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Mar De Grises - Come To An End

Time for a Monday Feel Bad... long time MS favorites, Mar De Grises announced via Facebook that they have come to an end. They had a bit to say on the matter, which is good, as I'm pretty speechless right now.

Dear friends and fans,

It is with deep emotion that we must announce that Mar de Grises has come to an ending.

Several reasons have led us to make this decision. Our spirits have changed and we collectively chose to end this beautiful cycle. Our musical paths have parted. You will know about our new projects soon.

Being part of this project during all these years has been amazing and magical, and sharing our feelings through music with great friends for so long has filled us with joy and satisfaction.

Mar de Grises allowed us to reach places we never thought we would; to share stage with people we admire and, above all, with good friends; to contribute to the musical history of Chile, and to reach the hearts of fans all over the world.

We feel more than rewarded with all your love and feedback.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to all our technical staff, friends and families, past members of the band, labels, promoters, media, agencies, and to all those who believed and were sincerely involved in all our undertakings.

Above all, we wish to thank all our fans who have given us unconditional support during these 13 years.

To give this story the end it deserves, we are working on the details of a final show which will be announced soon.

Now the Jewel of the Andes, as we were once called, will rest in our hearts and will continue to live in you and your memories.


Farewell indeed... only three albums, but three wonderful ones at that. Thanks for the great tunes, and thanks for taking the time to interact with your fans at Metalstorm.


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Mar De Grises - Rodrigo Gálvez Quits Band

Doom metallers Mar De Grises have announced today that longtime bass player and founding member Rodrigo Gálvez has left the band. No replacement has been announced so far.


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Mar De Grises - European Tour Dates

Hello everyone!

We interrupt our silence these last months to let you know that today we are back Europe! On track from 9th to 18th of December 2011 for our 4th trip to Europe, this time on a mini tour including some festivals such as Madrid is the Dark in Spain, Bracara Extreme Fest in Portugal, Eindhoven Metal meeting in The Netherlands and an exclusive show in Moscow, Russia.

We are glad to announce that we will have the participation of our former vocalist Marcelo Rodriguez for these shows and would like to thank our fans over the world, the Chilean Government and Ministerio de la Cultura and all partners/companies for their recognition and endless support.

For further information and details stay tuned.


Dates of the tour are as follows:,

09.12 Sala Cats / Madrid is the Dark Fest / Spain
10.12 Centro Cultural Braga Viva / Bracara Extreme Fest / Portugal
14.12 Little Devil / Tilburg / The Netherlands
16.12 Effenaar / Eindhoven Metal Meeting / the Netherlands
17.12 XO / Moscow / Russia

For more info and details:

For good measure, and a bonus holiday treat, enjoy this video of "Sleep Just One Dawn"...


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Mar De Grises - Line-Up Changes

Juan Escobar, keyboardist and vocalist of Chilean doom metal band Mar De Grises, have parted ways with the band, and they're now looking for replacement.

The band comments: "We have some important news regarding the band. To the point: Juan Escobar is no longer part of Mar De Grises. He decided to leave the band and concentrate on his personal projects. Acknowledging his significant contribution to the band, we wish him the best for the future. As for us, we take this instance of change maintaining the best perspective and willingness, as it has been in past events. Our creative core remains intact.

As for our upcoming shows we will have the collaboration of guest musicians so we will not cancel scheduled dates nor reject special invitations.

Hereby, we begin the search for serious and committed musicians who are interested and believe they can contribute to our project."


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Mar De Grises - Check Out The New Song

Streams Inwards, Mar De Grises' forthcoming album, will be released on August 30th (September 14th in North America) by Season Of Mist. You can now download a full song from the album for free! Check out "Shining Human Skin" here (MP3).

All you need to know about the new album can be read here.


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Mar De Grises - New Album Details Revealed

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming Mar De Grises album, Streams Inwards, will be released on August 30th in Europe and September 14th in North America. For a reaction of bassist Rodrigo Gálvez on the forthcoming album click here.

Streams Inwards cover art] tracklist:

01. Starmaker
02. Shining Human Skin
03. The Bell And The Solar Gust
04. Spectral Ocean
05. Sensing The New Orbit
06. Catatonic North
07. Knotted Delirium
08. A Sea Of Dead Comets
09. Aphelion Aura


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Mar De Grises - New Album At The End Of August

As announced last month, Mar De Grises' next album will be released on Season of Mist. We can now reveal that the Chilean doomsters' third album will be entitled Streams Inwards, and it is slated for an August 30th release.

Bassist Rodrigo comments on the title: "The name Streams Inwards reflects the idea that emotion is the connection between us and the world that surrounds us, between our most intense feelings and the universe. All of us, all of this, everything is part of an endless sea. It is about how all the elements around us build and nourish our most sincere emotions - good, bad, whatever...

"Our previous album, Draining the Waterheart, referred to some similar process: the liberation of these same streams. The new title shares that same concept, but in a broader way. Wherein the mix of these simple and transcendent elements define our most pure nature, to feel and create."

More details on the album to follow soon.


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Mar De Grises - The Chilean Doom Band Signs With Season Of Mist

Season of Mist just signed the first South American band of the label's history!

"We are happy to welcome Chile's MAR DE GRISES to the roster. The band's third full-length album should be released later this year".

"We are very happy about this deal with Season of Mist", the band comments. "For a young band like Mar de Grises, it is really exciting to be part of an impressive roster with big names such as Morbid Angel, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mayhem and Cynic, among many others.

We are also proud to be the first Ibero-American band working with this company. It is an important motivation to continue composing this kind of music on the other side of the world, in Chile. This partnership with Season of Mist represents a big step for us. It is exactly what we were looking for, as it enables us to share our music with more metalheads than ever before! We are nearly done composing the new album and are about to start the recording process. We couldn't wish for a better incentive than to know we will have the best support for our upcoming campaigns. We can't wait to come back to Europe!"

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Mar De Grises - To Re-Release First Demo

Firebox Records are re-releasing Mar De Grises' first demo, released in the early 2000's, as a digipack.

First River Regards recalls the bands first ever recordings in a special edition for their fans with their only rehersal/demo plus an extract of their stellar participation at the famed Doom Shall Rise festival in Göppingen, Germany in 2005.

The band comments: "The honest intention of making the music that we love is what magically gathers us together. We invite you to be part of this intense feeling and scream forth from the end of the earth, forgetting for one moment how ephemeral this life can be as this is what feeds our emotions. This re-edition is a vestige of the material that came to life as a simple rehearsal and without major pretentions, took us across continents. It is specially dedicated to those who have supported us since the beginning and to those who have found a place within these sounds to share their feelings."

First River Regards album art] tracklist:

01. Storm
02. Recklessness
03. Mar De Grises
04. For Just An Eternity

Bonus multimedia: Live at Doom Shall Rise Festival III
05. Storm
06. El Otro


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Mar De Grises - New Album And Euro Tour

Metal Storm received the following good news from bassist Rodrigo Gálvez of Chilean doom metallers Mar De Grises:

"Yes, this is official.

We have a new album and we have confirmed our second tour over Europe. After a long period of silence, we are glad to announce the release of our new album.

"Draining The Waterheart" cover] is the title, and in 8 tracks it contains more than 60 minutes of an intense and unique kind of music. We took quite a long time to compose and record it, but we are pleased with the result. As always, our musical limits at the time of composing it were still very few.
The songs have varied structures and musical arrangements; the guitars are very varied in terms of melody. We tried a lot of new things, and in general, this album seems to be a bit more aggressive and technical. About the title of the album and songs, they represent, in some way, an act of liberation of our most deep feelings. The endless contradictions of a thinking being yet emotional, illusions, disillusions, and our most bitter feelings conjugate, inspiring us in this new sonorous story.

The release date will be April the 14th, again from Finland to the world through Firebox Records, with exclusive distribution in more than 20 countries, including a special release for the USA and Southamerica, both soon to be confirmed. It consists in two editions: a quite simple one and a luxus limited edition, specially designed four our fans. Tuomo Lethonen (Swallow the Sun, Grave Flowers) has done a magnificent artwork; there will be a digipack-A5 format that will include a mini CD entitled "Unconscios Passenger" as bonus material. This is quite a singular soundscape and represents our first effort in expanding the boundaries of our music, with the same kind of inspiration and without letting go the usual aesthetic.

The tracklist is the following:

01. Sleep Just One Dawn Listen]
02. Kilómetros De Nada
03. Deep-Seeded Hope Avant-Garde Listen]
04. Fantasía
05. Wooden Woodpecker Conversion
06. One Possessed
07. Summon Me
08. Liturgia; Convite Y Prefiguración/Purgatorio/Diálogo Infierno Listen]

You can listen to an advance in our website and MySpace.

Now, all this will be supported by our second tour to Europe.

After several months of working with Lugga Music, everything is now marching on. From April 16 to May 12, we will take our music from the end of the World to Europe. We will have the honor going on a unique tour along with great bands such as masters of doom-death Saturnus, and the promissory avant-black band Thurisaz, including an exclusive mini tour through Finland that we will have with the doomers Ablaze In Hatred. There will be more than 20 concerts in more than 10 countries, with shows on exclusive festivals such as the SWR Fest in Barroselas, Portugal and the Firebox Metal Fest in Finland, sharing stage with great bands such as Dark Tranquillity, Impaled Nazarene, Enslaved, Brujeria, Ghost Brigade, Rotten Sound, Hirax, Carnal Forge, Urgehal, Dark The Suns, Throes Of Dawn, Colosseum and Funeral, among an endless list of outstanding bands.


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Mar De Grises - New Album In The Works

Chilean Doom Metal band Mar De Grises have updated their website with the following news statements:

"After a long period of silence we are glad to announce the recording of the new album!

We have just entered the same studio we did on the last album, with the same sound engineers: Carolina Desbordes and Raphaël França (Poema Arcanvs, Six Magics, etc), so the mixing process should take place by mid-september.

We are taking everything with calm, having the chance to experiment some different stuff. For the guitar recording sessions we are counting with the technical assistance of our friend Igor Leiva from Poema Arcanvs.

At the moment we are taking care of some details regarding the lyrical and artwork concepts of the album and although the title is not officially decided yet we can assure that it will consist on nearly 60 minutes of specially intense music. Some song titles: "To Sleep Just One Dawn," "Summon Me," "Deep Seeded Hope Avantgarde" and "Kilómetros de Nada".

As an advance, we have uploaded a complete demo version of a new song in our Myspace site -, song that you can also find in the last compilation of our label Firebox Records.

The release in edition and distribution will be again in charge of Firebox Records from Finland and its net of distributors in Europe, USA, Asia… and maybe this time we will have the album edited also in our country Chile and to Southamerica.

On another hand, the release of the album will be followed by a new european tour the next year by mid-April and May. Once again, we will be visiting Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium and probably some places for Scandinavia, Portugal, UK...

Now, for a better and more methodical way to work, we have reached an agreement with our manager Adrian de Buitlear and his agency Lugga Music. So now you know, for a further tour, sales, edition or distribution licenses of our albums, merchandise or any kind of question, comment, offer, etc... don't doubt on contacting us to info luggamusic com or to the band's e-mail mardegrises gmail com."

Some recording pictures can be found at this location.

All info about the band on and


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