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12.11Nasum - To Reissue All Four Albums On Vinyl In 2015
26.09Nasum - Live Video Released
04.07Nasum - Announce Final European Tour Dates
26.10Nasum - 20th Anniversary World Tour
02.09Nasum - Live Rare Videos Posted Online
22.10Nasum - Ex-Members Starting New Project
11.10Nasum - "Grind Finale" Slightly Delayed
28.05Nasum - The Now And The Future
18.02Nasum - Mieszko Talarczyk RIP
28.12Nasum - Vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk Is Missing
14.09Nasum Set Release Date And Post Sound Sample
08.08Nasum's New Albums Is Ready
30.01Nasum Win Manifest Award

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Nasum - To Reissue All Four Albums On Vinyl In 2015

Nasum have officially announced via their website and Facebook page that all of their four full-length albums will be reissued on vinyl by Relapse Records early next year. The release date is set for January 27th, 2015 and the pre-order is available now here.


Source: nasum.com
Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 12.11.2014 by Ilham | Comments (2)

Nasum - Live Video Released

Swedish grindcore legends Nasum have debuted a live video for the song "Relics", which originally comes off their third full-length album Helvete released back in 2003. The video was shot in Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2012 by Rasmus G. Sejersen as the band wraps up their final/farewell European Tour.


Source: youtube.com
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Event: Nasum: The Final European Tour 2012
Posted: 26.09.2012 by BudDa | Comments (3)

Nasum - Announce Final European Tour Dates

Legendary grindcore act Nasum recently announced the final European tour dates of their 20th anniversary, starting September 20th and ending with a massive grind finale, free of charge, in the Swedish capital of Stockholm on October 6th.


Source: nasum.com
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Event: Nasum: The Final European Tour 2012
Posted: 04.07.2012 by Azoic | Comments (7)

Nasum - 20th Anniversary World Tour

Swedish legendary grinders Nasum will celebrate their 20th anniversary in a very special way: A handful of shows and festival gigs around the world. Joining them on vocals is none other than Finnish Rotten Sound frontman Keijo Niinimaa.


Source: nasum.com
Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 26.10.2011 by Panzerchrist | Comments (10)

Nasum - Live Rare Videos Posted Online

Swedish Grindcore metallers, Nasum have posted online two complete live shows from the band's early tour.

Taken from their official site:

"Thanks to Rob of Loudnet.tv I can now offer you two rare live shows from the very first Nasum tour, seven years ago, in their entirety.

Rob shot these videos back in 1999 at CBGB's in New York and Melody Bar in New Brunswick, and they bring back a lot of memories. The first tour is something special and I can remember very much of those 17 days we were in the US like it was just the other week.

These rough videos display a very early version of Nasum as a live band. It was our ninth and tenth show with that line-up and it was the end of the tour. I am frankly surprised that it was as good as it is (?) considering everything. The band sounds very aggressive and hardcore and the tracklist includes lots of songs thae tracklist includes lots of songs that we never played again live. It's very cool, and it's also a bit humerous - just look at how low Mieszko had his mike stand during this tour! It's freaking hilarious."


Source: nasum.com
Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 02.09.2006 by Døc | Comments (0)

Nasum - Ex-Members Starting New Project

The following message can be found in the band's site.

"Tomorrow Jon and Urban come to Örebro. We are going to kickstart a new little project, which will include Jesper in the future, but this weekend its just us three.

Yes, it's all ex-Nasum members in this project, and yes, there will be a great amount of grinding done, but no - this is not Nasum part 2, this is just a couple of friends who happen to like playing together catching up and making some music at the same time.

I'll tell you more when there is something more to tell, this weekend we'll just write some songs I guess and see what happens. A recording is planed sometime, but nothing more than that.


Source: nasum.com
Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 22.10.2005 by herzebeth | Comments (0)

Nasum - "Grind Finale" Slightly Delayed

Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson has posted the following message on the band's official website:

"I'm unhappy to announce that "Grind Finale" will be slightly delayed due to printing issues. I don't have the exact details, but apparently the printer sent the wrong templates for the artwork to Relapse, resulting in a complete set of artwork in the wrong size, so the Relapse guys have all worked this over and corrected everything according to the right templates, resulting in a slight delay in the release.

There are a lot of time, love and energy invested in this release already and we are certainly not going to damage all that with a bad printing, so we all just have to face the fact and wait a little longer for the release.


Source: smnnews.com
Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 11.10.2005 by herzebeth | Comments (0)

Nasum - The Now And The Future

Anders Jakobson the fouding member remaining in the band had posted the following message:

"Welcome back to nasum.com! After more than three months we're finally back with a brand new version of nasum.com, completely re-designed and re-programmed (we've moved from a Windows based server with asp/access to a Unix based server with php/mysql, for you webnerds out there!). I hope it's not too buggy, but get in touch if it is.

Many things have happened since the identification of Mieszko's body on February 17 2005, the day we closed down nasum.com. I wrote "You know why" on the page that met the visitors. Truth is that you don't know the whole truth. We closed the webpage down to pay respect to the memory of Mieszko, but we also closed it down to escape the fans.


Source: nasum.com
Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 28.05.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Nasum - Mieszko Talarczyk RIP

Today - Thursday, February 17, 2005 - we recieved a confirmation that Mieszko Talarczyk died in the Tsunami Disaster December 26, 2004. His body has been identified and will be transfered to Sweden shortly.

His closest family and friends are in our thoughts right now. Mieszko will be missed by many.

nasum.com will be closed for at least a month. You know why. There will be a slight update in a couple of days with some information about the future of Nasum along with some personal words about Mieszko.

Thanks a lot for your support and your thoughts. Now a new time begins, a time we must spend alone. Please respect this wish.

Anders and Nasum.

http://www.nasum.com .

Condolences are offered to his family, friends and all the people that knew him, by the Metal Storm staff.

Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 18.02.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Nasum - Vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk Is Missing

Mieszko and his girlfriend went to Thailand to spend the holidays. They left a few days before Christmas and were scheduled to return right after New Years Eve. They were staying in a bungalow at Phi Phi Island and when the big wave came and swept the bungalow away the two were seperated. Mieszko's girlfriend is being reported hospitalized "badly injured", and he himself is still missing.

Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 28.12.2004 by admin | Comments (0)

Nasum Set Release Date And Post Sound Sample

Their new album "The Shift" will be release throught Burning Heart worldwide on 11 of october 2004 and throught Relapse (to the us) on 26 of october 2004, also you can check the covert art at:

And finally the band have post a sound sample at:


Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 14.09.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Nasum's New Albums Is Ready

The grindcore band has finished the works on "Shift" that will be release in october, 2004. Nasum will include two new members in this release, they are: bassist Jon Lindqvist and guitarist Urban Skytt.

The band describes the album as: "a very fast and aggressive album with some of the fastest parts ever recorded by NASUM, but as usual, there is room for groove and nuances. In other words: classic NASUM grindcore."

After the release the band plans a tour of four weeks over Europe.

Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 08.08.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Nasum Win Manifest Award

Swedish grindcore merchants NASUM won the Manifest award in the "Best Hard Rock/Punk" category for their most recent album, "Helvete".

The band beat out such impressive competition as ARCH ENEMY ("Anthems of Rebellion"), KATATONIA ("Viva Emptiness"), CULT OF LUNA ("The Beyond") and BURST ("Prey On Life").

The award ceremony took place at Debaser in Stockholm Thursday night (January 29).

The Manifest Awards are held by SOM (Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter) (Swedish Independent Musicproducers), an organization that consists of over 100 record labels.

Last Friday (January 23), NASUM won the "P3 Guld" award from radio station P3 in the "Best Rock/Metal Album Of The Year" category. That award ceremony took place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 30.01.2004 by Deadsoulman | Comments (0)