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Mortiis - Releasing New Album, Share New Track

Mortiis are coming back! After a few years of quietness in terms of new releases, a new album is coming out soon. The Great Deceiver, as the record is called, drops on January 29th, 2016 via Omnipresence. Don't miss out on the fun and listen to the new single from the industrial metallers, "Doppelganger," below.


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Mortiis - Remix Forum Launched

The Mortiis Remixed site has now been launched, with remix kits available for anyone looking to manipulate, abuse, and perhaps even improve Mortiis' songs.

Get access to separated audio tracks and create your own mixes. Whether you're a weathered pro or just starting out - as long as you have access to a music program (Live, Cubase, Logic, Garageband, etc) you can try your hand.

When you've created your masterpiece, you can upload it back to the Mortiis Remixed site, and it'll be put it in the remix player.


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Mortiis - UK Tour Dates With Combichrist

Following a lengthy European tour earlier this year, Norwegian metallers Mortiis will once again team up with Combichrist for another round of live dates in the UK this summer.

Said mainman Mortiis: "We haven't played the UK in a while. It feels great to finally be able to get back over there and meet some old friends and hopefully gain some new ones. The European tour with Combichrist was a blast so we know this one will be, too."

Mortiis + Combichrist - UK Tour:

June 28 - Southampton, UK @ Talking Heads
June 29 - Leamington Spa, UK @ The Assembly
June 30 - Manchester, UK @ Academy
July 01 - Glasgow, UK @ The Classic Grand
July 02 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
July 03 - London, UK @ Koko


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Event: Mortiis + Combichrist: UK Tour
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Mortiis - European Tour Dates Announced

Official Press Release:

Mortiis will return to the touring circuit this winter with a two-month, full European tour supporting evil-electro outfit Combichrist.

"In some fundamental ways, Combichrist and Mortiis are very different, but in other fundamental ways, we are very much the same," explained vocalist and namesake Mortiis. "At the end of the day, both bands have this 'f-you' attitude. It's expressed somewhat differently musically, but energy and attitude-wise we're carrying the same torch, so to speak. I think fans of both bands will pick up on that."

Mortiis took a break from touring while preparing their latest releases, the soon-to-emerge next album, The Great Deceiver and Perfectly Defect are totally free digital download. Unveiled October 10, Perfectly Defect is full-length, downloadable album available at Perfectly Defect is the quintessential prelude to the world of The Great Deceiver - while the latter is heavier and darker, the former is varied, experimental, and largely instrumental. The bottom line is that Perfectly Defect leads into The Great Deceiver acting as a crucial stage in the evolution of Mortiis' music.

The group is anxious to get back on stage and is ready to unleash months of pent-up aggression during their live show. Fans can expect to hear tracks from Perfectly Defect and The Great Deceiver as well as some older songs with a different twist.

"We've seriously pimped up a selection of older songs that we'll be performing," Mortiis said. "So, across the board, it will be a new, and for lack of a better expression, very 'pimped up' bunch of songs!"

A tour with Combichrist was imminent. Aside from having a long acquaintance with Combichrist's founder and Norwegian-native Andy LaPlegua, drummer Joe Letz is an extended member of the Mortiis family. After connecting with Letz during Mortiis' US tour with the Genitorturers - Letz's former band - the drummer got involved with Mortiis on some of the recording of The Great Deceiver

"It was just a question of time until we'd go out on tour together again," Mortiis said. "Joe is still a part of this band, the way we all see it. We always have a great time when we're together and I think this is something everyone's been wanting to happen for a while now. So when the opportunity came about, we pretty much did what had to be done to make it happen."


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Event: Combichrist + Mortiis: Monsters on Tour
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Mortiis - Download The New Album For Free Today

Mortiis returns to satiate fans' desire for new music today (October 10) with Perfectly Defect, a completely free, full-length, downloadable album. Get your fix of new Mortiis material here.

"Putting Perfectly Defect out as a free download was a decision we made after some consideration," said the band's namesake Mortiis. "The new model of the music business is important to keep in mind; there´s a new mentality out there in terms of how people acquire their music now. For better or worse, music seems to have become a medium a lot of people aren´t prepared to pay for in the old fashioned way. So, we paid to record it out of our own pockets 'cos we thought it would be a really cool gift to our fans that have been waiting around for ages for something new to come out."

Mortiis has spent much of the past couple years writing and recording The Great Deceiver, the long-awaited follow-up to 2004's full-length The Grudge and the 2007 remix album, Some Kind of Heroin. Perfectly Defect is the quintessential prelude to the world of The Great Deceiver - while the latter is heavier and darker, the former is varied, experimental, and largely instrumental. The bottom line is that Perfectly Defect leads into The Great Deceiver acting as a crucial stage in the evolution of Mortiis' music.

"When we were writing and working on The Great Deceiver, we were coming up with all sorts of inspired stuff, a really varied collection of music," Mortiis offered. "Some of it was far too varied and experimental to be included in such an angry, dark album as The Great Deceiver so we created a brand new album that is the introductory element to the more intricate world of The Great Deceiver."

"I think we really captured a cool vibe here," Mortiis enthused. "It's not easy marrying anger with melody, but I believe we did it. The songs on Perfectly Defect were created across a period of time, and I believe it shows in terms of what inspired these songs. They're rather soundtrack-y in a dark and sometimes bombastic way."

With the concept of digital distribution came a new empowerment for Mortiis - one where the artist controls his own artistic destiny.

"After our record deal finally expired, I had developed a profound aversion to the very idea of letting other people control my art, my lifework," he said. "So, again, the idea of the new technology really did grow on me. We dealt with some really evil stuff in the industry. Nothing shocking in terms of industry practice, but at a human level, it was a living nightmare. It reached a point where we fired everyone around us except for the handful of people we knew we could trust. It was a big move, but had to be done in order to survive. It was like rewinding the clock back to the start and beginning with a clean slate. We started working on a ton of new music right then. With the advent of modern technology, we realized we could do a lot of stuff without the often self-serving, meddling record labels. No record label would ever have let us put out an album for free, with the option to donate if the fans wanted to."


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Mortiis - Dutch And Belgian Shows In December

Mortiis will be unleashing their collective demons on The Netherlands and Belgium during a four-show jaunt to continental Europe.

"We're all looking forward to going back to Holland," said band namesake Mortiis. "We haven't played there in a long time and we always had a great time there. We're also doing a couple of towns there we haven't played before, so that will be interesting as well."

Following the three Dutch shows, the band will head to Belgium for the Hermes Project Event, where they will play with Clan Of Xymox.

Mortiis has been putting the finishing touches on The Great Deceiver, the group's long-awaited follow-up to 2005's The Grudge. Tracks from the record can be heard - and seen - via the videos for "Doppelganger" and "Zeitgeist" on Mortiis's YouTube channel. Mortiis also promises to preview several new songs during the live shows.

"We're gearing up to release The Great Deceiver at long last, and it felt like it would make sense to do a few shows before 2009 comes to an end," Mortiis said. "Shake the dust off and get back into the "live mode", so to speak. We obviously plan on coming back to The Netherlands/Belgium and as many other countries as possible during 2010."

Live dates are as follows:

12/16/09 - Zaandam, Kade
12/17/09 - Rotterdam, Watt Basement
12/18/09 - Leeuwarden, Gloppe
12/19/09 - Heule, OC De Vonke


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Event: Mortiis
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Mortiis - European Tour Dates

Norway's Mortiis have teamed up for a European Tour with Deathstars. The tour already took off last monday 2 April.
The list of remaining upcoming dates is as follows:

(Apr. 02 - La Locomotive - Paris, FRA)
(Apr. 03 - Academy 2 - Birmingham, UK)
(Apr. 04 - Islington Academy - London, UK)
Apr. 05 - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
Apr. 06 - The Intake Club - Mansfield, UK
Apr. 07 - Rios - Leeds, UK
Apr. 08 - Cathouse - Glasgow, UK
Apr. 09 - Academy 2 - Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Apr. 10 - Corporation - Sheffield, UK
Apr. 11 - Voodoo Lounge - Dublin, IRE
Apr. 12 - Zodiac - Oxford, UK
Apr. 13 - Academy 2 - Liverpool, UK
Apr. 14 - The Sugarmill - Stoke On Trent, UK
Apr. 15 - Teesside University - Middlesbrough, UK
Apr. 17 - Rockhal - Esch/Alzette, LUX
Apr. 18 - Z7 - Pratteln, SWI
Apr. 19 - Katakombe - Karlsrume, DE
Apr. 20 - Matrix - Bochum, GER
Apr. 21 - Oktoberhallen - Wieze, BE
Apr. 22 - Baroeg - Rotterdam, NETH
Apr. 23 - Muzikzentrum - Hannover, DE
Apr. 24 - Copenhagen - The Rock - Denmark
Apr. 25 - Train - Arhus, DK
Apr. 26 - Markthallle - Hamburg, DE
Apr. 27 - Hellraiser - Leipzig, DE
Apr. 28 - Skalica - Brainwashing Fest - Slovakia
Apr. 29 - Futurum Music Club - Prague, CZ
Apr. 30 - Petofi Hall - Budapest, HUN
May 01 - Backstage - Munich, DE
May 02 - Steinbruchtheater - Darmstadt, DE

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Mortiis - Working On New Album

Mortiis has been busy writing and recording new material for a new album, to be released 2007.

"The music so far is pretty varied," said frontman and band namesake Mortiis. "There´s a bunch of really heavy stuff in there, probably the hardest stuff we´ve done so far, really guitar driven shit. Then there´s some really ambient sounding stuff, very drone-y and atmospheric, as well as some more electronic sounding songs too."

Mortiis notes that the songs are still in various stages of completion, leaving them open to many shifts and changes before the follow-up to The Grudge is recorded.

"It sounds really interesting right now," Mortiis said. "Some old vibes came back to us on some of the songs, some Smell Of Rain vibes and some Grudge vibes and some new vibes. It´s all totally dysfunctional and fucked up in one way or another. Diseased or hurt minds never really heal up, I guess, and because of that, all in all it's going to be a really hard, attacking kind of album with the moody stuff in between."

Some of the working titles are: 'Zeitgeist', 'Great Deceiver', 'The Ugly Truth', 'Looking Glass', 'Doppelganger', 'Sins Of Mine', 'Scolding The Burnt', 'Live Forever', and Road To Ruin'.

Mortiis also recently completed remixes for Zombie Girl and Dope Stars' upcoming releases.

For instant songs and remixes, visit


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Mortiis - Confirmed For Norway's Motstøyfestivalen

Mortiis is confirmed for Motstøy Festival, set to be held on October the 6th and 7th at Notodden, Norway. Already confirmed acts: Emperor (headliner), Pagan's Mind, Susperia, Mortiis, Red Harvest, Magic Pie, Torch, Circus Maximus, Wobbler, Benea Reach, She Said Destroy, Fracture, Decipher, TÖmmermenn.

It's a 2 day festival, Mortiis will be playing on Saturday, the slot before Emperor.

More info can be found here.


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Mortiis - Announces Fall Us Tour Dates With The Genitorturers

Industrial metal legend, Mortiis, has announced a supporting slot for fall US tour dates with fellow envelope pushing industrially inclined act, the Genitorturers. This marks Mortiis' return to the US and is sure to be an all-out visual and aural assault. The classic Mortiis albums, 'Fodt Til A Herske', 'Crypt of a Wizard', and 'The Stargate' have recently been reissued.

The tour, called the Tortured Souls Tour 2006, info is as follow:

Aug. 2006
31 - Clicks - Baton Rouge, LA

Sep. 2006
01 - Granada Theater - Dallas, TX
02 - Engine Room - Houston, TX
03 - Redrum - Austin, TX
04 - Club 101 - El Paso, TX
06 - Fat Cats - Modesto, CA
07 - DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA
08 - The Whiskey - Hollywood, CA
09 - TBA - Las Vegas, NV
10 - TBA - Salt Lake City, UT
12 - Bluebird Theater - Denver, CA
13 - Club 108 - Omaha, NE
14 - Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
15 - I-Rock - Detroit, MI
16 - Mr. Smalls Funhouse - Pittsburgh, PA
17 - Agora Theater - Cleveland, OH
18 - Icon - Buffalo, NY
19 - Webster Theater - Hartford, CT
20 - CBGBs - New York, NY
21 - Club Mate (formerly Thunderdome) - Baltimore, MD
22 - Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC
23 - Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

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Mortiis - Begins Work On Follow Up To 'The Grudge'

Notodden,Norway - Mortiis has begun writing for a planned 2006 follow -up to 'The Grudge'

Mortiis has been collaborating with well-known producer Rhys Fulber (Fear Factory, Delerium, Frontline Assembly, Paradise Lost) and is currently demoing material.

"On the new songs, we are focusing more on what I think got a bit lost last time, which is songwriting and continuity," said Mortiis. "Last time I was trying to make a really angry and abusive record, and I wanted to do everything at the same time because I wanted all this noisy stuff to happen. The distorted noise, electronics, and samples are still there, but these songs are more focused and have a more coherent interaction between the programmed and the organic. They are definitely a lot more organic, and I am putting a lot of weight on guitars this time."

Some of the working song titles include: "The Ugly Truth", "Doppelganger", "Hard to Believe", "Zeitgeist", "Scolding the Burnt" and "Great Deceiver".

In other news, guitarist Åge Troite has replaced Åsmund Sveinunggard for live duties with Mortiis. European and North American dates are being worked on at this time.

Source: Earache Publicist
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Mortiis - News & Updates

New Video:
"Mortiis recently finished the video for the upcoming single "Decadent & Desperate" and should probably surprise a few peope (again) "I think some of the things going on in there will be new to a lot of people, coming from us, and it was very new to me to, and i´m excited as well as a bit anxious about" Mortiis says".

Decadent & Desperate Single News:
"Decadent & Desperate" will be released in April, to coincide with the UK tour, and will be released in various formats (more details soon) and contains remixes made by Mortiis, a brand new song titled "Underdog" and obviously the title track. "i´m really into those remixes, they´re better than the last ones i feel, and I also like the new song alot, it´s a bit different from the album, more direct and to the point somehow"."

DVD on the way:
"Mortiis says "We´re working on the live DVD right now, it was shot last year, it was mixed when we did the single, and we´re currently looking at what sort of bonus material we´ll get to put in there, which is a bit down to the label really, but i´m hoping to get a lot of cool stuff in there, like older videos and so on"."

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