to record some more but they don't follow deadlines anymore. They do it when they want to and don't want to feel that pressure anymore".
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