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Cadaveria And Necrodeath - To Release Split EP

Italy's Cadaveria have announced that they are recording an EP alongside fellow Italians Necrodeath. As stated on their website and Facebook page, a year and a half after the release of their latest album Silence, horror metallers Cadaveria have entered the recording studios to work on the production of an EP.


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Necrodeath - New Album Trailer And Details Released

Legendary Italian black thrashers Necrodeath have released a video trailer for their new album, which will be called The 7 Deadly Sins, and is due out on May 13th via Scarlet Records. The 7 Deadly Sins follows the single-track album Idiosyncrasy, "delivering 7 fast and brutal songs centering around the 7 sins. For the first time ever, the band used their Italian mother tongue to write most of the lyrics, as well as English and Latin, giving a different edge to the music itself."


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Ghostrider - Pre-Necrodeath Band Returns With New Album

The ghost is back to spread his unholy shadow of horror and darkness! Ghostrider, the infernal horde that generated the Italian metal legend Necrodeath over 25 years ago has returned back to life with a new desecrating assault of old school Black/Thrash filled with rawness and intensity.

11 new studio songs including revisited versions of their 1984 classics like "The Exorcist", "Doomed To Serve The Devil", "Victims of Necromancy" etc as well as some brand new tunes of thrashing ferocity and an Onslaught cover. This album's line-up features former drummer Mark Peso (Necrodeath, ex-Sadist) and some current/older Necrodeath members. Face the true impact of 1984's Italian raw Black/Thrash fierceness!

Ghostrider was one of the first and most primitive incarnations of Italian black/thrash metal evil in 1984. Like a shooting star of death, Ghostrider made the Italian metal history back in 1984/85, before disbanding and transforming into an even more famous and influential Italian thrash metal monster... Necrodeath.

You can already stream the album's title track (and two older tracks) on MySpace.

The Return Of The Ghost cover art] tracklist:

01. The Exorcist
02. Valley of Valle Christi
03. The Return Of The Ghost
04. Perkele666
05. Victim of Necromancy
06. Ride for Your Life
07. Doomed To Serve the Devil
08. Black Archangel
09. Hell Is the Place I'm Gonna Die
10. Deep in Blood
11. Power From Hell


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Necrodeath - New Video Online

Necrodeath released the video for the song "Mater Tenebrarum" The song comes off their most recent compilation album Old Skull. More info about the release available here.


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Necrodeath - To Release 25 Year Anniversary Cover Album

Italian metallers Necrodeath are set to release a cover album in celebration of their 25th anniversary.

According to a posting on the band's website, a new Necrodeath release is coming out soon, covering extreme metal bands that influenced an entire musical generation. The record will include special guest appearances by ex-Necrodeath, ex-Schizo and Bulldozer members.

The twentyfive-year anniversary album will be called Old Skull cover art], and will be "paying tribute to the most influential extreme metal bands of all time. A global feast full of classic tunes for the gruesome masses, burning brightly on the altar of the kings. 25 years of insanity & macabre and still thrashing black. Rise up from the flames and celebrate the horror with us."

More details are expected to surface soon.


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Necrodeath - Lose Guitarist, New Album Recordings

Guitarist "Maxx" from Black/Thrash Metal band Necrodeath has decided to leave the band for "personal reasons". Rather than recruit a new guitarist Necrodeath has decided to continue on as a four-piece band.

In other news the band have started the recording of a new album. Videos of the recording have been posted on the band's official website.


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Necrodeath - Line Up Switches

Italian blackened Thrash outfit Necrodeath have posted the following news update:

"After having collaborated in the building of "Draculea" and having been on tour around Italy and Europe during all 2006, guitarist "Pier" Gonella has definitely joined Necrodeath's line-up, now with 5 members, something new in the band so far.

In the meantime, bassist John, decided to leave the band after 10 years of hate and scorn. Soon the name of his substitute will be announced."

Drummer Marco "Peso" Pesenti commented: "It's a pleasure having Pier back to Necrodeath, this time as a stable member. His presence has already brought a fresh and bleeding energy to the band and the first compositions, in a total "old school" vein, are blooming. Stay tuned..."


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Necrodeath - New Video

Necrodeath's astonishing videoclip for 'Master Of Morphine', song taken from the band's latest effort "100% Hell", is finally ready. The video will be broadcasted worldwide on RockTV network on November, 2nd 2006 during the popular show 'Database'.
In the meantime, the video is available for streaming on Necrodeath's MySpace page and for free download on the 'videos' section of the band's official website.


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Necrodeath - To Release New Album

Italian Black-Thrash band Necrodeath is ready to release their upcoming album via Scarlet Records on 17 of April 2006. The album will be entitled "100% Hell" here you can check the cover art and the tracklist is as follow:

1. February 5th, 1984
2. Forever Slaves
3. War Paint:
4. Master Of Morphine
5. The Wave
6. Theoretical And Artificial
7. Identity Crisis
8. Beautiful-Brutal World
9. Hyperbole
10. 100% Hell

An Mp3 of the song Forever Slaves can be downloaded here.


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Necrodeath - Compilation & Full Length

Italian Black-Thrash Metal kings will deliver a Best of Album titled '20 Years Of Noise (1985 - 2005) celebrating 20 years of carrer! The CD, released also in a digipack limited version, will feature as bonus material a BLACK SABBATH cover and the legendary demo 'The Shining Pentagram', a real cult-tape in the 80's underground, a must for maniac tape traders around the world! All the songs will be re-mastered, including the songs featured into 'The Shining Pentagram'. '20 Years Of Noise' will be released in late March 2005. The band is also working on new material for the next studio album! The cult is still alive and will be bloody as hell!
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