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27.02Machine Men - Call It Quits
29.01Machine Men - First Videoclip Online
09.09Machine Men - Begins Recording New Album
30.07Machine Men - To Hit The Studio Soon
21.08Raismesfest - Symphorce & Machine Men Confirmed
08.04Machine Men - Signs With Century Media

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Machine Men - Call It Quits

Finnish heavy metal band Machine Men have officially broken up after thirteen years.

Here's the band's farewell message: "Things have been quiet for the past 2 years. During this time we have gone through many changes and we have been thinking about the future of the band. Unfortunately we feel that the challenges as a band would be too hard to overcome. After long conversations we have decided that the story of Machine Men ends here. It's better to end what we started together without bitterness than to make a new album we couldn't put our hearts and souls into. We wouldn't be the five guys that stuck together no matter what. We would be something else, not Machine Men.


Source: machinemen.net
Band profile: Machine Men
Posted: 27.02.2011 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Machine Men - First Videoclip Online

Finnish melodic metallers Machine Men have posted their new video for the track 'No Talk Without The Giant', online at their MySpace.

'No Talk Without The Giant' is lifted from the band's upcoming album "Circus Of Fools" out via Century Media Records.

Machine Men will take part in the Earthshaker Roadshock tour with Finntroll, After Forever, Tarot, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and All Ends, through Europe in April and May.


Source: machinemen.net
Band profile: Machine Men
Event: Earthshaker Roadshock Tour
Posted: 29.01.2007 by Escapist | Comments (3)

Machine Men - Begins Recording New Album

Finnish Heavy Metal band Machine Men are currently recording their new album. The album will be called 'The Shadow Gallery' and will be released in January 2007.

Here is a posting by Antony at Fantom Studio, Tampere, Finland:

"We are in the studio since 3 weeks and the songs sound good and very powerful! And we are in schedule 'cos we can record 24 hours a day if we want. Of course, we also have to sleep sometime ;-). The new album will be heavier and faster than the last one, but still melodic. And a good thing is - all the songs work live very well. Can't wait for the moment when I hear all the songs mixed and the feeling of intoxication after that".

You can see some studio diary entries, and pictures of Machine Men in the recording studio at www.machinemen.net.


Source: centurymedia.com
Band profile: Machine Men
Posted: 09.09.2006 by Necromancer_S | Comments (0)

Machine Men - To Hit The Studio Soon

Modern Heavy Metallers Machine Men will be entering Fantom studio, in Tampere to start recording a new album. The band have already written all the songs for the new release, they will just have to record it all. The recording process will start on the 14th August and the band will hit the road for some shows halfway through their sessions. Then they will return to complete the album. Machine Men will also have a studio diary posted on their official website.

Here is a small comment by Machine Men vocallist Antony Parviainen: "We have been in a local bar all days watching football and drinking beer. And we have also wrote the songs ready for the next album! We will keep you updated with a studio diary and all kind of bullshit. Have a nice summer and see you on the tour!"

Source: machinemen.net
Band profile: Machine Men
Posted: 30.07.2006 by Necromancer_S | Comments (1)

Raismesfest - Symphorce & Machine Men Confirmed

After Dragonforce cancelled their performance, the Raismesfest is proud to announce that Symphorce and Machine Men will take their place on Saturday 10th of September.

Unfortunately, the Japanese band Loudness might cancel their tour in France and so their appearance at Raismesfest. If this was to happen, a new band of the same caliber would replace them.

Raismesfest will take place in Raismes, North of France, near Belgium, on September 10th and 11th, for a very cheap price! (€30 for 2 days and camping!).

For more information:

Band profile: Machine Men
Posted: 21.08.2005 by wrathchild | Comments (0)

Machine Men - Signs With Century Media


Finnish MACHINE MEN signs longterm worldwide deal with Century Media Records!

We are proud to announce the addition of one of the most talented melodic metal bands on today's scene, MACHINE MEN, to the quality repertoire of The Century Media Family.

Earning a reputation as an excellent live band, these young musicians (in their early Twenties) created quite a buzz in the realm of melodic metal with their self-titled MCD (2002) and especially their debut album "Scars & Wounds", which was released in their homeland Finland in 2003 and followed up by a full European launch in Spring 2004 via their former label Dynamic Arts Records, with praising media reaction claiming the band to be the most hopeful newcomer of their kind.


Band profile: Machine Men
Posted: 08.04.2005 by Angelique | Comments (0)