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Loits - Announce A Home Video Contest

Loits is glad to announce a home video contest.

You can choose any of Loits' singles to make your home video and the band makes no restrictions to your imagination or your artistic visions. Just feel free to use any you like. Anyone can participate at the contest and the band is glad to give you some advice if needed. The winner will be chosen by the band itself. The winning video will be present on Loits' DVD which is going to be released on September 5th 2008.

Loits will award the winner with ten brand-new DVDs and Lasering music store certificate for 2 500 EEK (160 EUR).

See Delfi for detailed information. The contest ends on May 30th 2008. The winner(s) will be announced at the latest on June 2nd 2008.

So get ready and start filming!

Source: Nailboard newsletter


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Loits - Present New Music Video

On Thursday, April 10th, flak'n'rollers Loits presented their latest video, "Haavad uulitsal" at the Kinomaja in Tallinn. The audience also witnessed a short "Making Of" flick and another video for the song "Emaraud", recorded during the band's live performance at the Hard Rock Laager '07 festival.

The video can be found on the new Loits DVD, due this summer, which will also feature all the previous Loits videos. In addition, a longer version of the "Making Of" documentary will also be present on the DVD.

See the new "Haavad uulitsal" video here.

Read the interview here.


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Loits - Two New Songs Online

Two new songs 'Suudelda Neidu' and 'Soomusronglase Silmis' were added on official Myspace page of Estonian Black Metal outfit Loits. The two songs come from the upcomming new album "Must Album" wich will be release on 04.06.2007 through Nailboard Records.

Here's the "Must Album" tracklist again:

01. Emaraud
02. Soomusronglase Silmis
03. Suudelda Neidu
04. Kiri Kaevikust
05. Ei Kahetse Midagi
06. Veealune Valss
07. Peegli Ees
08. Surmarestoran
09. Öölaul


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Loits - "Must Album" Release Info

Loits "Must album"

Nearly three years have passed since the release of "Vere kutse kohustab", but Loits have not left their guns rusting in the ditch. On Estonian Flag Day, June 4th, the long-awaited "Must album" ("Black album"), encompassing nine songs of unheard-of brilliance. The record is not unlike a picture album left behind by the grand-grandparents, documenting not only photographs, but also all the joy expereiced, as well as the tragedy of one small nation. "Must album" does not glorify the love for the fatherland or the soldier's valour, not the beauty of life or the pain of grief, although the latter one acts like the cord that twines the songs together. The new Loits album is a gift of remembrance to those departed, serving also as a reminderto all that injustice never dies.

Loits "Must album" limited edition

The limited edition of "Must album" is a true bag of surprises to all friends of Loits. In addition the actual album, the neat cardboard package contains a cool sticker as well as six commemoratory cards. The main thing, though, is the bonus EP "Mustad laulud" ("Black songs"), containing four tunes that are of somewhat different cast, yet entirely delicious nevertheless. And as if this was not enough, it also includes a photo album, a newsreel movie about the "Must album" record and a "Monologue" balancing the overall tonality of the album, all launchable on a PC. Together with Loits you are strong!


Today is the solemn date that we are proud to announce the pre-ordering of the both versions of "Must album". After trying on some boots of Spanish origin, the admired musicians were ready to agree to anything, meaning, this time, the signing of all pre-ordered records. After a few entertaining hours in the company of a searing iron and a torture wheel, the people of Loits began wondering about offering up even more surprises. The good old practice of lashing gave root to the idea to raffle off among the pre-orderers of the limited edition the silver medallion depicted on the album cover. One of the pre-orderers of the regular version will also receive the guitar strings used during the recording of "Must album".

The last day to pay for the pre-order is May 31, 2007; we'll start sending out the records on June 4th at the latest. If you are unable to reimburse us in the seven days following the receipt of our purchase verification, please contact us in person; otherwise your order will be deemed null and void.


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Loits - Opens For Moonspell In Tartu

Loits opens for Moonspell

MOONSPELL from Portugal, one of the world's best known and most loved gothic/doom metal legends, performs in the Club Illusioon in Tartu as part of the series of gigs under the aegis of the festival Green Christmas 2006. Also on the bill, in addition to Moonspell and after quite a long while, are the Estonian metal elite group LOITS. Other support performers include Before The Dawn and Embraze from Finland.

Gates is back

With regards to the Moonspell news, Loits are more than happy to announce that for quite some time Loits has been rehearsing with two guitarists. Their old comerade Gates is back in Loits. The first concert with the renewed line-up takes place on September 25, 2006, in Tartu, Estonia.

Source: Loits newsletter

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Loits - South-American Version Of "Ei Kahetse Midagi"

South American version of "Ei Kahetse Midagi"

This is a happy occasion primarily for the South American comrades of Loits: the Mexican record label Witchcraft Records recently released a version of Loits' debut album "Ei Kahetse Midagi", targeted especially at the South American market. All parties interested, please hurry; the release is extremely limited - to only 500 copies. Witchcraft Records is officially manufactured and distributed in Mexico and worldwide by American Line Prods.

Loits and Nailboard Magazine

A new Estonian hard music mag Nailboard Magazine is published six times a year with more than 2000 copies printed. The mag can be bought in more than 300 locations all over Estonia. This piece of news has to do with Loits, too - namely, the magazine prints Loits's uncensored tour diary as a continuing series.


Source: Loits Newsletter
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Loits - Vere Kutse DVD

"Vere Kutse" -- The Story of the Origins of Flak'n'Roll Now on DVD

The respective movie was put together for the "Vere Kutse Kohustab" album presentation party. After a brief "tour" of Estonia the band decided to release the movie titled "Vere Kutse" on a DVD-R, since the number of people who wanted it for their private collections was growing rapidly.

The movie features several interviews with the band and the people close to the band as well as rare footage of concerts and of the European tour. Now that the movie is over a year old, it can very well be called a brief but concise overview of the story of the origins of both Loits as well as Flak'n'Roll. In a nutshell -- 45 minutes of tears, joy and rock'n'roll!!!

At this time, unfortunately, the movie is only available in Estonian, but the band is diligently working on the translation, and hopefully by this summer also a subtitled English version will be ready.

The professionally dubbed DVD-R comes in a DVD-case with a colour-printed sleeve containing a foreword.

with OBTEST & LOITS, April 19th–30th, 2006

WED, April 19th – Katowice, Poland
THU, April 20th – Ostrava, Czechia: presentation gig of new Adultery album
FRI, April 21st – Germany
SAT, April 22nd – Germany/Benelux
SUN, April 23rd – Germany/Benelux
MON, April 24th – France
TUE, April 25th – France / Italy
WED, April 26th – France / Italy
THU, April 27th – traveling day
FRI/SUN, April 28th/30th – Barosellas, Portugal: kult Steel Warriors Rebellion IX festival, along with BOLT THROWER, Ingrowing, Yattering, Prejudice, Suhrim, Hell-Born, Flagellum Dei, Lux Ferre, etc.

As you may see, some negotiations are still in progress, and we look for some additional dates too, so if YOU have something to offer, don‘t hesitate to contact us ( at your earliest convenience.

Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori
BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER... the very same way that everyone has their personal criteria of truth and secret codes for evaluation of different phenomena. Thus it is not a great surprise that Loits have received both warm welcomes as well as been attacked with extreme propaganda. The only things Loits show barefaced hostility towards are injustice, cynicism, hypocrisy, ignorance and betrayal. We are far from justifying or propagating any acts of hostility; also it is our ideological principle not to spread negative feelings. Loits speak about the past, the present and the future without gilding any lilies or concealing anything. When singing about war we envision it through the eyes of the soldier on the front; when speaking of home, a citizen concerned with the fate of their homeland is speaking within us. Loits do not attack or monger hatred; Loits call for respect towards one's own country, people, history, language and culture. In the light of all this we don't feel like we should ask for anyone's forgiveness, nor do we feel that we owe any explanations to anyone. Being an Estonian and proud of it is not a crime. Loits regret nothing.


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